Friends (29)

  • Alexander R.

    Alexander R.

    New York, NY, main goal is to avoid injury and to achieve a good balance between family, work and running. I'm 48 running since 1994. 36 marathons, 1 ultra. love to run.

  • Gretchen



  • Johnny


    Parkville, MD, Running sucks. 26.2 - 2:55. 100 in 24.

  • Mark M.

    Mark M.

    Durham, NC, I dunno, get faster I guess

  • Michael


    Austin, TX,

  • Leo C.

    Leo C.

    San Antonio, TX, To run another full marathon PAIN FREE!

  • Scott C.

    Scott C.

    San Antonio, TX, Capt'n Karl's Trail Series (4 x 60k), Hawk 100

  • Christobel N.

    Christobel N.

    San Antonio, TX, Full marathon in Nov 2012..below 4hr.. ( urrgggg.. mission possible ?)

  • Gary B.

    Gary B.

    San Antonio, TX, To run enough to be fast enough to fight the slide!!

  • John T S.

    John T S.

    Selma, TX, Brazil 135, La Ultra - The High 333K

  • Gayle W.

    Gayle W.

    Austin, TX, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Napa Valley Half

  • Mike G.

    Mike G.

    Austin, TX, BQ at Vermont. ++Done++ Run 2012 miles in 2012. --Missed-- Complete Austin 70.3 in October. ++Done++ Run Boston 2013 ++Done++ Complete Ironman Arizona 2013

  • Ross R.

    Ross R.

    Worcester, GB, Sub 2:50 Marathon

  • Jeanie F.

    Jeanie F.

    , 3M half/Austin, TX

  • Carlos L.

    Carlos L.

    San Antonio, TX,

  • Michelle M.

    Michelle M.

    Austin, TX, Overal Goal: live a better and healthier life Goal in 2013: @ least 1 Half Marathon and 1 fun run every month :)

  • Rick L.

    Rick L.

    San Antonio, TX, To one day qualify for the Boston Marathon

  • Trevor J.

    Trevor J.

    San Antonio, TX, 18 min 5K, lose weight.

  • Rich W.

    Rich W.

    San Antonio, TX, Recently completed 4 marathons in 4 states in 49 days to become a 3-star Marathon Maniac! Want to do 5 more states to earn 4-stars, and then run Boston 2012!

  • Becca F.

    Becca F.

    Austin, TX, Run a half marathon with my mom (eventually).

  • Tyler M.

    Tyler M.

    Buffalo, NY, Time to get some legit marathon/ultra/ironman performances under my belt.

  • Mark


    United Kingdom, To get below 1 hour 30 minutes for half marathon, under 40 minutes for 10k and to beat my PB of 18.59 at 5k

  • Erin D.

    Erin D.

    Austin, TX, Run out of time.

  • Casey H.

    Casey H.

    Austin, TX, Complete P90x without dying.

  • S Manz

    S Manz

    Levittown, NY, Run ten miles without tiring by Feb. 1st.