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Danny logged 3734 miles.

Last workout about 1 month ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. RUN
    great 3.73 mi 00:56 14:53 pace

    30 minutes non-stop jogging! Well that has been a first in a long while. Two more of those and then I'll keep adding time slowly in my quest for getting back to 5k(ignoring speed for the mom... read more

  2. walk
    great 2.15 mi 01:21

    Evening walk.

    Weather; 88 °F, HI: 91 °F, 12mph S, 52%
    Avg/Net Pace; 37:44 /mile / 37:44 /mile
    Current Song; -
    Fastest Song; Edison's Medicine-Tesla
    Play List;

    Hang Tough - Tesla, 32:16 /mi... read more

  3. walk
    great 0.61 mi 00:14:49 24:07 pace

    Back to work I go.

    Weather; 84 °F, HI: 86 °F, 19mph SSW, 53%
    Avg/Net Pace; 24:07 /mile / 24:07 /mile
    Current Song; The Soul Cages - Sting
    Fastest Song; Helpless Automaton-Men At Work
    Play List;
    ... read more

  4. walk
    great 0.63 mi 00:09:58 15:50 pace

    Lunch walk.

    Weather; 82 °F, HI: 85 °F, 12mph S, 58%
    Avg/Net Pace; 15:51 /mile / 15:51 /mile
    Current Song; A Thousand Years - Sting
    Fastest Song; Istanbul-They Might Be Giants
    Play List;

    Istanbu... read more

  5. RUN
    great 3.31 mi 00:48 14:34 pace

    This is Day 3 of Week 8 and while slow again, I just didn't have it in me for anything faster. Kinda sucks because it is times like this that make me get discouraged and stop. But I have a cou... read more

  6. walk
    great 2.12 mi 01:09

    Mowing the lawn. Getting this done before Mother's Day so this way can spend it with my wife and kids and maybe even my parents.

    As usual, thanks for reading. And for the moms Happy Mother&#... read more

  7. RUN
    great 2.99 mi 00:41 13:44 pace

    Week 8 day 2. Today was really difficult for me. I couldn't work to get to any speed I wanted to no matter how much I tried so instead of fighting it I just did what I could. Legs were just r... read more

  8. RUN
    great 3.37 mi 00:43 12:45 pace

    Ok this was meant to be 5 minute warm up then 28 minutes of running, then 5 minute cool down. Not entirely certain how I set this up wrong but glad I took it at an "easy" pace because I t... read more

  9. walk
    great 2.76 mi 01:07 24:16 pace

    Lunch walk for steps tonight is a 28 minute run/jog wrapped in a 5 minute warmup and 5 minute cool down walk. But looking forward to it. :)

    As usual, thanks for reading.

    Weather; 81 °F, HI: 82 ... read more

  10. walk
    great 2.11 mi 00:42 19:52 pace

    Evening walk to get steps in. Mostly to try to break 10k steps for the day anyway. Nothing really impressive or anything just trying to keep up with the exercise.

    As usual, thanks for reading.
    ... read more

  11. RUN
    great 2.24 mi 00:31 13:44 pace

    Sunday workout which is just the couch to 5k week 1 workout but the 1 minute run parts are as hard as I think I can go. I think I had one interval at a sub 8 minute pace and if so color me shocked... read more

  12. RUN
    great 3.08 mi 00:43 13:58 pace

    So 25 minute run again, starting Tuesday it will become 28 minutes. This was wrapped in a 5 minute warmup and a 5+ minute cool down. Overall, I am pleased even if today wasn't quick(but wasn&#... read more

  13. RUN
    great 2.89 mi 00:36 12:32 pace

    5 minute warmup, 25 minutes jogging, 5+ minute cool down. Overall, pretty pleased with this run, I wasn't fast but I also wasn't trying to be(expect for the last 5 minutes of the run I d... read more

  14. walk
    great 0.7 mi 00:09:00 12:55 pace

    Lunch walk

    Weather; -
    Avg/Net Pace; 12:56 /mile / 12:56 /mile
    Current Song; -
    Fastest Song; -
    Play List;

    Current / Avg / Max Hr; 0 / - / -
    Climb; 124 ft

  15. RUN
    great 2.87 mi 00:38 13:08 pace

    Week 7 progresses along nicely! I ran this one as or better than on the dreadmill and overall am pleased with it. :)

    As usual, thanks for reading.

    Weather; 63 °F, 0mph N, 50%
    Avg/Net Pace; 13:... read more

  16. walk
    great 0.84 mi 00:11:39 13:52 pace

    Lunch walk 2.
    Weather; 66 °F, 8mph N, 43%
    Avg/Net Pace; 13:53 /mile / 13:53 /mile
    Current Song; Song and Emotion - Tesla
    Fastest Song; Song and Emotion-Tesla
    Play List;

    Radio Song - R.E.M., 18:14... read more

  17. walk
    great 0.93 mi 00:13:53 14:52 pace

    Walk for lunch

    Weather; 64 °F, 11mph NW, 45%
    Avg/Net Pace; 14:52 /mile / 14:52 /mile
    Current Song; -
    Fastest Song; Canary In a Coalmine-The Police
    Play List;

    Radio Song - R.E.M., 17:12 /mile
    Ca... read more

  18. walk
    great 1.53 mi 00:32 20:59 pace

    Dinner walk.

    Weather; 55 °F, 15mph WNW, 62%
    Avg/Net Pace; 21:00 /mile / 21:00 /mile
    Current Song; Me In Honey - R.E.M.
    Fastest Song; Release-Pearl Jam
    Play List;

    Afterglow (feat. Soundmouse) - ... read more

  19. walk
    great 0.65 mi 00:11:45 17:56 pace

    Evening walk.

    Weather; 46 °F, WC: 41 °F, 11mph S, 86%
    Avg/Net Pace; 17:57 /mile / 17:57 /mile
    Current Song; Visions of the Night - The Police
    Fastest Song; Istanbul-They Might Be Giants
    Play Lis... read more

  20. RUN
    great 2.66 mi 00:35 13:11 pace

    Too rainy outside for me to run in so stuck to the treadmill today. Instead of running last night I chose to get this in today. I'll do this same workout however on Tuesday, Thursday and Satur... read more