2810 total / 317 in 2015

Sub 2:30 half marathon First Marathon 2014

Friends (84)

  • Nicole M.

    Nicole M.

    Milton, ON, Qualify for the Boston Marathon.

  • Jamie


    Rochester, NY,

  • Emma I.

    Emma I.

    Burlington, ON, Sprint tri✔. Olympic tri. Half iron tri. Become a stronger cyclist. Become a competent swimmer. Have fun doing it.

  • Kristi K.

    Kristi K.

    Milton, ON, 2015 Goals: mountain bike race, triathlon and lots of swimming and trail running.

  • Jana P.

    Jana P.

    Toronto, ON, In 2015, I plan to finish Ironman Arizona on Nov. 15 with a smile on my face. Anything else would be a bonus. :)

  • Barb G.

    Barb G.

    Ottawa, ON,

  • Pierre M.

    Pierre M.

    ON, CA, Get these legs healed up, get back to running, and then think once again about triathlons...

  • Michael L.

    Michael L.

    Toronto, ON, To keep running, and to always have a new goal. PB's: 10K: 40:58, 1/2 M: 1:35:14, 30K: 2:29:41, M: 3:26:44.

  • Marina


    St Thomas, ON, Run faster. Live happy.

  • Henro F.

    Henro F.

    Milton, ON, Run for fun? What the hell kind of fun is that?

  • Paul R.

    Paul R.

    Mississauga, ON, New York Marathon

  • Sarah M.

    Sarah M.

    , End of the pack runner, I will never be fast as others, but that is ok. I run for myself and no one else.

  • Sam J.

    Sam J.

    Burlington, ON,

  • Sheryl S.

    Sheryl S.

    Hamilton, ON, Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope 2015

  • Rachel W.

    Rachel W.

    Tarpon Springs, FL, My goals for 2014 are run 750 miles, complete two full marathons in one year and set some new PRs.

  • Noel


    Gauteng, South Africa, running the 42km

  • Roxane B.

    Roxane B.

    Milton, ON,

  • Robin B.

    Robin B.

    Toronto, ON, Sulphur Springs - 100 Miler - May, 2015

  • Sharon W.

    Sharon W.

    Owen Sound, ON, Revised goal: Gotta try running a "Beer Mile Race" just once. :)

  • Laurie Ann M.

    Laurie Ann M.

    Brantford, ON, to run, cycle, hike, and workout while living a healthy, active life with my family... my pace... my way!

  • Jill N.
  • Laura M.

    Laura M.

    Burlington, ON,

  • Joseph W.

    Joseph W.

    Ottawa, ON, Run a 5K in 22.5 minutes, 10K race under 45 mins Current PBs: 5K= 24:08, 10K= 49:26, 1/2 Marathon=1:51:29, Marathon=4:08:09 2012 Total: 1603km

  • Barry R.

    Barry R.

    Toronto, ON, Completed five marathons, Ottawa, Scotia, GoodLife, NYC and Chicago. Finished two half ironmans (bike/run only). Ironman one day soon.

  • Pranada D.

    Pranada D.

    Toronto, ON, Run, ride, swim and skate when I can. No races of any kind on the horizon. PBs: 5k 25:42, 10k 50:31 (flat) / 48:26 (downhill), 21.1 1:56, 30k 2:45, 42.2 3:58.