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Brandon logged 2890 miles.

Last workout about 5 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. VELO
    blah 5 X 5K with 3 minute recoveries 18.77 mi 01:00 18.7mph pace

    Yesterday I did a strength workout that worked my shoulders and legs. As a result, the muscles of my legs were TOAST for the workout I had today (5 X 5K with 3 minute recoveries). In situations suc... read more

  2. VELO
    alright 30.73 mi 01:55 16.0mph pace

    On Sunday I wrote about how windy my ride was. Well, today was worse. WAAAAAY worse. On top of that, by the time I got home it was around 37 degrees and while I don't mind the cold, when it pa... read more

  3. VELO
    good 37.16 mi 02:01 18.5mph pace

    This was one of those rides where I was quite literally yelling at the wind. I was expecting a little wind since it is autumn in Boulder after all, but this was RIDICULOUS! I tried my best to keep ... read more

    • Matt

      Sounds like a crazy ride Brandon.

      about 5 years ago Like

    • Brandon W.
      Brandon W.

      It was Matt. It's tough for me to keep a ride in a nice low heart rate zone while fighting wind like that.

      about 5 years ago Like

    • Tom M.
      Tom M.

      welcome to the chinook. Windy but it gives us the warm weather in the dead of winter.

      about 5 years ago Like1 person

  4. VELO
    good 29.62 mi 01:40 17.8mph pace

    A bit windy but overall a really nice, pleasant ride. Getting my hardcore cycling legs back is pretty awesome feeling! Just in time for trainer rides BOOOOOOO!

  5. VELO
    alright 26.03 mi 01:30 17.4mph pace

    This was my first legitimately chilly ride of the year, with the temp topping out at 39 f. Decent ride, just meant to build the base and spin the legs.

    • Matt

      Great ride Brandon. I can see that it would be chilly. You are dedicated. Do you ever use a trainer or do you ride outside year round?

      about 5 years ago Like

    • Brandon W.
      Brandon W.

      Matt, I use the trainer when needs be either because of time of conditions. With that said, I have been known to ride in driving snow and ice (which was dumb, in hindsight) just to avoid the bloody thing!

      about 5 years ago Like

  6. VELO
    alright 20.95 mi 01:13 17.3mph pace

    My legs are completely gassed. This was a recovery ride but I felt yesterday's ride in my legs BIG time.

  7. VELO
    good 40.79 mi 02:09 19.0mph pace

    Beautiful day for a ride. I got a flat about an hour in which forced a detour to the bike shop (I was right there so I figured the better part of wisdom was to go ahead and get a new spare tube). T... read more

  8. VELO
    good 24.04 mi 01:19 18.3mph pace

    Easy breezy base building ride. A bit windy but a really gorgeous day.

  9. VELO
    alright 38.62 mi 02:02 18.9mph pace

    Here's the thing about me and wind; I know I need to just train on my HR zones. Those are black and white and are irrespective of any kind of speed. You do what you need to stay in the proper ... read more

    • Colin H.
      Colin H.

      Nice ride, and I understand your desire to push through the wind. I would do the same (albeit at a slower pace). And you might want to consider putting the sentence "I do fully expect some grief from the coach for being well above my target zone" into a text file so you can cut and paste it when needed ;-)

      over 5 years ago Like2 people

    • Shelly

      Great job. !!

      over 5 years ago Like1 person

  10. swim
    good 2500 in the pool 2500 yd

    Went really well. Feeling really good about not losing much speed or endurance after not being in the pool since the beginning of August. Good, good stuff!

  11. RUN
    great Base building from scratch. 8.55 mi 01:16 08:52 pace

    This felt awesome. Chilly and dark, which is one of my favorite times to run. Really kept myself in zone 2 and stuck to it, except for my allowed 3 minute surge at the end. Fantastic run and the st... read more

  12. VELO
    alright 24.7 mi 01:21 18.2mph pace

    Decent ride. Just base building which is why the wind that I encountered annoyed me that much more. I have a tendency to "fight" the wind (and lose) when it kicks up which is basically al... read more

  13. swim
    good 2500 yd

    First swim since Ironman Boulder 70.3 (August 4). Felt quite good and I managed more speed than I expected (1:10/100yds).

  14. FIT
    alright Ironman Bouder 70.3 70.38 mi 05:10 04:24 pace

    I will have a full race report done soon (at but for now, here's the summary:

    Swim: Good stuff though I don't remember 1.2 miles being so damn long! ;) Time: 27:31

    T1: ... read more

    • Tanya

      Awesome, B! First tri in 3 years?? Feels like it was just last year that you reported on your first Ironman. Congrats on a solid race!

      over 5 years ago Like1 person

    • Eileen D
      Eileen D

      Wow and Yikes... sounds like you had a decent race despite the crashes. I guess your super glued blister was the least of your worries?! Nicely done!!

      over 5 years ago Like2 people

    • Brandon W.
      Brandon W.

      @Eileen, the blister glue held up really well!

      over 5 years ago Like1 person

    • Eileen D
      Eileen D

      That's good to know for future reference!

      over 5 years ago Like2 people

  15. VELO
    alright 28.52 mi 01:25 20.1mph pace

    A little bit more meh. Sweating heavy and definitely feeling not being on the bike for 7 days (and at sea level for 5).

  16. RUN
    alright Quick run around the 'hood. 3.59 mi 00:27 07:32 pace

    Meh. Didn't warm up, just wanted to move the legs but it would have been a far more useful run if I'd warmed up. Nice opening test of a new shoe (ON Cloud Racer) for an upcoming natural r... read more

    • Alex M.
      Alex M. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      nice pace B. def going to check out the review, please post a link here when your done with it....curious about these new lugz

      over 5 years ago

  17. RUN
    good Nelson, Hygiene, 63rd, Airpor... 11.54 mi 01:35 08:14 pace

    This felt AMAZING! I waited until late in the day and am so glad I did. I took this nice and easy and had an absolutely amazing time.

  18. VELO
    blah 28.48 mi 01:29 19.1mph pace

    I honestly didn't feel "Blah" to start. However, as soon as I got going the wind hit me and I was grumpy and digging for the whole ride. It was also right at about 102 degrees which ... read more

  19. VELO
    alright Boulder 70.3 Ride (Minus Niwo... 50.58 mi 02:33 19.8mph pace

    HOLY WIND. I mean really, HOLY WIND. This one hurt a LOT. Just so windy and hot. Oy. Super annoying and it never seemed to be a tail wind. It just flipped around to be either a head or cross wind. ... read more