Wall of Motivation (10)

  1. Jared S.
      Great Performance

    Nice PR! Woot! Woot! on a workout

  2. Runnergirlrva
      Nice Job

    Good job Liz! I did the same - wanted to get a last run in outside before th... read more

  3. Runnergirlrva
      Nice Job

    Good job. #megsmiles on a workout

  4. Renee B.
      You're an Inspiration

    Any time I have a bad run, I remind myself that the next one is almost guaran... read more

  5. Jay S.
      You Rock

    is that all? Great job!!! on a workout

  6. Diana K.
      Nice Job

    I still have that nasty cough so I haven't run. I've been swimming and biking... read more

  7.   Congrats

    Congratulations! on a workout

  8. Jay S.
      You're Badass

    Great job, Liz! on a workout

  9. Charlotte N.
      Great Performance

    awesome job out there! Baltimore is friggin hilly! :D on a workout

  10. Melanie S.
      Nice Job

    Proud of you. :) on a workout