John F. ran: I'm not gonna lie—I'm...

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  • 13 miles
  • 02:30 time
  • 11:25 pace
  • 3072 calories
  • 0 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
  • 0 avg hr
    • Currently 5/5 Effort.
    effort 5/5
great Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half — Post-Mortem 13.1 mi 02:30 11:25 pace

I'm not gonna lie—I'm proud of this one, kids.

My last two halfies were a huge disappointment; I was wholly unprepared for the heat + distance in my first, and was sick as a dog for my second. I felt like I could do a lot better than my near-3:00:00 times. So I'm very glad I got to prove that to myself this time out.

My crankle™ was feeling okay on race day, and the nice folks at KT Tape did a good job taping me up, which I think helped (if only psychologically—I don't know the science behind taping).

My wife got 2:40:00 in her first (and only) half, on a hilly course with very little training due to her hectic work schedule. I really wanted to come in somewhere around 2:30:00, but my ankle and my confidence were pretty shot. I was shooting for an 11:20 pace, and the trusty Garmin let me stay right around there until the end. Incredibly handy, the Garmin. ALSO: knowing from the last 2 halfs that I really don't like Cytomax, I brought along some of those Gu Chomps and basically snacked on them from mile 3 to mile 11.

I'll tell you this much: Gu Chomps are cheating. Plain and simple. Sugar + caffeine + easy delivery mechanism? Cheating. I didn't even come close to bonking, and had energy to spare after the race, even though my body was hamburger.

And now for some splits (because that's what I've seen the cool kids do):
Mile 1 - 11:24
Mile 2 - 11:30
Mile 3 - 11:28
Mile 4 - 11:22
Mile 5 - 11:16
Mile 5 - 11:28
Mile 7 - 11:25
Mile 8 - 11:31
Mile 9 - 11:20
Mile 10 - 11:44
Mile 11 - 11:19
Mile 12 - 10:43
Mile .2 - 02:16*
*yeah, it should be .1, but with course turns and weaving around people, it's 13.2. *scratches head*

I feel elated and redeemed. I also no longer hate half marathons. I feel like this sub-2:30:00 time is the gateway for me to pursue 2:15:00 and eventually 2:00:00. Losing 20lbs and doing decent training helped, but I have some things to fix (crankle™, hip weakness) and some more weight to lose (~40lbs). But I think I can do it.

I suspect this is the last time I run this December. I have to rehab my ankle tendonitis, so I'm going to switch to resistance training and swimming (and skiing) for the month and try to start 2010 with fresh legs.

Happy happy, joy joy. I'm pleased as punch, y'all.

  • Gina H.
    Gina H.

    Looking good, John!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Janeen M.
    Janeen M.

    Congrats chappie. You and your crankle (I can't quite believe the URL is taken btw) deserve to be rightfully proud.

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Vince K.
    Vince K.

    awesome job John

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Kirsten M.
    Kirsten M.

    Awesome run John. Enjoy the time off from running to recoup and rehab. Congrats on the PR :)

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Mark-Oblivion R.
    Mark-Oblivion R.

    Nice work, sir!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Clynton T.
    Clynton T.

    Great job, man!!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Danielle H.
    Danielle H.

    Great job. I think you did fantastic, especially with all of your ankle problems.

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Tanya R.
    Tanya R.

    Congrats!! :D

    over 8 years ago Like

  • E

    Way to go!!!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Michelle

    Congrats John ~ way to go on an awesome PR!!! Well done!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Ofri M.
    Ofri M.

    damm John thats nice!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Mimi

    Congrats! Way to end the year!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Tory K.
    Tory K.

    Congratulations! You rocked that course. There's something so satisfying in "taking back" a race from the negative emotions left by another. (It almost sounds like a good relationship following a bad one...and in a way, I guess it is.)

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Craig B.
    Craig B.

    That is freakin' awesome! Splits are solid, excellent race.

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Bill S.
    Bill S.

    Nice job! That's an excellent run, John.

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Dan M.
    Dan M.

    Fantastic job!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • John F.
    John F.

    Thanks y'all. I'm still all aglow and pleased as punch.

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Jen

    you are a rockstar, look at that 10:43 on the last mile!!!!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Jen

    ROCK ON!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • James T.
    James T.

    Great job on your Half! Each run/race is for you and you alone... You earned it!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Carmen R.
    Carmen R. Great Performance
    Great Performance:

    Congrats on a great race

    over 8 years ago