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For 2015 - New PB in London (done) Current PBs - 18:42 (Apr '14) 40:48 (May '13) 1:24:31 (Mar '15) 2:56:39 (Apr '14)

Wall of Motivation (26)

  1. Julien B.
      You're an Inspiration

    You legend !! :) on a workout

  2. Rich
      You're an Inspiration

    fab time mate.. under 2 on that course was impressive... didnt see any camer... read more

  3. P J M.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  4. Rich
      Great Performance

    Wow. That's awesome. You nearly lapped me! on a workout

  5. Julien B.
      Great Performance

    Dude! You zooooomed it! Well done! (haven't seen you though :) on a workout

  6. Jim

    Great work Michael! on a workout

  7. Jason A C.
      Great Performance

    great pace going long sir!! on a workout

  8. Julien B.

    Dude, you smashed you target there! Well done, that's some brilliant work! on a workout

  9. Julien B.

    Well done Michael on PBing! That's fast! What's next, sub90? on a workout

  10. Jennie G.
      Great Performance

    Yays indeed - that is an aMAZing time... on a workout

  11. Julien B.
      Great Performance

    You smashed it! Well done! on a workout

  12. Paul C.
      Nice Job

    Great time Michael. on a workout

  13. Julien B.
      Great Performance

    Well done Michael, that's a sweet pace! Don't worry about the seconds, it's d... read more

  14. Jason A C.
      Great Performance

    great time - well done!! Any PB is amazing!! on a workout

  15. Stuart M.
      Great Performance

    great pace was a good race today. on a workout

  16. Julien B.
      You're Funny

    Drink&Run FTW! on a workout

  17. P J M.
      Great Performance

    It has to happen sometime! It's still a good pace though on a workout

  18. Renata B.

    Very nice job Michael, way to go!:) on a workout

  19. Julien B.
      Nice Job

    Nice pace Michael considering the hills! on a workout

  20. Julien B.
      Great Performance

    YEAY Michael \o/ Well done! on a workout

  21. Julien B.
      Feel Better

    Even if you had hard time, take it as it is for all the rough patch you will ... read more

  22. Julien B.
      You're Funny

    on the other hand, @Andrew E did also his 13mile yesterday with one cup of te... read more

  23. Julien B.

    Good job mate! on a workout

  24. Julien B.
      Great Performance

    Good run Michael, sorry we didn't catch up. I hope you enjoyed it! the downhi... read more

  25. Tom S.
      Nice Job

    Keep those miles coming!.. ;) I seem to be having a similar problem, One pac... read more

  26. P J M.
      You're Funny

    You make Gatorade shoot out of my nose. Actually - it's more like wine coz do... read more