Friends (55)

  • Corey


    WI, goals for 2016 continue to place in my divison at 5k races and do some 10k/half marathons along wit actually run during the winter time

  • Terra


    Richmond, VA,

  • Jason F.

    Jason F.

    Denver, CO, To help you become a better runner at

  • Heather G.

    Heather G.

    Myrtle Beach, SC, Never stop moving.

  • Christina R.

    Christina R.

    North Easton, MA, Stay healthy! PR's 5K: 27:29 (in '17) 5 mile: 45:12 (in '16) 10K: 1:00:29 (in '17) 1/2 marathon: 2:30:08 (in '14)

  • Ben W.

    Ben W.

    San Francisco, CA, Beating my Chicago time at the SF half! Oh, and enjoying new running routes :)

  • Amanda R.

    Amanda R.

    Denver, CO, After a couple years focused on the marathon, I am now determined to work on speed and see some drops in my half marathon time.

  • Rosemary B.

    Rosemary B.

    Miami, FL, Sungailiat Triathlon

  • Enrique E.

    Enrique E.

    Lake Worth, FL, Is to make some new running friends. Enjoy life and to run as much as I can. ; ) Find me at

  • Rony M.

    Rony M.

    Miami, FL, Improve my times for my half and full marathons.

  • Sam P.

    Sam P.


  • Elise W.

    Elise W.

    Orange, CA, Ironman! I love racing triathlons. Always working on getting faster. Proud member of Team Sparkle.

  • Tim T.

    Tim T.

    Columbus, MS,

  • Claire O.

    Claire O.

    Mansfield, GB, To do a half Marathon without do a under 50 mins 10k

  • Schiff Happens

    Schiff Happens

    Hoboken, NJ, Run Forever.

  • Earla R.

    Earla R.

    Vancouver, BC, Get fit. Live a healthy lifestyle. Do more long distance running once 100% free-injury. Lots of marathon medals to collect:)

  • Tamra S.

    Tamra S.

    Simi Valley, CA,

  • Armando C.

    Armando C.

    Miami, FL, To get Top 5 Overall on the North Face 50 Miler in Atlanta on October 14th, 2011

  • Emily S.

    Emily S.

    Anaheim, CA, 30 minutes of activity 5 times each week.

  • Marlene E.

    Marlene E.

    Arlington, VA, I want to figure out what' s wrong with me medically and get back to running.

  • Brandon M.

    Brandon M.

    North Stonington, CT, Bimblers Bluff 50K in October!

  • Annette


    New York, NY, Trying to just hang on :)

  • Phil U.

    Phil U.

    Hill City, SD,

  • Caleb K.

    Caleb K.

    Pasadena, MD, Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge 39.3 (01/12-01/13)

  • Megan H.

    Megan H.

    Chattanooga, TN, I'm 5'1. Started at 131 lbs; now down to 127 lbs. I've participated in three 5Ks, and I'm looking forward to more!