5591 total / 116 in 2015

Not entirely sure. I've found that I really love endurance swimming and running so lets see where that goes.

Friends (46)

  • Karen S.

    Karen S.

    Biloxi, MS, Lean out. Gain speed. Complete my second 140.3 in the fall of 2015.

  • Sandy C.

    Sandy C.

    IA, Keep running...PR in the half marathon, 20K and 10K and run some 5K's, too! I hope to also run a marathon someday soon!

  • Jeannie G.

    Jeannie G.

    Redmond, WA, Compete at my best in trail races & triathlons. 50K, multiple 70.3s, 2x Ironman finisher, numerous trail races & half marathons

  • Andy R.

    Andy R.

    Farmersville, TX, Boston - 2016. 'Nuff Said.

  • Kim G.

    Kim G.

    Madison, WI, ⁂ Staying with it daily ⁂ 1/2 in remaining states: AK CT DE HI MA MD ME NH NJ OR RI UT

  • Jason H.

    Jason H.

    Madison, WI, I want to run throughout my life until a physically cannot run anymore!

  • Melissa J.

    Melissa J.

    Madison, WI, Goal: get faster. Want to run a sub 4:30 marathon and a sub 2:00 half this year.

  • Yaneth A.

    Yaneth A.

    WI, To run my first full marathon in September and finish Tough Mudder.

  • Stephe L.

    Stephe L.

    Hudson, OH, Live a healthy fulfilling life, and help others obtain the same.

  • Chelsea P.

    Chelsea P.

    US, Be healthy!

  • Jeff V.

    Jeff V.

    Oregon, WI, get back to running injury free......and back to some races!

  • Todd S.

    Todd S.

    Mansfield, MA, To remain healthy and running for all of 2015. To complete my 2nd ultra and also to run 2015 KM (1250 miles) in 2015.

  • Megan C.

    Megan C.

    Madison, WI, Ran my first marathon (Rock N Roll Marathon in San Diego on 6/3/12). Now attempting to tackle a half marathon in all 50 states. 5 down, 45 to go.

  • Erich R.

    Erich R.

    Hinckley, MN, Lift weights, get stronger, stay fit... Run a sub 20min 5k Bat + .600 in softball

  • Jessi


    , Lose the baby #2 fat!!!

  • Carin S.

    Carin S.

    Denton, TX, 2014: 1000+miles, full marathon, lower pace

  • Joel P.

    Joel P.

    Middleton, WI, After 20-some marathons and ultras, I want to spend more time on trails, running and biking.

  • Tom F.

    Tom F.

    Winston Salem, NC, My first tri--> Ironman 70.3 June 2, 2013- completed.

  • Karen H.

    Karen H.

    Atlanta, GA, Run a Marathon in 2015. Run a 9 Minute Mile in 2015. Run One Race a Month in 2015.

  • Rob C.

    Rob C.

    Madison, WI, Complete a 50K race (2013), a 50 mile race (2014), and a 100 mile race (someday).

  • Sara M.

    Sara M.

    Wausau, WI, 40-ish pounds left (always 40 to go) / Long rides / Hot buns ;) / Run or bike in every state.

  • Paige W.

    Paige W.

    Salt Lake City, UT,

  • Kate


    Madison, WI, get faster and get stronger

  • Cassandra C.

    Cassandra C.

    CA, To run as much and as far as I can in this lifetime. Goal for 2013 is to kick breast cancer and get in a few Ultras while I'm at it. Seems totally do~able!

  • Susan


    WI, Ride at least 50 miles per week. Work on getting faster and going further. Continued weight loss.