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Danny logged 3304 miles.

Last workout 4 months ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. walk
    great 2.09 mi 00:59 28:16 pace

    Lunch walk.
    Weather-55 °F, 7mph E, 94%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-28:16 /mile
    Fastest song-Don't Panic-Coldplay
    HR Avg: 113 HRMax: 134
    Climb: 173 ft
    Cadence: 47
    Shoes: GTS 15s, 266 miles

  2. walk
    great 0.7 mi 00:14:40 20:52 pace

    Walk back home
    Weather-68 °F, 16mph SSE, 32%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-20:53 /mile
    Fastest song-Spring (Solo Piano)-Brian Crain
    HR Avg: 111 HRMax: 120
    Climb: 24 ft
    Cadence: 52
    Shoes: GTS 15s, 265 miles

  3. RUN
    great 1.85 mi 00:27 14:38 pace

    5 minute warmup walk, 1 minute jog/1:30 minute walk x8, 2 minute cool down. 1 minute sit recovery(18 bpm).
    Weather-70 °F, 15mph S, 30%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-13:37 /mile
    Fastest song-In Through Ti... read more

  4. walk
    great 0.67 mi 00:12:06 18:10 pace

    Walk to park to run.
    Weather-70 °F, 15mph S, 30%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-18:11 /mile
    Fastest song-Communiones: Qui manducat-Alberto Turco & Nova Schola Gregoriana
    HR Avg: 101 HRMax: 110
    Climb: ... read more

  5. walk
    great 0.34 mi 00:08:43 25:59 pace

    Walk back home
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-26:00 /mile
    Fastest song-Fortunate Son-Creedence Clearwater Revival
    HR Avg: 89 HRMax: 101
    Climb: 27 ft
    Cadence: 49
    Shoes: GTS 15s, 263 miles

  6. RUN
    great 0.35 mi 00:10:27 30:15 pace

    Walk to the park with all four.
    Weather-73 °F, 11mph NW, 26%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-30:16 /mile
    Fastest song--
    HR Avg: 88 HRMax: 120
    Climb: 4 ft
    Cadence: 52
    Shoes: GTS 15s, 262 miles

  7. walk
    great 0.32 mi 00:06:06 18:59 pace

    Walk back home
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-18:59 /mile
    Fastest song-Bad Day-Fuel
    HR Avg: 103 HRMax: 107
    Climb: 28 ft
    Cadence: 53
    Shoes: GTS 15s, 262 miles

  8. walk
    great 0.76 mi 00:13:21 17:33 pace

    Just a short walk back to the park with the older three.
    Weather-82 °F, 12mph SSW, 49%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-17:33 /mile
    Fastest song-Communiones: Dicit Dominus: Implete hydrias -Alberto Turco &a... read more

  9. walk
    great 0.74 mi 00:50

    Forgot to stop this after my walk to the park. Oops. Lol
    Weather-66 °F, 12mph SSW, 61%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-67:31 /mile
    Fastest song-Communiones: Dominus firmamentum meum-Alberto Turco & Nov... read more

  10. walk
    great 2.21 mi 00:43 19:36 pace

    Walk with the three oldest kids. Helped my eldest answer questions about igloos in her own words and the younger two got to learn about them from her. Went well also!
    Weather-68 °F, 11mph S, 49%
    N... read more

  11. walk
    great 1.4 mi 00:43 30:19 pace

    Ingressing lunch walk.
    Weather-57 °F, 12mph N, 67%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-30:19 /mile
    Fastest song-Any Other Name-Thomas Newman
    HR Avg: AVHR HRMax: MXHR
    Climb: 152 ft
    Cadence: 42
    Shoes: GTS 15s, 2... read more

  12. walk
    great 1.24 mi 01:07

    Lunch walk.
    Weather-73 °F, 11mph WSW, 61%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-54:08 /mile
    Fastest song--
    HR Avg: 108 HRMax: 137
    Climb: 133 ft
    Cadence: 43
    Shoes: GTS 15s, 256 miles

  13. walk
    great 2.58 mi 00:51 19:39 pace

    Lunch walk
    Weather-72 °F, 0mph WNW, 65%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-19:39 /mile
    Fastest song--
    HR Avg: AVHR HRMax: MXHR
    Climb: 238 ft
    Cadence: 67
    Shoes: GTS 15s, 253 miles

  14. RUN
    great 2 mi 00:28 13:54 pace

    Run with my daughters. 1 minute run / 1.5 minute walk x8, 5 minute warmup walk, 2+ minute cool down.
    Weather-68 °F, 0mph NE, 50%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-13:08 /mile
    Fastest song-Can't Stop Lov... read more

  15. walk
    great 0.99 mi 00:46

    Not a long walk or anything like that but a needed one briefly.
    Weather-81 °F, HI: 84 °F, 12mph S, 70%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-46:06 /mile
    Fastest song-Why Can't This Be Love-Van Halen
    HR Avg:... read more

  16. walk
    great 0.29 mi 00:07:38 26:15 pace

    Break walk due to bad headache.
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-26:16 /mile
    Fastest song--
    HR Avg: 91 HRMax: 107
    Climb: 0 ft
    Cadence: 49
    Shoes: GTS 15s, 250 miles

  17. VELO
    great 2.73 mi 00:18 9.1mph pace

    Half of my bike distance tonight
    Weather-73 °F, 21mph S, 61%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-NTPCE
    Fastest song-Pleasure Dome-Van Halen
    HR Avg: 163 HRMax: 174
    Climb: 86 ft
    Cadence: AVCDNC
    Shoes: SHS

  18. walk
    great 1.24 mi 00:19 15:31 pace

    Walk back to start.
    Weather-66 °F, 16mph S, 59%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-15:31 /mile
    Fastest song-No Excuses-Alice In Chains
    HR Avg: 127 HRMax: 173
    Climb: 53 ft
    Cadence: 59
    Shoes: GTS 15s, 249 miles

  19. RUN
    great 2.13 mi 00:27 12:39 pace

    Ran with my daughters now we walk back to the start.
    Weather-64 °F, 12mph S, 63%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-11:32 /mile
    Fastest song-Kashmir-Led Zeppelin
    HR Avg: 139 HRMax: 171
    Climb: 95 ft
    Cadence: 6... read more

  20. RUN
    great 2.2 mi 00:28 12:35 pace

    Ran with my daughters. Just 1 min run / 1.5 min walk x8. With 5 min warmup walk and 2 minute cool down jog. Went well.
    Weather-81 °F, HI: 83 °F, 7mph ESE, 61%
    Net pace(w/o wu or cd)-12:01 /mile
    Fa... read more