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OKC Memorial Half Marathon ** DONE** 2:10 Get back in shape and run more consistently. Run at least one race in 2012

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  • Bradley J.

    Bradley J.

    Weatherford, OK, Pikes Peak Marathon; at least three others with at least one sub 3:30 (crosses fingers)!

  • Rebecca B.

    Rebecca B.

    Missouri City, TX, 1. Houston Half 10-26-14 2. Houston Full 1-18-15 3. Get back in shape

  • Corey F.

    Corey F.

    Allen, TX, 500 miles in 2014 since I didn't achieve it in 2013. Would love to do a full this fall!

  • Jonathan J.

    Jonathan J.

    Oklahoma City, OK, half-marathon / composing rock music for runners / charity

  • Loretta


    , 2013 goal - staying active! 2012 goal - keeping fit & having baby #3!! (done) 2011 goal - 2nd marathon Dec 2011 (done) 2010 goal - marathon! (done)

  • Sarah B.

    Sarah B.

    Oklahoma City, OK, Slowed down after a broken back last year, but slowly getting back into it. Staying in shape, running off stress & quality time with my husband.

  • Brian W.

    Brian W.

    Durham, NC, Just to stay in shape while my shoulder heals up. I'd like to run a 5K in under 22 minutes. Maybe a half marathon.

  • Jamie R.

    Jamie R.

    Weatherford, OK,

  • Tracey M.

    Tracey M.

    Oklahoma City, OK, Run faster longer and stronger! Looking forward to RR 1/2 Marathoon Las Vegas 2011.

  • Mollie D.

    Mollie D.

    Edmond, OK,

  • Melissa N.

    Melissa N.

    Weatherford, OK, run the OKC marathon in May 2011!

  • Gail



  • Michael


    Oklahoma City, OK, Run a sub 9:12 1.5 mile run and a <22 5k

  • Emily S.

    Emily S.

    Norman, OK, 5K - 00:30:00, Half Marathon - 2:00:00, Triathlon - 1:20:00, My First Bike Race!

  • Bailey T.

    Bailey T.

    Edmond, OK, Getting back in shape, and next, the Mike McDonald Fun Run and running something in the OKC Memorial Marathon

  • Jill J.
  • Elena H.

    Elena H.

    St Louis, MO, a Half Marathon

  • Holly F.

    Holly F.

    Weatherford, OK,