5971 total / 624 in 2014

Around the Bay Road Race - March 30, 2014 BMO Vancouver Marathon - May 4, 2014

Wall of Motivation (220)

  1. Joyce A.
      Get Better

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  2. Jennifer J.
      Nice Job

    Ooo! Have a nice trip! on a workout

  3. Linda B.
      Great Performance

    29k. Wow! And a nice pace too! on a workout

  4. Heather H.
      Nice Job

    Sweet run. I thought about joining you guys, but I'm really good at sleeping in. on a workout

  5. Jess H.
      Great Performance

    Great run! I think i'll just copy your runs from here on out. on a workout

  6.   Nice Job

    Awesome run. You made it look always!

  7. Linda B.
      Great Performance

    Nice run! Good for you getting out there today! on a workout

  8. Mike L.
      Great Performance

    7%/7mph. Fast! on a workout

  9. Jess H.

    Nice one! I'm really curious to see how this all plays out in 70 days! on a workout

  10. Linda B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Holy fast! on a workout

  11. Connie D.
      Nice Job

    feels good to push it sometimes doesn't it? on a workout

  12. Emily H.
      Get Better

    Good run! on a workout

  13. Sam S.
      You're an Inspiration

    YAY!!! on a workout

  14. Mou M.
      You're an Inspiration

    wow you ran outside, I'm impressed! on a workout

  15. Linda B.
      Great Performance

    Nice mileage for the month! on a workout

  16. Karla T.
      Nice Job

    Good job!! on a workout

  17. Sam S.
      Great Performance

    This happy smiley James - I likes! Yay you! on a workout

  18. Brenda B.
      Nice Job

    Great runs this week!

  19. Alice T.
      Nice Job

    Great pace for an LSD! James! Hope to get better and run with the 3:45 group ... read more

  20. Linda B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great treadmill run! on a workout

  21. Mike L.
      Great Performance

    Well, that makes your average speed easy to calculate. on a workout

  22. Mou M.
      Nice Job

    way to go! on a workout

  23. Ida M.
      Nice Job

    Great to see you were able to make it out with the marathon group! You're a r... read more

  24. Jsykes
      Get Better

    longer and harder should fix it. #thatswhatshesaid on a workout

  25. Mou M.

    good stuff! on a workout

  26. Ginny
      You're an Inspiration

    hand cycle, nice. on a workout

  27. Linda B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice run! Must feel great to be getting back at it!! Hopefully I'll see you ... read more

  28. Ginny
      You're an Inspiration

    I have no doubt that you will be back into it and back to where you were in n... read more

  29. Mike L.
      Nice Job

    Nice going! on a workout

  30. Jsykes
      You're an Inspiration

    keep flexin baby!!! on a workout

  31. Mou M.

    Great stuff on a workout

  32. Mike L.
      Nice Job

    Glad to hear it went well. on a workout

  33. Ginny
      You're an Inspiration

    awesome but it still makes me nervous. on a workout

  34. Francis C.
      Post a workout!

    hi.... i am a runner from Toronto....would like to be added as your friend ge... read more

  35. Rebecca W.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  36. Kirsty
      Get Better

    Feel better soon! I'm glad to see you keeping your sense of humour!

  37. Jsykes
      Get Better

    rough day.....glad to hear the surgery went wel. Miguel will be very jealou... read more

  38. Jsykes
      Nice Job

    it's just when you're going fast it always feels like you're going into a hea... read more

  39. Mou M.
      Great Performance

    wow, nice one! on a workout

  40. Jsykes
      Nice Job

    looks like a pretty good day.....putting down some serious K's this week. on a workout

  41. Jsykes
      Nice Job

    Nice = fun. on a workout

  42. Jon S.
      Nice Job

    Tailwind or not, that's good motoring! Way to hammer! on a workout

  43. Taylor B.
      Great Performance

    Nice! See, I told you you wouldn't want to run with me - I'd have died at a 4... read more

  44. Jon S.
      Nice Job

    Good pace, James! on a workout

  45.   Great Performance

    A nice ride in that Heat. Great job. on a workout

  46. Sam S.
      Get Better

    Feel better! on a workout

  47. Jess H.
      You're Badass

    Awesome job! on a workout

  48.   Great Performance

    Awesome job on this 50k. Great achievement. on a workout

  49. Rick Y.
      You're an Inspiration

    Well done! on a workout

  50. Mike L.
      Good Luck

    Kill it at Niagara!