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  • 4 miles
  • 03:00 time
  • 1152 calories
  • 6 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. FIT
    Exhausted. 00:20

    It's been quite a week. I snuck this into the endorsement the day.

    • 20 Press ups.
    • 50 Sit ups (25/25).
    • 50 Crunches (25/25).
    • 30 Leg raises (10/10/10).
    • 60 Second plank.
    • 6... read more

  2. FIT
    great Core Thursday. 00:20

    The leg raises are still my nemesis. I spend such a long time coaxing my legs into the air and keeping my core engaged. 10 in each effort is more than enough.

    • 20 Press ups.
    • 50 Sit ups (25/25... read more

  3. Shared Photo

    Try and try again.

  4. FIT
    I did it. 01:00

    For the last few weeks I've been working on a blue climb. Each time I get a little further but the last hold needs a step up on a tiny foot hold. Today I risked it, I reached the top. My hands... read more

  5. Shared Photo

    All of my runs from home cross this train line, it's a lovely feeling knowing I'm heading to the woods rather than London.

  6. RUN
    great Duck for the Heron. 4.5 mi 00:40 08:48 pace

    The trail back to the train crossing Stanley and I spotted a heron in the path ahead. We both slowed a little and it flew right at us, I ducked and Stanley looked confused.
    The rest of the run was... read more

  7. FIT
    great Nice one. 00:20

    This core malarkey is starting to feel normal again. I'll start upping the efforts a little after a few more sessions.

    • 20 Press ups.
    • 50 Sit ups (25/25).
    • 50 Crunches (25/25).
    • 30 Le... read more

  8. FIT
    great With help from Oscar. 00:20

    Really hot afternoon for this but got through them nicely. Oscar helped by jumping on me occasionally, nothing like an extra challenge.

    • 20 Press ups.
    • 50 Sit ups (25/25).
    • 50 Crunches (25/25... read more

  9. Shared Photo

    Last of light of today.

  10. RUN
    great Mr Rotavator. 4.32 mi 00:39 08:59 pace

    Today's been a full of DIY, we hired a rotavator in preparation to lay some turf. It's like riding a crazy horse. But I had just enough energy to take to the trails in the woods. It was l... read more

  11. FIT

    Today's the first time this is starting to feel a little easier. I'll keep it the same and up the numbers in a next few days.

    • 20 Press ups.
    • 50 Sit ups (25/25).
    • 50 Crunches ... read more

  12. Shared Photo

    Zoom zoom Stanley.

  13. RUN
    Post pistachio gelato 4.64 mi 00:43 09:11 pace

    What a run. The only pods were full of dogs exploring with their owners and Stanley had a hoot. For those who suffer from hey fever the pollen is floating about like snow.

  14. FIT
    great Core fitness. 00:20

    Had fun doing this today, I played some old dance tracks on the stereo an smile/ grimaced through them.

    • 20 Press ups.
    • 50 Sit ups (25/25).
    • 50 Crunches (25/25).
    • 30 Leg raises (10/10/10).... read more

  15. FIT
    Bouldering Wednesday. 01:00

    This week I worked on the climbs I couldn't work out last week. A couple I managed and a couple are still on the to complete list. Perhaps they'll happen next week.

  16. Shared Photo

    Oh to be a dog.

  17. RUN
    Trail Mix up. 4.7 mi 00:43 09:11 pace

    Lovely little adventure this morning. Decided to follow the trails I've ignored over the last few months due to being too muddy to get through without loosing a shoe.

  18. Shared Photo

    Stanley helping me with my sit-ups.

  19. FIT

    Today I was joined by Stanley. Needless to say he didn't help a bit but he spiced it up.

    • 20 Press ups.
    • 50 Sit ups (25/25).
    • 50 Crunches (25/25).
    • 30 Leg raises (10/10/10).
    ... read more

  20. FIT
    good Post DIY core workout. 00:20

    The sit ups and squats were super tough after the day of digging and lifting. Todays session was right next door to the open doors to the garden, lovely to feel the warmth of the sun and fresh air.... read more