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muscle bulk and tone, tennis season, and an eventual move towards triathlons!

Dwayne Kilbourne did a weights workout: === 4:50pm Angled (li...

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great Heavy Legs/Shoulders/Abs 02:45

=== 4:50pm
Angled (linear) leg press (reps- not counting machine load weight of 118lbs): 450lbs (10 deep and solid), 630lbs (10 strong), 800lbs (10 solid), 920lbs (8 tough), 1010 (8 but tough and sorta unsat), 540lbs (10 so slow I fell asleep)
Seated Arnold shoulder press (reps): 40lbs (10 strong), 45lbs (10 solid), 50lbs (10), 55lbs (9 focused)
=== 5:57pm
Leg extension machine (reps w/ hands): 150lbs (10 strong), 180lbs (10 solid), 225lbs (10 determined), 255lbs (9 tough)
Shoulder press StarTrac machine (reps): 135lbs (10 strong - wide), 150lbs (10 solid - wide), 165lbs (10 strong - close grip palms facing inboard), 180lbs (10)
=== 6:27pm
Lay down leg curl machine (reps): 80lbs (10 strong), 90lbs (10 solid), 100lbs (10), 110lbs (8 determined)
Nautilus lateral raise (reps): 95lbs (10 strong), 105lbs (10 tough), 110lbs (10), 120lbs (6 - blah)
=== 6:48pm
Restroom break, water refill, eat part of Clif Bar
=== 6:55pm
Standing calf raise machine (reps): 120lbs (10 slow), 150lbs (10 strong), 180lbs (10 solid), 210lbs (8 strong but tough)
Smith machine shoulder shrug (reps): 225lbs (10 simple and strong - light weight), 275lbs (10 strong), 300lbs (10 strong), 325lbs (10 solid but gril was slipping for last two reps)
=== 7:37pm quick abs
Jackknife ab crunch (perpendicular to flat bench): 50 reps x 2 sets (100 total reps)
Oblique twist crunch on hyperextension bench (10lbs): 50 solid reps per side (100 total reps)
=== 7:50pm

  • Kelly B.
    Kelly B.

    Wow...impressive workout!! That is some serious weight!! :)

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Dwayne K.
    Dwayne K.

    Thanks so much for the support and compliments... it means a great deal...

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Dwayne K.
    Dwayne K.

    Thanks for the motivational comment, Marvin... I just aspire to be the very best that I can be... in everything that I can do... now, I am no bodybuilding beast that benches 500lbs or anything, but maybe one day... I must say that I do not wish to get so muscular that I have to turn around my body instead of looking over my shoulder... LoL!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Marvin C.
    Marvin C. Nice Job
    Nice Job:

    Agree with Kelly! You are no joke on the weights, Dwayne!

    over 8 years ago