2923 total / 6 in 2018

Keep showing up at the local 5K and 10K races.

Wall of Motivation (63)

  1. June B.
      Great Performance

    Great finish Doug! Sounds like a lot of fun! I luv to spend time in that town... read more

  2. June B.

    What a great surprise to wake up & spontaneously feel up to a race. Doesn't h... read more

  3. Gary L.
      Great Performance

    Sounds like you had a great time. Congrats on the course pb! The two person... read more

  4. June B.
      Great Performance

    Awesome race Doug!! Wow -healthy PR to chop 10 off! Not to mention the traini... read more

  5. June B.
      Great Performance

    Awesome push Doug! on a workout

  6. Tina B.
      Nice Job

    Awesome run today Doug!!! #megsmiles on a workout

  7. June B.
      Good Luck

    Weather is making it a real challenge to keep miles up for me to Doug. 4m is ... read more

  8. June B.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like the enrgy was there too! Congrats Doug! on a workout

  9. June B.
      Nice Job

    Go for the HM Doug-it's within reach. Nice 10+ on a workout

  10. Sharon S.
      Nice Job

    I occasionally do a fast mile just to see what I can get for a pace. Haven't... read more

  11. Alfred H.
      You Rock

    Awesome run, Doug! Thanks for the dedication, too. It really means a lot to me! on a workout

  12. Krister W.
      You're an Inspiration

    You are very kind and thoughtful. Nice run. on a workout

  13. Sharon S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Here's to an ache weekend Doug!!! on a workout

  14.   Nice Job

    I like that philosophy Phil. Life is fun in mid-pack. Nice racing. on a workout

  15. Alfred H.

    Awesome half, Doug! Cool looking map! on a workout

  16. Alfred H.

    Awesome 5k, Doug! Way to finish with a strong 3rd mile! on a workout

  17. Alfred H.

    Great 10k, Doug! on a workout

  18. Krister W.
      Great Performance

    Well done. Downhill is good but to get there you usually have to do some clim... read more

  19. Krister W.
      Nice Job

    Watching the olympic games is inspiiring on a workout

  20. Alfred H.

    Great run, Doug! Speedy closing mile! on a workout

  21. Alfred H.

    Great 4 miler, Doug! That's a heck of a race in those conditions! on a workout

  22. Alfred H.
      You Rock

    Awesome run, Doug! Strong pace! on a workout

  23. Alfred H.
      Good Luck

    Nice run, Doug! Have an awesome race! on a workout

  24. Tim C.
      Great Performance

    Nice work! on a workout

  25. Alfred H.
      You Rock

    Awesome mile, Doug! You crushed it! Congrats! on a workout

  26. Alfred H.
      You Rock

    Awesome run, Doug! Big improvement over last month, too! I think Gershwin wou... read more

  27.   Great Performance

    Great race Doug! on a workout

  28. Alfred H.
      Good Luck

    Nice 2 miler, Doug! have a great race on Sunday! on a workout

  29.   Good Luck

    Happy taper & have a great half Doug! on a workout

  30.   Nice Job

    Nice one Doug. You put the do in Doug. on a workout

  31. Ulrika
      Feel Better

    Glad the run helped a bit! on a workout

  32. Ulrika

    Wow! That's great, Doug. on a workout

  33. Alfred H.

    Awesome 5k, Doug! You rocked it out there! on a workout

  34. Gary L.
      Great Performance

    Nice race! Excellent effort in your first race in months. on a workout

  35.   Nice Job

    Great racing Doug! on a workout

  36. Tim C.
      Great Performance

    Great time Doug! on a workout

  37. Alfred H.

    Great 5k, Doug! I'm glad everyone was able to avoid collisions at that turnar... read more

  38.   Nice Job

    Nice stress buster Doug! on a workout

  39.   Nice Job

    Nice! on a workout

  40.   Great Performance

    Great racing Doug! on a workout

  41.   You're an Inspiration

    Great race Doug! on a workout

  42. Jody F.
      Great Performance

    Fabulous Race Doug!! on a workout

  43.   Nice Job

    Great run Doug! Sorry no beta-blocker experience myself, but I did meet a run... read more

  44.   Great Performance

    Great race Doug. on a workout

  45. Krister W.
      Great Performance

    Well done. Going out too fast seems to be compulsory when racing. on a workout

  46. Ulrika

    Nice half marathon. Well done, Doug! on a workout

  47.   Great Performance

    Great half Doug. I ran my Zen Run 10k yesterday & found it hard to stay on pa... read more

  48. Ulrika
      You're an Inspiration

    Great pace, Doug! on a workout

  49. Krister W.
      Great Performance

    Sounds like a fun adventure. Great that you took the chance to race just like... read more

  50. Sharon S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great run Doug! on a workout