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2014... to keep running healthy & do my next triathlon with my 3 daughters! Just have more fun with my running, swimming & biking.

Jan dear summer, i love y...

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Dear Summer, I love you & your sunny days, dips in the pool, and who doesn't like cold beer on a hot day? But I find it SO hard to train consistently during you. The crazy family schedules make me feel like I have no training schedule and then we go places where I can't bike or swim so, again, with feeling inconsistent. So what's a girl/mom/old lady to do?

If I can't get my workouts to be consistent, I CAN hydrate. I CAN ensure I get to bed/sleep at a reasonable time. I CAN eat nutritiously. So, Summer, I will use you to learn flexibility with my workouts and to focus on three training elements I CAN do while I enjoy your hot days and cold beers.

  • Cammy H.
    Cammy H.

    Love it! I just love that attitude. So many times, if we are not careful to avoid the excuse monster(thanks Steve), we will do nothing because we cannot do everything! That is a lose, lose situation! Great post!! Have a wonderful training day!

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  • Andrea M.
    Andrea M.

    Good stuff!

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  • Joe H.
    Joe H.

    good luck!

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  • Mark E.
    Mark E.

    Yeah, the cold beers can be a major detractor from those early morning runs!

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  • Michelle F.
    Michelle F.

    Great attitude! It does make it difficult to train in the summer when kids are home. I am ready for school to start. :)

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  • Jan

    @Mark, what d'ya mean? The cold beers are what get me through the early a.m. runs. And the cycling before that. And the swims in the afternoons. (Although you have to be careful with beers & swims, kids. Don't try this at home!)

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  • Mark E.
    Mark E.

    Jan is in the pool, the beer cooler is on deck, she squints, looks at he beer cooler from across the pool and says, 'I wonder....' ;)

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  • Chuck J.
    Chuck J.

    I love your attitude Jan!

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  • Christian

    yeah I hear you, big time. But I'm doing my best to get some consistency in, it's my Week's resolution :)

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