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Marathon. 3:09:59. (London Good for age/Boston Qualifying time) Ironman Bolton 2014

Wall of Motivation (501)

  1.   Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2.   Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  3. Penrhyn David Y
      Post a workout!

    I hope everything's OK Kevan!

  4.   Post a workout!

    U OK, K-Man??

  5. Rich
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  6. Ini E.
      Nice Job

    Great intervals session. Well done. on a workout

  7.   Hi-five

    Awesome interval session, Kevan! on a workout

  8.   You're Badass

    Awesome run Kevan! Great stuff! on a workout

  9.   Great Performance

    Nice job Kevan! Great workout! Enjoy. on a workout

  10. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Superb intervals!!! on a workout

  11. Mab13
      You're an Inspiration

    That's 'only' six miles.......six miles more than most! Your base work is som... read more

  12. Ini E.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like fun. Great pace, great run. on a workout

  13. Penrhyn David Y
      Great Performance

    100 Balls of Steel points for this one Kevan. How you avoided hypothermia is ... read more

  14. Mab13
      Feel Better

    Sorry to hear that. I sympathise on the foot injury front. on a workout

  15. Mab13
      Nice Job

    And those bones can't half shift it:-) on a workout

  16. Penrhyn David Y
      Nice Job

    Spot on Kevan! on a workout

  17. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Outstanding run, Kevan - sleep deprived and all... Congrats to your growing f... read more

  18. Sam H.
      Great Performance

    I'm jealous so jealous n u killed it :) on a workout

  19. Stephen W.

    Ha Ha, great story mate...that put a huge smile on my face. Congratulations t... read more

  20. Karen
      Nice Job

    Fantastic running :) Check that pace out too over that distance :) Nice on a workout

  21. Azaka R.
      Nice Job

    A great run, Kevan!!! You run hard and fast!! on a workout

  22.   You Rock

    Awesome run, Kevan! You caught up to that group very quickly! on a workout

  23.   Hi-five

    Great recovery run, nice work! on a workout

  24. Azaka R.
      Nice Job

    Looks awesome to me Kevan!! on a workout

  25.   Great Performance

    Awesome intervals, I keep thinking I need to do this workout sometime. I lik... read more

  26. Rich
      You're an Inspiration

    Corker of a pace there Kevan. Nice job on a workout

  27. Azaka R.
      You're an Inspiration

    Fantastic work!! on a workout

  28.   Great Performance

    Excellent 10 Kevan, that is great! Nice work man. on a workout

  29.   Cheers

    Awesome 14 on the mult-terrain route Kevan! Nice work bud. on a workout

  30.   Nice Job

    Nice recovery Kevan, have a good long run tomorrow! on a workout

  31.   Great Performance

    Nice long spin Kevan, that is great! on a workout

  32. Penrhyn David Y
      You're an Inspiration

    MASSIVE race performance Kevan!!! Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I'm really... read more

  33. Brad P.

    Holy cow, that is a smoking fast pace! HUGE congrats on 10th place and the ne... read more

  34.   You Rock

    Awesome 5k, Kevan! Congrats on the new PB! on a workout

  35.   Congrats

    Woohoo! Awesome time Kevan! That is awesome man! Great job, congrats! on a workout

  36. Rich

    Awesome run! Great speed! Save the 300m for the next pb on a workout

  37. Emily
      Great Performance

    Wooo! Congrats on that awesome PR! Still dreaming of a sub 20 myself! on a workout

  38.   Hi-five

    Congrats, Fast K-Man. Happy for ya. on a workout

  39. Jonathan P.
      Great Performance

    Nice ! on a workout

  40. Azaka R.
      Great Performance

    Freaking awesome!!!!! WOW!!! Congrats!!! on a workout

  41.   Nice Job

    Great work on the ol recovery run Kevan! Have a great race today! on a workout

  42.   Congrats

    Great job on the 8 miler base miles, and the huge 1K mile marker! Awesome wor... read more

  43. Kiwi

    Fantabulous!!!! Congratulations!!! on a workout

  44. Azaka R.
      Great Performance

    Awesome job, Kevan!!! Impressive mileage!!! Congrats!!! on a workout

  45. Ria H.

    That's magnificent, Kevan!! You've been running so well, congrats on the mil... read more

  46. Lori D.
      You're an Inspiration

    what a great run after not sleeping well and not feeling well. Nice work! on a workout

  47. Ria H.
      Great Performance

    Great base., Kevan!! Despite the fact that you are not feeling well, your dis... read more

  48. Azaka R.
      Feel Better

    Nice job, Kevan! Early night tonight for some extra sleep sounds like a good ... read more

  49. Batavia C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job! How's the knee? on a workout

  50. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Excellent intervals, K!! on a workout