Friends (29)

  • Ted


    San Diego, CA,

  • Lowell W.

    Lowell W.

    Ellicott City, MD, Exercise

  • Miles T.

    Miles T.

    Newport, GB, Stay fit and healthy. Enjoy training hard. 16 min 5k before end 2017 hopefully. More marathons in a few years time.

  • Monika C.

    Monika C.

    San Diego, CA, Keep running from cancer

  • Raquel W.

    Raquel W.

    GA, 2014: Run my first FULL marathon. Run one half mary with 2:15 time. (I know, I'm slow) :-) 800 miles in 2014 Lose 20 lbs

  • Kate M.

    Kate M.

    Ellicott City, MD, Ironman Lake Placid 2013 - here I come!

  • Ronnette T.

    Ronnette T.

    Washington, DC, Keep progressing towards my 50 states quest n be consistent with strength training n remain injury free

  • Lauren C

    Lauren C

    Annapolis, MD, Chasing a sub-4 marathon. Current PR is 4:09 so it's going to be a challenge! Training for first 70.3 in 2014!

  • Johnnie A.

    Johnnie A.

    Hanover, MA, Do a trialthalon

  • Chris A.

    Chris A.

    Akron, OH, Enjoy Life

  • Jessica M.

    Jessica M.

    , Building up my base through the rest of the year and then Disney Princess HM in February and Country Music Marathon in April!

  • Steve T.

    Steve T.

    White Settlement, TX, My goal is help to raise awareness of MS and to raise money to find a cure. I ride my handcycle because it is my way of fighting my MS and give others hope

  • Jack N.

    Jack N.

    Hertfordshire, UK, To run regularly and get a decent weekly mileage.

  • Lurel W.

    Lurel W.

    Spokane, WA, Continue running during my pregnancy! (due in December!)

  • Christie B.

    Christie B.

    Russell Springs, KY, To complete a Half Marathon this year!! ----Completed

  • Russell B.

    Russell B.

    US, Sub 3:30:00 Marathon Sub 20:00 5k ----- Have some fun on some local trail runs

  • Olanna G.

    Olanna G.

    New York, NY,

  • Gemma D.

    Gemma D.

    Newark, GB, Achieve all round body fitness and strength ready for what I hope will be a VERY successful 2013. Start P90x 8/10/2012

  • Bryce H.

    Bryce H.

    Lamar, CO, 2012 events, "A" Race Harvest Moon Long Race Festival 70.3 tri, Tinman tri-sprint

  • Nic T.

    Nic T.

    Columbus, OH, 2013 - Complete 2 half marathons 2014 - Complete 2 half marathons 2015 - Complete 1st full marathon

  • Sylvia S.

    Sylvia S.

    Pittsburgh, PA, Get back to running.....

  • Nicole


    Seattle, WA, P90X Challenge !! Vineman Full Aquabike July 2013. To Run again with 6 months Healthy! Masters Swimming

  • Aurelia H.

    Aurelia H.

    West Hartford, CT, Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon (who wouldn't want a tiara finishers' medal?)

  • A W

    A W

    New York, NY, Swim Run Bike until someone gives me a medal. Improve my swim time.

  • Kim C.

    Kim C.

    Charlotte, NC,