5245 total / 0 in 2018

Around the Bay 30K (done) Make it to the finish line of marathon #2 (done), Ragnar Niagara in June and lots of yoga.

Friends (163)

  • Amanda D.

    Amanda D.

    Saint Paul, MN, Run second half marathon! Run/walk 720 miles in 2014 (60 miles per month; aprox 2 miles per day).

  • Anna


    Fairfield, CT, Staying pain-free and happy!

  • Becky E.

    Becky E.

    London, ON, July 19 - Super Spartan September 5 - Sprint Triathlon October 18 - 1/2 Marathon

  • Theresa E.

    Theresa E.

    Cambridge, ON, To stay injury free; feel like a runner again

  • Barry R.

    Barry R.

    Toronto, ON, Completed six marathons, Ottawa, Scotia, Road2Hope, GoodLife, NYC and Chicago. Finished two half ironmans (bike/run only).

  • Kai


    San Luis Obispo, CA, To acquire many leather bound books, an apartment that smells of rich mahogany and ultimately become kind of a big deal.

  • Jenny K.

    Jenny K.

    Brantford, ON, Completed 2 Marathons!!! Now working on my 9th 1/2 marathon Nov 2/14 @ R2H. Then working towards a sub hr 10K at the ATB Relay 2015 with my awesome teammates!

  • Marc L.

    Marc L.

    Phoenix, AZ, Running because it is awesome.

  • Sang Y.

    Sang Y.

    Marietta, GA, 5k sub 19 PR 19:25 10k sub 40 PR 41:10 HM sub 1:30 PR 1:32:15(1:30:35 on short course) Marathon Sub 3:15 PR 3:22

  • Evelynne K.

    Evelynne K.

    London, ON,

  • Andrew H.

    Andrew H.

    Boulder, CO, no goals, traveling the world.

  • Marguerita M.

    Marguerita M.

    Stoney Creek, ON, Sub 5hr marathon.... is that too much to ask

  • Zoe Red Stripe F.

    Zoe Red Stripe F.

    Calne, GB, 2014 - I AM AN IRONMAN ;-) Albeit with 2 cracked ribs from chaos of swim !

  • Myron K.

    Myron K.

    Cambridge, ON, Marathons

  • Rose


    Oceanside, CA, To do everything I can now to stay fit and running for life.

  • Michael M.

    Michael M.

    Pasig City, PH, Run, bike, and smell the roses.

  • Elodie K.

    Elodie K.

    Toronto, ON, run beyond the context of what has been, and what is to come

  • Vanessa K.

    Vanessa K.

    London, ON, 2013 - To not get hurt, to finish a few races from 5ks to halfs, to maintain a level of general fitness that I'm happy with.

  • Cathy


    CA, My goal is to stay fit and healthy and encourage others to do the same!

  • Kim C.

    Kim C.

    London, ON, Fall Fest 2013, 5km <25minutes

  • Joey S.

    Joey S.

    Redondo Beach, CA, Back after a 7 month break due to a new job. Look forward to getting my miles up again.

  • Paula D.

    Paula D.

    Waterloo, ON, My goal is to complete a full marathon before the end of 2014.

  • Ashok S.

    Ashok S.

    Chennai, IN, 1000 Km of running, 300 k of cycling...

  • Marvin C.

    Marvin C.

    Weston, FL, 21k-1:30 (2/26 ran 1:40); 10k-39 min (2/5 ran 41:34); 5k-19 min (7/12 ran 20:04); beat best Army 2 mile time of 13:05 (DONE), BQ & ultra (DONE) barefoot

  • Karen H.

    Karen H.

    Atlanta, GA, Run a Marathon in 2015. Run a 9 Minute Mile in 2015. Run One Race a Month in 2015.