Friends (37)

  • Chris W.

    Chris W.

    ME, 2014 Marine Corps Marathon

  • Jonathan S.

    Jonathan S.

    Charlotte, NC, Break 150 miles in 24 hours, be competitive in 100 mile races. NB: can't accept friend requests - over the limit!

  • Amanda


    Hampstead, NH, Continue to enjoy running and set a good example for my babies! Oh and to destroy last year's Boston time. ;)

  • Lauren M.

    Lauren M.

    MA, 2014: - PR city!

  • Jennifer M.

    Jennifer M.

    , I need a goal. Or, I'll just keep running with no direction :)

  • Flat Lori

    Flat Lori

    , I crushed the race of my dreams... i am just going to be for a while

  • Shannon H.

    Shannon H.

    Haverhill, MA, 1200 RUNNING miles in 2014 Current 1/2 Mary PR to beat = 1:45:13 Train Smart- Get stronger The Boston Marathon 2014!!!!!

  • Jen R.

    Jen R.

    Apex, NC, Consistent running, build a solid base & stay injury free. Getting ready for a move to No. Carolina!

  • Peter H.

    Peter H.

    Yeovil, GB, 1400 miles in 2014

  • Sarah N.

    Sarah N.

    Boston, MA, To encourage and be encouraged.

  • Frosty


    Rindge, NH, Kona.... Someday

  • Anne B.

    Anne B.

    MA, Stay is all that matters because without that, you have nothing.

  • Bill H.

    Bill H.

    Nashua, NH, 2014 goal. Complete 3060 total miles. Timberman 70.3.

  • Sue F.

    Sue F.

    Wakefield, MA, Run a 5K in under 24 minutes and a half marathon in under 2 hours!

  • Nathan F.

    Nathan F.

    Dover, NH, 30 Miles on the 30th on my 30th. Awesome Possum

  • Joe C.

    Joe C.

    Chelmsford, MA, Boston 2013. Get back to challenging PRs again. Time goals: 5k: 19:39 HM: 1:35:00 Marathon: 3:19

  • Dave M.

    Dave M.

    Southington, CT, Full marathon in 2013. Sprint+Olympic tris. Get to my race weight in the process. Stay healthy & injury-free in the process! HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!

  • James M.

    James M.

    Boston, MA,

  • Runfasterdaddy


    MA, Training for my next marathon, ultra, triathlon and beyond. UTMB someday!!!

  • Tiffany S.

    Tiffany S.

    , Sub 23 minute 5k, Sub 50 minute 10k, Sub 1:46 1/2 Marathon, Sub 2:10 25K, Sub 4:00 Marathon

  • Bree C.

    Bree C.

    Surrey, BC, Get back running after a baby took me off the road for a while!

  • Heidi L S.

    Heidi L S.

    ME, Run a 5k in Sept.

  • Eric


    NJ, Improve my 5k time, 50 states + DC

  • Jgal


    Cranford, NJ, brooklyn coast line swim, philly marathon 2014

  • Jeff W.

    Jeff W.

    Utica, MI, Break 1:30 on the half marathon.