Friends (914)

  • Mike


    Rochester, MN, Run a 50k in 2011.

  • Joe E.

    Joe E.

    Mendon, MA,

  • Jennifer I.

    Jennifer I.

    Tempe, AZ, To finish Boston 2011 with a smile on my face.

  • Erika B.

    Erika B.

    Union, KY, Cincinnati Mudathlon August, Cincinnati Half October, Disney Princess Half February 2012

  • Jonathon H.

    Jonathon H.

    Rotorua, NZ, Complete the Auckland Marathon in October 2011 in style.

  • Blistertoe


    Georgetown, DE, run longer. run stronger. chafe less.

  • Justin K.

    Justin K.

    PA, Run a marathon before I'm 30.

  • Katy G.
  • Simon W.

    Simon W.

    Doncaster, GB, Ultramarathon

  • Ashley


    Lynchburg, VA, To improve my running form and stay injury free. Run Happy and be in the moment.

  • Shannon H.

    Shannon H.

    Houston, TX, Warrior Dash, a handful of sprint tris, a few other short distance running races, and to have fun doing it! :)

  • Cleo


    Simpsonville, SC, 1st 10k- undetermined; 1st Half- "Country Music1/2 Marathon" 4-30-11; One 5k a month; sub-60 10k; sub-27:00 5k; 100 push-ups; Inspire my family.

  • John M.

    John M.

    Victoria, BC, riding tour de victoria in May Maybe a half in may A tri or duathlon in June riding a gran fondo in July full or half marathon in October

  • Matt E.

    Matt E.

    St Paul, MN, 300 mile months, Learn how to steeplechase

  • Theresa


    AL, To complete the C25K (Couch to 5K) program and begin to love to run.

  • Garret M.

    Garret M.

    Searcy, AR, 2011 St. Jude/Memphis marathon.

  • Carlos J I.

    Carlos J I.

    PR, 2010 goal - sub 40:00 10k Boston 2011, goal sub 3:00

  • Albert T.

    Albert T.

    Nashville, TN, staying in shape and keeping up with my running goals. I always try to have a race on the horizon to keep me motivated.

  • Jimmy J.

    Jimmy J.

    Kingsport, TN, God is my strength 2/run!!! Start "running" again, and get back in great shape..+ ( =

  • Tom


    Toledo, OH,

  • Dave P.

    Dave P.

    Lisburn, GB, 10k, half and full marathons

  • Jenn


    St Louis, MO, Chicago 10/10/10 Goofy 2011 as a TNT mentor!! Complete a 50k and a Half Ironman in 2011.

  • Jeremy D.

    Jeremy D.

    Irving, TX, Comrades Marathon (Up) , Spartathlon , Marathon des Sables , Great Wall Marathon , Himalayan Run , Any Australian ultra

  • Eric S.

    Eric S.

    San Carlos, CA, Northern California Half Marathon Series

  • Shane K.

    Shane K.

    Toronto, ON, A full ironman in 2012