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NEW GOAL: Stay healthy, be consistent with my runs, dont make DM my diary of a wimp

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  1. Head cold knocked me for a loop... Be back as soon as I can. You guys are my heroes! Peace everyone!

  2. RUN
    alright Noah's flood? 3.75 mi 00:32 08:24 pace

    Started off just cold then the rains came through with a chip on the shoulder and some attitude. This was the first decent run I had had in a few so I was doing this come flood or asteroid. A littl... read more

  3. FIT
    good From Brumal to Sweatology 01:00

    Feeling much better today although the sinuses were acting up... Started with some warmups on the heavy bag with about 15 minutes of the following combos: Escrima stick heaven and earth drills quic... read more

  4. FIT
    Kenpo 01:30

    Drilling older stuff and cleaning up other stuff. After main class stayed and worked on my staff form. It's coming along but still have to clean up my jumps.

    Went to the Chiro today and tha... read more

  5. Woke up to a super sore Achilles tendons this AM! Not sure if it is related to my back, but given how tight the hamstrings have been and the cramping, it seems to be a reasonable assumption... I gu... read more

  6. FIT
    No plan my man 01:00

    I was tired so I just did what I felt like, no strict plan, no regiment since I was not sure how much I would do...

    10 clapping pushups
    3 x 10 21" Box jumps
    10 min on heavy bag
    5 m... read more

  7. FIT
    Kenpo + Staff work 01:30

    Did my hour of usual Kenpo stuff followed up by 30 minutes of staff work/forms... All good stuff - still loving it.

  8. VELO
    Last minute spin on the trainer 22.8 mi 01:30 15.2mph pace

    Last minute addition to the #SueSantaChallenge. Our holiday party went long and had to do the trainer or I would not have gotten in the full 2 hrs today. As it was I promised to watch a movie with ... read more

  9. RUN
    injured Sometimes we must fall 5.3 mi 00:49 09:18 pace

    I tried running this AM but due to severe cramps I called it at 5 miles. As much as I tried to force the pain from my mind, I also had to listen to my body. I will re-attempt Sue's Challenge l... read more

    • Vern M.
      Vern M.

      Tough breaks on your last couple of workouts, David. Always smart to listen to your body, hope you feel better soon.

      7 days ago Like1 person

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    • Rgt
      Rgt Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Nice work out there to contend with the cramps. Hope they go away. :-/

      7 days ago

    • Sun T.
      Sun T.

      Yikes - sounds like a painful few miles. Hope everything feels better soon!

      6 days ago Like1 person

  10. FIT
    Kenpo Martial Arts 01:00

    Did Okay but then some of the drills started aggravating my back. I was going to spar but I was in too much discomfort from the drills! So I called it a day after my class and will let the back res... read more

  11. RUN
    good Shut Up and RUN... 7.5 mi 01:07 08:56 pace

    Legs were a stiff today and complaining so I let off the throttle a bit and let it coast for a little but then told them to "shut the frack up and run bitches". And so we did. #SueSantaCh... read more

    • Vern M.
      Vern M.

      Way to teach those legs who's boss, David!

      9 days ago Like2 people

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    • J J
      J J You're an Inspiration
      You're an Inspiration:

      Hahaha! Love this post!...Ive been making a toe dingy, play along all weekend! F@%k, it was 45F this morning couldnt miss out on that sh!t ! :D

      7 days ago

    • Sun T.
      Sun T.

      Lol - awesome running :) You showed your legs who's boss!

      6 days ago Like1 person

  12. FIT
    good Hard and fast & holding the line 00:30

    Limited on time by the Boss Lady so I went hard, went fast, no breaks, and only got in single sets of 20 or 30 reps with light weights: Hang Cleans, Cleans, Clean w/Press, Military Presses, Barbell... read more

  13. RUN
    good Smooth, easy & pure 5.44 mi 00:48 08:51 pace

    Just let the legs go at a comfortable pace, one 30 second stop at the halfway point to assess legs and back and then just let the legs do their thing which was to flow at a nice even easy pace. Pur... read more

  14. RUN
    alright Humpday Runch 6.5 mi 01:01 09:23 pace

    I may be down but I'm not out... Not by a long shot. Tried to keep it light and easy and not press the pace which I found myself wanting to surge forward and had to fight myself to keep it bet... read more

  15. FIT
    good Arms, traps, & chest 01:00

    My back is still very sore from yesterday not to mention the glutes and hamstrings are in full revolt. I am not going to run today (I can run, I just dont think its necessarily a smart move). I wan... read more

    • Seret

      that's a pretty intense rest session. Nice

      12 days ago Like1 person

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    • Shannon R.
      Shannon R.

      The next logical thing sounds like pure awesomeness. Hope the back straightens up soon! And I agree with Karen, try some yoga poses, see if you can get yourself into a Hot Yoga class, the heat does wonders for the muscles!

      11 days ago Like1 person

    • J J
      J J

      Damn David, take it easy a little bit.Hope your back gets better! Killer sesh, Bro!

      11 days ago Like1 person

  16. FIT
    good Legs & Back 02:00

    3 rounds each with increasing poundage, 10 reps per round...

    Deadlifts (PR'd), Front Squats, Back Squats, Hang Cleans, Power Cleans, Power Cleans with Front Squats, Power Cleans with OH Push ... read more

    • Mike H.
      Mike H.

      Nice workout, I keep ignoring my core work. Maybe I will get to some of that this week....maybe:)

      13 days ago Like3 people

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    • Tea
      Tea Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Nice workout David, get that core stuff in there!!

      13 days ago

    • Dennis S. Get Better
      Get Better:

      Great workout mate (apart from tweaking your back) Hope your feeling better soon!

      12 days ago

  17. Shared Photo

    BigCedar100 (10/22/14) - It was so cold, wet, and slippery. It was hard to get any real traction of any kind.

  18. For those of you who may be interested (I've had a few people inquire), here are some short biking video clips of what I have been running out at the Big Cedar Wilderness Trails. The videos ar... read more

    • Vern M.
      Vern M.

      These trails look fantastic, David! Love running places like that!

      14 days ago Like2 people

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    • J J
      J J

      Im back...Fell asleep with kido's last night!
      Seen , #ManBitesDog loop....loved it ,..looks so much like my trails ,no kidding!!! :)....Check rest later..Rawrrr! :))

      13 days ago Like1 person

    • J J
      J J

      Texas Sunset Loop! Rocks!...I saved all these to my own playlist! Thx Bro! Loved every minute! :))

      7 days ago Like

  19. RUN
    Big Cedar Wilderness Trails 13 mi 02:40 12:18 pace

    Approximating 13 miles but the actual distance is an unknown (according to my garmin I ran 3.6 miles) - so going by the posted trail distances. Lets just say the legs were tired and the hills were ... read more

  20. Didn't get my run in today as I was going from one thing to the next. It was a crazy day but the one that did me in was the move of the contents of my wood storage which was probably 1000 lbs ... read more