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  1. Hi friends, long time no see! With sadness I report I am using dailymile no longer and have made the jump to Strava ( It's been a long time since I... read more

  2. RUN
    good Out & Back 4.13 mi 00:39 09:30 pace

    Felt good today. Temperatures are finally warming.

  3. RUN
  4. RUN
    good Dogs Run 3.01 mi 00:33 11:02 pace

    Two out and backs to the end of the road and back with two dogs, one at a time.

  5. RUN
    good Lake Crossing Route 4.09 mi 00:49 12:01 pace

    Here's a route I wouldn't attempt in the spring/summer/fall months:

  6. RUN
    good Neighborhood Loop 4.87 mi 00:48 09:46 pace

    ~5 miles around the neighborhood with a friend in a snow squall. That's the hardest snowfall I've run in all year. It was rather difficult to see when the wind was in my face on the last ... read more

  7. walk
    alright Creekside Snowshoe (Trudging ... 2.2 mi 00:43 19:45 pace

    Frigid with stiff wind today. I was mostly dressed appropriately, but the feet got cold. The snow is deep and I was breaking trail most of the way, so running for more than about a quarter mile at ... read more

    • Spence D.
      Spence D.

      Good work out!I once had visions of competing in a snowshoe race. A 3 mile trudge changed my mind!

      about 5 years ago Like1 person

    • Elodie K.
      Elodie K.

      Sorry to break it to you, fitness doesn't help that much. This winter feels like pretty much the same shit mountain to all of us. At least some days, it's a sunny shit mountain! :)

      about 5 years ago Like3 people

    • Greg P.
      Greg P.

      I'm a fortunate SOB, at least the shit mountain I occasionally do battle on is of my own making and I get to return to the comforts of home rather quickly after getting tired of it. This winter has been a tough one though, reminds me of the four winters I endured in Fairbanks, but not quite as cold as up there. If I can keep going between now and spring, well, that'd be pretty good!

      about 5 years ago Like1 person

  8. FIT
    good Greystone Trails Skate Ski 6.08 mi 00:57 09:22 pace

    First ski of the year. What the hell, we're having a great snow year, it's already 1/20 and I've only gotten out once!? Well, better late than never. I was a bit rusty, but consideri... read more

    • Elodie K.
      Elodie K.

      No worries, it's waiting for you to give it some love. It'll come back. Meanwhile, good to see you having fun out there!

      about 5 years ago Like1 person

    • Spence D.
      Spence D.

      Great 1st Skate Ski, the magic will come back with "time on ski" I struggled Sunday and then "bam" the rhythm and glide came back and it was "heaven"!

      about 5 years ago Like1 person

  9. RUN
    good Neighborhood Fiver 5 mi 00:49 09:46 pace

    Neighborhood loop on roads with Tim. Everything felt good.

  10. RUN
    good Neighborhood Loop (w/ Snowmo... 4.17 mi 00:43 10:14 pace

    A good run with a friend. Temps even warmer than last time (almost 30 today).

  11. RUN
    great 4.52 mi 00:51 11:11 pace

    Beautiful day, mild temps and a good run in the area on trails and roads.

  12. RUN
    good Frozen Creekside Trail 3.57 mi 00:48 13:24 pace

    Cold still, but not nearly as cold as last time. Less wind too! Temp was around zero. The sun was shining and I felt fine. I kept the snowshoes at home since most of the trail is packed pretty well... read more

    • Elodie K.
      Elodie K.

      Our temps today verged on almost normal -- for deep mid-winter in late Feb, but who's counting? You make me feel lucky I don't have to tromp down my own paths!

      about 5 years ago Like1 person

    • Chad W.
      Chad W.

      No kidding. Great work there, Greg!

      about 5 years ago Like1 person

    • Greg P.
      Greg P.

      I could run roads, Elodie, but lately the trail has been more palatable considering how cold the temps have been and I get a bit of windbreak among the trees by the creek.

      about 5 years ago Like

  13. RUN
    great Creekside Trail Run 3.31 mi 00:49 14:45 pace

    I decided to head out in just my trail shoes since I'd previously packed the trail rather well during snowshoe outings. Feet broke through at times, but it was still mostly runnable. Temperatu... read more

    • Greg P.
      Greg P.

      Damn right, Piet!

      about 5 years ago Like

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    • Kate

      I agree with you Greg! The media sensationalizing this cold snap is quite annoying. We all need to stop whining & get moving!

      about 5 years ago Like2 people

    • Piet H.
      Piet H. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Preach it. 5.5 miles yesterday. Wore my snow goggles until they frosted over.

      about 5 years ago

  14. RUN
    good Snowshoe Run/Walk 3.04 mi 00:56 18:29 pace

    A snowshoe run/walk on the neighborhood trail. I got onto sections that hadn't seen traffic yet this winter, so I was breaking a lot of trail. Temp was down around -13°F when I started, but I ... read more

    • Elodie K.
      Elodie K.

      Hey good to see you, Greg! 3M seems entirely inadequate for an hour's work in -13º, 4x more seems about right.

      about 5 years ago Like

    • Greg P.
      Greg P.

      Yeah, slow going in the snow with those heavy shoes on, but still good fun.

      about 5 years ago Like1 person

    • Kamie N.
      Kamie N.

      So u have running snow shoes? I got some for Christmas and I love em! Nice job getting out!

      about 5 years ago Like1 person

    • Greg P.
      Greg P.

      Yes, I have a pair, Kamie. They are fun!

      about 5 years ago Like

  15. RUN
    good Snowshoe Run/Walk 3.04 mi 00:51 16:52 pace

    A nice outing on the neighborhood creekside trail.

  16. RUN
    great Winter's Welcome 3.04 mi 00:34 11:20 pace

    Today is one of those prototypical post-storm days where the sun is in full effect, the sky is piercingly blue, and the ground is astonishingly white from all the fresh snow. There's some wind... read more

  17. RUN
    good Neighborhood Trail & Roads 3.33 mi 00:35 10:21 pace

    An easy three in the neighborhood with Neko.