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  1. FIT
    Daley Ranch - Boulder Loop 4.25 mi

    Gorgeous morning and beautiful views. And lots of hills

  2. FIT
    Weight & Cardio Circuits 01:10

    10 min. elliptical warm up
    1 hour of weight sets/cardio pairs, i.e., deadlifts then jump rope, 3 times; pushups then mountain climbers, 3 times. And so on. Pretty good workout.

  3. RUN
    Intervals on the street 3 mi

    I used my Garmin and my friend Sharon used the HIIT timer on her phone: we did a 5 minute warm up, then intervals of 1:00 fast-ish/race pace; 30 seconds recovery for 3 miles on a mostly flat route... read more

  4. walk
    PQ hills 3.5 mi

    Walked hills instead of the usual Wednesday weights to give my shoulder a rest.

    • Anne S.
      Anne S.

      One of these mornings we're going to meet up on those hills. I was about a mile away at the gym this morning.

      5 days ago Like1 person

  5. RUN
    Hilly Poway Run 5.75 mi

    Weird weather - ran through clear skies, then fog, then clear, then fog. A steady run taking all of the hills in (slow) stride.

    • Rose

      You are in fine shape for the 10K, Deborah!

      6 days ago Like

    • Anne S.
      Anne S.

      Sounds like the climate couldn't make up its mind on your route.

      6 days ago Like

  6. FIT
    Mostly cardio workout 01:00

    An HIIT workout via jumping, lunging, squatting, etc. Followed by core and abs. Pretty sweaty stuff. Wrapped up with a walk around the block. A beautiful morning.

  7. RUN
    Lake Miramar 3 mi 00:31 10:21 pace

    Started with a 2 mile peppy walk with my sis and friend Sharon. They turned back at the 2 mile mark and I did a 3 mile run over the dam. Nice pace for me, thanks to the flat terrain. Breakfast f... read more

    • Rose

      Fantastic fast pace on that run, Deborah! You are peaking at just the right time!

      8 days ago Like1 person

    • Anne S.
      Anne S.

      Yes, I agree with Rose you are really starting to turn up the heat on your runs.

      8 days ago Like1 person

  8. RUN
    Tobiason Loop Poway 3.5 mi 00:39 11:05 pace

    Other than the darkness, a good morning for this and on a flat course as well.

  9. RUN
    Bernardo Heights Hill 5 mi 00:56 11:05 pace

    Not fast, but steady with big hill (12:37 up 10:17 down) in the first half and smaller ups and downs in the second half. Sure makes a difference (to me anyway) when it's light out.

    • Rose

      Really impressive run, Deborah! Perfect morning for a run too.

      13 days ago Like

    • Sugarmagnolia

      nice! Where exactly is this hill?

      13 days ago Like

    • Deborah J.
      Deborah J.

      Sugar, this is Bernardo Heights Parkway between Pomerado and Bernardo Center Drive. From Pomerado it's a steady incline for a mile, then down for about 3/4 of a mile. The reverse (from Bernardo Heights) is a shorter but steeper incline. Kind of like going west on Ted Williams from Pomerado.

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  10. FIT
    Monday Workout 01:10

    10 minutes on the elliptical
    50 minutes abs, full body resistance/body weight sets
    10 minutes on the treadmill

  11. walk
    Black Mtn Ranch Park Walk 3.5 mi

    Did this route once as a run with Anne S. and forgot just how hilly it is. Perfect morning, though, to deal with the fairly constant uphill push. Good workout, good friends.

    • Anne S.
      Anne S.

      Good times out there this morning. Good weather too.

      16 days ago Like

    • Rose

      You will be ready for the 10K, Deborah. Great hill training.

      15 days ago Like

  12. FIT
    Mt. Woodson, Poway, CA 7.75 mi 03:51 29:45 pace

    Haven't done this hike in a couple of years and forgot just how steep the climb to the top is. Quite a few rest stops along the way - after all, there are gorgeous views. And some fun conver... read more

    • Rose

      Fantastic long hike, Deborah! Sounds like fun and a great prep for our hilly 10K.

      18 days ago Like1 person

    • Anne S.
      Anne S.

      Always glad to provide a distraction with my 'potty' mouth. he he he.

      18 days ago Like

  13. FIT
    Weights at the gym 01:00

    Total body workout using the machines and light resistance with a few more reps. Not too bad, but even though I tried to baby my shoulder, I'm aching a bit now. Oh, well.

    • Rose

      Ice does wonders after workouts! Great job keeping at it.

      19 days ago Like1 person

  14. RUN
    Treadmill Intervals 4 mi 00:45 11:15 pace

    First: I really dislike the treadmill. However - it was raining outside and I am wussy about running in the rain (especially when it's dark). So, with my friend Rose as inspiration, I did s... read more

    • Rose

      Awesome workout, Deborah! Another benefit is that it makes treadmill running much less boring!

      20 days ago Like

  15. FIT
    Cardio & Weights 01:00

    Maybe it's Monday, but it was a blah workout. My shoulder problem (hopefully no worse than strain) is limiting some of the exercises. Okay, got a little sweat up....

    • Rose

      It is really hard to get rid of those shoulder pains! Took me months. Nice job on the strength training, as always!

      21 days ago Like1 person

  16. RUN
    good Carlsbad 5000 5k 3.1 mi 00:33 10:29 pace

    2nd year and 1:15 faster. A terrific event - especially watching the elite runners fly by. Thanks Rose for introducing me to this event and sharing your friends and family.

    • Anne S.
      Anne S.

      Hat's off to you and Rose for a stellar performance this morning!!

      22 days ago Like

    • Rose

      Deborah, it was so awesome for you to be part of this great tradition! It was fun to run with you and congratulations for the fantastic improvement - wow!

      21 days ago Like

  17. FIT
    Cardio & More 01:15

    1 mile treadmill run at not too fast/not too slow pace for me: 11:00
    An hour's worth of cardio and resistance/weights intervals that kept the heart rate up.

  18. walk
    Hills in PQ 3.5 mi

    One of the hilliest neighborhoods in San Diego - I give Anne S. kudos for running these hills. Meanwhile, I was pleased with the brisk walking pace my friend Sharon and I managed.... and no rain.

  19. FIT
    Weights & Cardio at the gym 01:30

    Took my time with a total body workout of body weight and resistance interspersed with 2:00 run/sprint intervals. Added extra abs (maybe someday I'll get to a 2 pack!).

  20. RUN
    Seven Oaks loop 3.1 mi 00:35 11:07 pace

    The drizzle was refreshing as my running buddy, Carma, pushed me to go a little faster. It helped that the route I planned had just a few slight uphills and a nice long down incline for the last m... read more