5798 total / 114 in 2014

NYCM 2013, then BQ in 2014. Set some other PRs (5K < 21, 10K < 44, 13.1 < 1:37) along the way. (Plus open water swims and tris in summer!)

Wall of Motivation (89)

  1.   Nice Job

    You are ready to crush it. Go get em! on a workout

  2.   Nice Job

    Solid indeed! on a workout

  3.   Hi-five

    Yup. Totally marathon legs. Nice run! Crazy that you can vary the pace by 2:0... read more

  4. Michele A.
      Great Performance

    nice work! on a workout

  5. Robin K.
      Nice Job

    love love love. land's end is my favorite spot in SF. the running there hurts... read more

  6. Robin K.
      Nice Job

    first run back is always super tough, especially to get the shoes on and out ... read more

  7. Nicole B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Glad to see you're still on here. I'm trying to get back to 5K shape. Life go... read more

  8. Claire W.
      Good Luck

    So frustrating. Hoping it works out for you guys. In the meantime, maybe ma... read more

  9. Meghan D.
      You're an Inspiration

    Kick some ass this weekend, will ya?! :) on a workout

  10. Claire W.

    Oh I'm sorry, just looked back and saw you had 190 miles last week... What's ... read more

  11.   Good Luck

    You are ready! Time for lots of rest, good food and obsessively packing all 5... read more

  12.   Nice Job

    Solid three-sport training day! on a workout

  13. Claire W.
      You Rock

    Such a total bad ass! Congrats on a great swim! on a workout

  14.   Nice Job

    Dying to see the new Slice! Photos, please :) Aero always makes me feel like ... read more

  15.   Nice Job

    Can someone remind me again why we signed up for an all-day race in August? G... read more

  16.   Nice Job

    Yippee! Great weekday long run! on a workout

  17. Joe H.
      Nice Job

    Glad to see that you are healing - hope to hit the road with you some time so... read more

  18. Renee H.

    Great year of running. You are poised for quite a 2012. on a workout

  19. Larry P.

    Even with the Potty Pause you had a fantastic run. Congratulations on complet... read more

  20.   Hi-five

    Congrats on another NYCM, Neal!! Looked like a beautiful day to run on a workout

  21. Abbe L.
      Good Luck

    Yeah! Got you programmed into my sweet NYCM app! Good luck on Sunday! on a workout

  22. Connie
      Great Performance

    Very nice! on a workout

  23. Renee H.

    Happy to hear! I hope it continues to go well. on a workout

  24.   Great Performance

    Makes me happy to see you happy!!!! on a workout

  25.   You're Badass

    I absolutely love our speed team!! Those are some killer repeats, Neal. You a... read more

  26. Renee H.

    I think all mile repeats are that way. Nice job and glad to hear the feet are... read more

  27. Claire W.

    GOOD LORD - are you doping?! Solid workout indeed, my friend. Very impressi... read more

  28. Larry P.
      Great Performance

    Yep, definitely a nice progression! Keep pushing the times down. on a workout

  29.   You're an Inspiration

    Amazing stuff, Neal!! Sub 7s = piece of cake for you! on a workout

  30. Connie
      Great Performance

    congrats, Neil! on a workout

  31.   Good Luck

    Good luck in La Jolla!!! on a workout

  32. Kristin B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great swim! on a workout

  33.   You're Badass

    Congrats Neal on your 5k PR. Most excellent race!!!! on a workout

  34. Connie
      Nice Job

    back to speed work! on a workout

  35.   Great Performance

    Addicted to endorphins! Great runnin', Neal! on a workout

  36. Connie
      Great Performance

    You must be on a speedy're already done with 3 legs?! Congrats! on a workout

  37. Claire W.

    Awesome stuff, Neal! Those are some impressive splits - can't believe they c... read more

  38. Joe H.
      Good Luck

    Coming from someone who routinely steps up to the starting line of races GROS... read more

  39.   Congrats

    Sooo soooo awesome!!!!!!! What a huge PR! on a workout

  40. Ari G.

    An 8:22 PR is huge. It's very hard to run a perfect race. Way to hang in ther... read more

  41. Renee H.

    Great job despite the fluid issues. Enjoy your beer and food! on a workout

  42. Claire W.

    You are amazing! So beyond happy and excited for you. Huge, huge PR, and a ... read more

  43.   Good Luck

    Good luck at New Jersey Marathon OCO. YOU GOT THIS!!!!

  44. Nicole B.
      Good Luck

    Great long run! No need to worry about overheating in Rochester! That sound... read more

  45.   Nice Job

    Oh, and great run!! Can't wait to see how you do next weekend. on a workout

  46.   You're an Inspiration

    Awesome recovery run and congrats to B!! on a workout

  47.   Great Performance

    Beautiful speedy session! And if you still had juice for two more intervals, ... read more

  48.   You're an Inspiration

    Neal - your training cycle has been so solid!! Congrats on the crazy fast tim... read more

  49. Connie

    congrats on the PR! on a workout

  50.   You're an Inspiration

    Wow, great progress in 3 short months... on a workout