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Go for broke at Boston 2017. Learn to do an aerial. Hike the NH 48. Run hard, and always have fun.

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  1. RUN
    good More delightful running 4.5 mi

    When I am back in the throes of marathon training in a few months and running feels like a chore, someone please remind me of how I feel about running right this second. Because I love it. Do thin... read more

  2. RUN
    Delight in Central Park 6.24 mi 00:51 08:10 pace

    After 4 days completely off, I was itching to run today, and the fact that I was in NYC for the day and the weather was GORGEOUS sealed the deal. I was only planning on doing 4 but I was having suc... read more

    • Susan Jz H.
      Susan Jz H.

      super recovery miles and how great to read your reminder of just enjoying the miles. i get too wrapped up in the numbers and forget. thank you.

      1 day ago Like

  3. RUN
    good "I've sure felt better but I'... 26.2 mi 03:30 08:01 pace

    75 degree temps are not my friend, but all I can say is I stuck to my (weather revised) race plan and I feel like that's the only thing that got me a 3:30 and not a 3:45. Really never felt gre... read more

    • Claire G.
      Claire G.

      Congrats/ that was unpleasant! My "race plan" was "finish" and I wasn't confident that was going to happen at certain points. Great work in tough conditions.

      7 days ago Like

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    • Grace T.
      Grace T.

      Nice re-Q ;)

      6 days ago Like

    • Audrey Z.
      Audrey Z.

      @Grace I told myself if I didn't that I had to run another marathon in 3 weeks, so I'm glad I accomplished that goal at least, if not much else 🤷

      6 days ago Like

  4. RUN
    good 20:17 shakeout 2.54 mi 00:20 07:59 pace

    Didn't plan the numbers, but I like it! Have already reevaluated my goals tomorrow as the weather just is not PR weather for me. Hoping to accept that the weather is what is is and run a stron... read more

    • Susan Jz H.
      Susan Jz H.

      you are a such a well-seasoned runner and are going into patriots' day this year with wise mental strategy by this plan. just know that you are champ for getting to the start line. that takes a TON of dedicated work right there. stay strong and run that race that is best for you.

      8 days ago Like

  5. RUN
    Last real run before the big ... 4.5 mi 00:37 08:11 pace

    Overdressed, because if wearing a jacket in 60 degree weather for ONE taper run doesnt spell success if its hot, I don't know what does haha. "Running" (run/walk lol) the 5k with dad... read more

  6. RUN
    GBTC 5.3 mi

    2+ warmup, 2 @ GmP on the track (7:27, 7:15), 1.25 CD. Hay--> barn

  7. RUN
    Taper trash 4.53 mi 00:37 08:07 pace

    Congested, and its HOT. Acclimation could serve me if its 60 on Monday, I guess...

    • Susan Jz H.
      Susan Jz H.

      Oh I am so sorry. I had the same kind of run--congested and in the heat. Take care as you can this week.

      14 days ago Like

    • Claire G.
      Claire G.

      60 on Monday, you say? I'm in denial and just not looking at the forecast... Have a restful week!

      14 days ago Like

  8. RUN
    Hays in the barn 12 mi 01:33 07:45 pace

    Felt wicked shitty for the first half of this, so obviously the logical thing to do was run my GMP miles almost 20 sec faster than GMP 😂

  9. RUN
    good Blustery 5.24 mi 00:41 07:51 pace

    Breezy day on the Charles, legs came in a little hot again for an easy day. So much more fun tapering this year knowing I'm fit and NOT being injured - I'm way more relaxed and confident ... read more

  10. RUN
    We built this city on rock an... 7 mi 00:55 07:48 pace

    Fresh Pond Friday, and I don't even know what easy pace means anymore. Feeling good!

    • Susan Jz H.
      Susan Jz H.

      super job!! enjoy this next week of taper before patriot's day. you are going to do great.

      17 days ago Like

  11. FIT
    Yoga w/ Adrienne - Yoga for I... 00:30

    LOVE this series of youtube yoga videos - all about 30 min which is all I can handle for yoga at home, and all different and interesting!

  12. RUN
    good Commute 6.53 mi 00:53 08:06 pace

    It's always good news when the pace you perceive as true easy drops by 20 sec/mile...or at least I would assume so.

  13. RUN
    "You WISH you were on this tr... 2.75 mi 00:17 06:10 pace

    Mile (6:20), 1200 (4:46), 800 (3:00), 2x 400 (1:30, 1:24)
    DELIGHTFUL little tune up workout that felt great and was way too much fun to do. Obnoxious basketball kids were all over the track and at ... read more

  14. RUN
    SUN 15.02 mi 01:56 07:41 pace

    Really lovely long run with Aly! Because it was with Aly, 7 or 8 miles in the middle were right around GMP. Sun was FINALLY out and it was beautiful, tons of people out on the river today. That... read more

  15. RUN
    April Fools treadmill 6 mi 00:49 08:05 pace

    Gross out, mostly easy with 2 x mile @ GMP (7:25)

  16. RUN
    New England is a jerk 7 mi 00:56 07:56 pace

    It's sleeting. I wish it would stop doing that. Was going to race a 15K tomorrow but the weather is looking horrible, to the point where it might be cancelled. I didn't sign up yet and th... read more

    • Susan Jz H.
      Susan Jz H.

      so wise not to risk icy streets. way to go with those speedy seven and good news that the hip is better. : }

      23 days ago Like

  17. FIT
    Elliptical x 20' + 20' core/s... 00:40

    Taking the smart path and taking a day off even though I COULD run today. I AM LEARNING THINGS.

  18. RUN
    Recovery miles 9.1 mi 01:17 08:26 pace

    Everything still pretty tight from Monday's stupid? awesome? both? long run. I get really paranoid about my right hip after last year, so probably will take another day off tomorrow.