Friends (144)

  • Beth B.

    Beth B.

    Marysville, OH, Ran: Cap City half in May. Heal from broken ankle: walk, then start running again. Rebuild strength.

  • Lauren S.

    Lauren S.

    Woodland Hills, CA, be the best athlete i can be, physically and mentally strong, ready for my first half iron distance come Summer.

  • Darcy C.

    Darcy C.

    Bellevue, OH, Just completed my first full marathon in april 2011, hoping to work my way up to a 50 miler in 2012.

  • Katelyn B.

    Katelyn B.

    US, Sub 2 Half Marathon on May 1st!

  • Greg C.

    Greg C.

    , Run a half marathon

  • Aubrey K.

    Aubrey K.

    New York, NY, a marathon...sometime in the near future. As well as faster half marathon times.

  • Kristine T.

    Kristine T.

    Willoughby, OH,

  • Sarah R.

    Sarah R.

    Philadelphia, PA,

  • Rosalyn R.

    Rosalyn R.

    AZ, Next HM time: 2:20 or less

  • Kelly G.

    Kelly G.

    Dublin, OH, Fitness, fun and working towards a goal that is ever changing.

  • Shaunhorsepower


    Johannesburg, ZA, lose weight, stay healthy & keep running.Busy training for the 2012 Comrades UltraMarathon(89km), swim the Midmar Mile & cycling the 94.7km Highveld race.

  • Eileen S.

    Eileen S.

    Clifton Park, NY, Finish 1/2 marathon in Aug., train for a Triathlon (I just need to learn how to swim 1st).....& be a a healthy life-long, injury-free, runner :-)

  • Christina P.

    Christina P.

    Cincinnati, OH, I'm training for my first 50-miler.

  • Stacy D.

    Stacy D.

    Perrysburg, OH, To be better than the day before, to always be progressing, and never doubt myself.

  • Valentina V.

    Valentina V.

    San Diego, CA, January 30th ING Half Marathon; FICPA April 15th 10K; Super Spartan Race 4/23; Nov. 13th 13.1 in Fort Lauderdale

  • Ann P.

    Ann P.

    Bellevue, NE, To be fit by 40!

  • Stefanie


    Chicago, IL,

  • Leslie C.

    Leslie C.

    Vernon Hills, IL, just had a baby and trying to find time to get my pre-pregnancy body back... I miss working out!

  • Christy D.