4954 total / 307 in 2016

NEW GOAL: Stay healthy, be consistent with my runs, dont make DM my diary of a wimp

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  • 15 miles
  • 04:46 time
  • 3103 calories
  • 6 workouts
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  1. RUN
    great Rare Gem 7.01 mi 01:12 10:16 pace

    This was one of those runs where I could have easily gone on for another couple of hours. My HR settled at 92-96 bpm and stayed there for the entire run. It felt easy, pure, and highly spiritual &a... read more

  2. FIT
    tired Moving & Grooving on humpday 01:00


    Then we started off with a bang on the rower...

    500m on the rower in 2 min or less - I did 517m in 2m

    Then we did a 10m x 4 rnds quad crawl with an AB Roller. You had to hold your pos... read more

  3. walk
    Corp Campus 1.6 mi 00:23 14:34 pace

    quick catacomb walkabout to help clear the mind and do a mental reset. Glutes still as grumpy as a 90 yr old with IBS.

  4. RUN
    The hammer... 4.1 mi 00:40 09:45 pace

    sweet baby Jesus has no mercy on my evil glutes!!! Treddy run @ ~ 2% grade... Turtle power was the motto tonight. Glutes felt like father Guido started an exorcism but passed out half way through a... read more

    • J J
      J J

      Ok! I got a very strong Linda Blair/ Courtney Love misunderstood demon thing off this!!! ... Turtle Power rocks!! Keep killin it Badass David!!!

      3 days ago Like1 person

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    • Vern M.
      Vern M.

      Strong running, David!

      1 day ago Like

    • Sun T.
      Sun T.

      Yikes - sounds like a challenging run! Hope that evil teenage glutes demon has left by now :)

      about 22 hours ago Like

  5. walk
    Swapping job leads 2 mi 00:31 15:30 pace

    Swapping potential job leads with fellow contractor.

  6. FIT
    The anvil... 01:00

    2 sets of Around the World (ATW) lunges both legs
    60 reps per Leg of Split Squats @ body weight with 10 second hold at the bottom after every 10 reps. total = 120 reps

    3 rnds of 10 reps @ 25# 25# ... read more

  7. Indiana Gnawbone Half Trailrun in Two weeks (Gnawbone Indiana) - anyone else going to be there? If so let me know.

  8. RUN
    Illinois Half Marathon - Cham... 13.25 mi 02:20 10:33 pace

    It rained nonstop for the whole morning - sometimes torrential other time just a steady downpour with 15-20mph winds. That made it a tad nippy. We only had one parka between us - so the wife got it... read more

    • J J
      J J Great Performance
      Great Performance:

      Awesome running David, in the windy super soaker!!! Props on this effort!! Way to suck it up and get it done! Bro!!

      6 days ago

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    • Luna

      improvements are awesome!! strong run in tough conditions!

      4 days ago Like1 person

    • Michele R.
      Michele R.

      We had similar weather (minus the wind) here for our race on Sunday. Great job with pushing through those tough conditions!

      3 days ago Like1 person

  9. FIT
    XTraining Stuff 01:00

    Some plyometric warmups

    4 rnds x 10 reps @ body weight Dips
    4 rnds x 10 reps @ 50# DB Bent Rows
    4 rnds of Banded resistance crawls

    8 Min AMRAP - completed 8.75 Rounds
    5 reps of 165# Deadlifts
    7 ... read more

  10. RUN
    Cold & blustery... WTF 4.6 mi 00:42 09:07 pace

    The first mile sucked - everything was tight, creaky, and bitchy. Just pushed through to the 2nd, then the 3rd, then the 4th. I was highly motivated to finish as quickly as possible as I under dres... read more

  11. walk
    One foot - then the other... ... 1.5 mi 00:22 14:39 pace

    preservation of sanity... Gotta guard that shit sometimes.

  12. FIT
    Weights & stuff 01:00

    Picked heavy things up & put them back down - repeated for ~ 1 hour. The end. Still hurt but less than last week.

    For the first time since I was a kid - from a standing position I kicked up ... read more

  13. walk
    Clearing of the cobwebs 1.5 mi 00:23 15:20 pace

    I have lots of cranial cobwebs & dust bunnies... so now you know. And I'm not even a zombie. Ha - you thought I was going down the blonde path didn't you. Fer shame.

  14. RUN
    Didn't die 8 mi 01:30 11:15 pace

    Lungs definitely not 100% recovered b/c they felt very raw. Just gonna leave it there.

  15. FIT
    First day back at it after sick 01:00

    warm ups that included lots of dead bugs, V-ups, inch worms, Spider-Man's, jumping split squats, squats, squat & hold, etc...

    5 rnds x 5 reps @ 115#, 125#, 135#, 145#, & 150# Front sq... read more

  16. FIT
    alright Testing the waters again 00:30

    Just testing how my body would react to being stressed lightly before I head back to the gym and start running again. Did not want to over do it but still wanted to stress my systems somewhat (its ... read more

  17. walk
    tired Walking it off 1.6 mi 00:26 16:24 pace

    Usual route was blocked & had to take a little detour - added a little distance. Helped take the edge off my headache and got the blood moving a little.

  18. walk
    Slow & Easy... 1.5 mi 00:26 17:19 pace

    Turns out it wasnt hay fever - Recovering from the crud going around the office. On the plus side, I got off kinda light (was only down a few days), some of these guys went down for the full 10 cou... read more

    • J J
      J J

      Glad your feelin little better!! Take it easy! Wyatt!!!

      16 days ago Like1 person

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    • Dennis S.
      Dennis S.

      I know how you feel David, There must be something going round the globe, i was ill for 3 weeks a little while ago, Hope your feeling better! :-)

      15 days ago Like1 person

    • Luna

      OUch, hate this.But glad you're emerging from that comatose state!

      14 days ago Like