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Getting out of my comfort zone and pushing my body to new limits. PR at the Erie Marathon. Inspire/help others reach their goals

Wall of Motivation (341)

  1. Tim L.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2. Kurt R.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice post! on a workout

  3. Glenn W.
      Great Performance

    You did terrific! I hope I finally get to meet you in person next week. on a workout

  4. Tim L.
      Post a workout!

    How did Boston go??? Let us know on DMile.

  5. Glenn W.
      Great Performance

    Sweet racing, David! Way to represent! on a workout

  6. Reverend Run V.

    Way to kill Erie. Great job on the AG win! on a workout

  7. Shannon H.
      Good Luck

    Man you are really making me need to leave pretty early in the AM to head up ... read more

  8. Glenn W.

    Way to go, David! Great job on a well earned win! on a workout

  9. Dustin V.
      Great Performance

    Great job, David! Killer pace on a hilly course! Congrats on a super win! on a workout

  10. Kimberly P.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow, congrats on the win!! on a workout

  11.   Hi-five

    soooo jealous of your weather! Great 20 miles, David! on a workout

  12. Dustin V.
      Nice Job

    Nice run, David. You really nailed those repeats. Mr. Consistent for sure! on a workout

  13. Reverend Run V.
      You're an Inspiration

    Super job on the mile repeats. I can generally run 1 sub 6 mile. Maybe 2 if I... read more

  14.   Great Performance

    no cool morning here! Great miles today! on a workout

  15. Dustin V.
      Great Performance

    Great race, David. That last 5K is amazing! Looks like your training is going... read more

  16. Mark S.
      Great Performance

    Great race today, Dave! on a workout

  17. Mark S.
      Good Luck

    I know what you mean. I intentionally didn't come down so I wouldn't be tempt... read more

  18. Kurt R.
      Nice Job

    Nice slow run today? j/k that's awesome, you're going to destroy the Erie co... read more

  19. Dustin V.
      Nice Job

    Whoa! Killed it today, David. Those are some awesome splits!! on a workout

  20. Mike G.
      You're an Inspiration

    Awesome workout!! on a workout

  21. Mark S.
      Great Performance

    Congrats! Great race! on a workout

  22. Glenn W.
      Great Performance

    Great job, David! Nice time especially on that course. Ran that many moons ... read more

  23.   Good Luck

    good luck tomorrow! I am running the Celebration 5k here in Jacksonville, bu... read more

  24. Penrhyn David Y
      Nice Job

    Quality session David. on a workout

  25. Penrhyn David Y
      Nice Job

    Looks MEGA tough to me David!! Nice job! on a workout

  26.   You Rock

    wow, great miles! on a workout

  27. Penrhyn David Y
      You're an Inspiration

    Very strong mental toughness David! Sticking with it, in such a short race af... read more

  28.   Good Luck

    have a great 5k this weekend. Looks like you are ready! on a workout

  29. Glenn W.
      Great Performance

    Great job, David! Setting yourself up for a great summer. on a workout

  30. Mark S.
      Great Performance

    Great job today, Dave! on a workout

  31. Dustin V.
      Great Performance

    Awesome race, David, especially so soon after Cleveland. Nice job pushing in ... read more

  32. Ade O.
      You're an Inspiration

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  33. Dustin V.
      Great Performance

    Awesome job, David. Amazing that anyone hung on in that kind of heat. You did... read more

  34. Ellen
      Great Performance

    SO COOL! Great job David!! on a workout

  35. Eli S.
      Great Performance

    Great job David! I thought about doing this myself, but my running insecuriti... read more

  36. Mark S.
      Great Performance

    Great report, Dave, and excellent job pacing! It was definitely tough out the... read more

  37. Glenn W.
      Great Performance

    You did awesome and no one can take that away. on a workout

  38. Huy T P.

    Congratulations. We will remember Boston. on a workout

  39. Tim B.
      Great Performance

    Great job David! And very well said! on a workout

  40. Mark S.
      Great Performance

    Very well said, Dave, and congrats again on an excellent race! on a workout

  41. Brandon M.
      Get Better

    David, glad you are back. Take your time. on a workout

  42. Dustin V.
      Good Luck

    Nice easy run, David. Have fun tomorrow. Good luck and run fast!! on a workout

  43.   Good Luck

    o.k. you all kick butt!! on a workout

  44. Tim B.
      Good Luck

    Oh, David, I envy you! Best of luck to ya!!!! on a workout

  45. Tim B.
      Good Luck

    Good Luck David! on a workout

  46. Lisa P.
      Good Luck

    You'll be awesome! Great taper! on a workout

  47. Annette
      Good Luck

    GL! on a workout

  48. Huy T P.
      You're an Inspiration

    Good luck in Boston, and enjoy it! on a workout

  49. Tim B.
      Great Performance

    My legs are in envy David. Nice Job! on a workout

  50. Dustin V.
      Great Performance

    Awesome run, David! You really nailed it today. Those paces and their consist... read more