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great Wineglass Marathon Race Report 26.2 mi 02:52 06:33 pace

Well after two days of recovery here is my Wineglass Marathon race report. The trip started off at 9AM Saturday morning with a 5 hour ride from Pittsburgh to Corning, NY. The ride was actually enjoyable and gave me some time to think about race day. Once I arrived I met up with my buddy Jon Kissel and we watched one of the most amazing college football games ever WVU vs. Baylor,had a Steel City Road Runner's group dinner at the hotel, and just relaxed the rest of the night.

Race day started at 5am with breakfast and a hot shower before heading to Corning to catch the bus to the start line (point to point race) The weather was perfect with temps at 43 degrees. One concern that I had coming into this race was having to run the entire race on my own. Lucky for me I found a nice pack to run with through mile 16. The start was a half mile down hill in which I tried to run slow and still ran a 6:10 first mile. From there on I settled in and just cruised along. Our group of 2 seemed to grow mile by mile as other runner's also feared running alone. At one point we had as many as 8 runner's in the pack. The course was very scenic and fast. The pack was moving slighty faster then my game plan(low 6:20's) but i felt like it was better then running on my own. We came through the half right at 1:24. (30 sec fast) I felt pretty good even as the pack began to break up at mile 16. My pace stayed even until around mile 22. This is when I felt the wheels coming off and decided I would not break. I visualized each of you running with me and pulling me along. I was not going to fade to another 2:54:xx marathon. As I grinded it out, I can remember a little girl at mile 25 standing all alone say high 5 (which I did) Thanks sweetie, that truely made my day. As I came into Corning the crowd was incredible and I fought my way to a 2:51:42 finish. This was not the sub 2:50 that i was aiming for but it was a PR of nearly 2:30! I ended up finishing 15th overall and 1st in the 30-34 age group. I am so excited with everything from my training, the race, and the result. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. I do have to admit that my mind is already on Boston and what I can do on the biggest stage of them all. After some recovery time it will be time to start the journey again.

Watch out Boston, you are next on my hit list!

  • Aric K.
    Aric K.


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  • Stefan

    Great racing David. Tough having the choice of going solo or with others but off pace. But what is so true is that regardless of how great our training goes, these things are never easy if we choose to run them hard, and that when you're at the edge every minute or two gained is a major victory. You should be really proud of this: a PR and you fought hard. Happily we get wiser and stronger with each race... so Boston will be GREAT, and I'm looking forward to sharing the next training cycle with you :)

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  • Steve Shep
    Steve Shep

    Superb work & cool race report Dave! Congrats on the super-impressive! You made a tough choice and w/your excellent discipline & grit,it paid off! Love your note about the pick-me-up that the High 5 from the wee one provided too! Isn't it great how random acts of kindness can lift the spirit!?! Looking fw to seeing how Boston plays out for ya bro!

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  • Fred B.
    Fred B.

    Just awesome! Congrats David!

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  • Mike S.
    Mike S.

    Great job and awesome report. You trained hard and it payed off big! Way to fight through at 22 and still finish strong. Was great to follow you through the training and can't wait to see you crush Boston!

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  • Aaron P H.
    Aaron P H.

    Again I want to say congratulations Bro! A 2:30 PR in the low 2:50's is simply amazing! Not to mention 1st in age group in a *&%(ing Marathon! You have taught me so much through this last training cycle and look forward to Training/Running Boston with you in April! Way to grind it out buddy!

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  • Joe M.

    David - truly a great performance after an amazing training cycle. Those last 4 miles are tough no matter who you are and how fit you are on race day. You battled to the end and really crushed this one. Enjoy it David and don't get too amped up yet about Boston. One of the most unpredictable April marathons with the weather and a very tough logistical race to run a best ever race. Late start, big crowds, hooplay, downhill start for 14 miles to tempt you and break down your legs - you'll do great!

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  • Tim T.
    Tim T.


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  • Kelly A.
    Kelly A.

    So excited for you! I want to go to Boston just to watch you all run it!!

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  • Greg S.
    Greg S.

    Great work David, running alone is tough no doubt, don't have much of a choice most likely this weekend - nice job gutting it out at the end, and thanks for setting that example. This course sounds like it should set you up well for Boston with the early downhills, tough to judge how to run those but it sounds like you managed it just right. Recover well!

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  • Shane S.
    Shane S.

    Great race David! Thanks for the recap. Enjoy your recovery.

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  • Mark W.
    Mark W.

    Amazing how things change after mile 22. Your training set you up & your mental toughness pulled you through. This was your best yet on all levels. Can't wait to see what Boston has in store..or vice versa!

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  • Mike

    Fantastick job, david.

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  • Maddy

    AMAZING! SO happy for you and cant wait to meet you at Boston!

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  • Jim

    Congrats - excellent race and fun summary!

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  • Mark S.
    Mark S.

    Great report, and great race! You learn a lot about yourself at the end of a marathon, and what you showed to hang on for the PR speaks volumes about you. Congrats again!

    over 5 years ago Like

  • David P.
    David P.

    I always say that if you come within a couple of minutes of your goal the marathon was a success. 2 minutes is not much time and time can be lost in the 10's and 20's of minutes. The marathon is a tough beast and she let's you know it. Congrats on the PR and looking forward to seeing you in Boston (or hopefully maybe before)

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  • Cara V.
    Cara V.

    If only I could "fade" to a 2:54:xx finish. =) But I completely get it - congrats on hitting a new PR - providing conditions are better than last year - You'll hit your sub 2:50 in Boston!

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  • Cesar G.
    Cesar G.

    Great report!! wow! want to run another marathon already? you should not be at the point that you hate the marathon( soreness, etc)! Great work!

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  • Matt S.
    Matt S. Great Performance
    Great Performance:

    Great job!

    over 5 years ago

  • Shannon H.
    Shannon H. You're an Inspiration
    You're an Inspiration:

    Incredible job!!! I am so proud to know awesome runners like you!!!

    over 5 years ago

  • Cyndi C.
    Cyndi C. Congrats

    you did great!!!

    over 5 years ago

  • John G.
    John G. You're an Inspiration
    You're an Inspiration:

    That is incredible and congrats on the PR!

    over 5 years ago

  • Matt E.
    Matt E. Great Performance
    Great Performance:

    That's was an incredible run! Thanks for sharing the story!

    over 5 years ago

  • Tricia S.
    Tricia S. You're an Inspiration
    You're an Inspiration:

    Great job! It sounded that an awesome race. Congradulation on the PR!

    over 5 years ago

  • Glenn W.
    Glenn W. Great Performance
    Great Performance:

    Thanks for sharing that report! Awesome job, David!

    over 5 years ago

  • Huyrache
    Huyrache You're an Inspiration
    You're an Inspiration:

    Wonderful race, David. Congratulations on the time! You're the man!!!

    over 5 years ago