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My goal this year is to do 3 half marys, 2 10k, and as many 5k's I can afford. Most off its just to have fun and get back into running everyday.

Friends (64)

  • Mark Wendall J.

    Mark Wendall J.

    Bowling Green, KY, Run a 1/2 under 2 hours and drop 20 lbs

  • Kawika C.

    Kawika C.

    Honolulu, HI,

  • Heather G.

    Heather G.

    Myrtle Beach, SC, Never stop moving.

  • Tim M.

    Tim M.

    St. Peters, MO, Prepare for my first Half Marathon in 3 years. Keep getting my family involved in events.

  • Michael H.

    Michael H.

    Ofallon, MO, Stay in shape both cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular

  • Rick


    St Louis, MO, To beat BoDog...

  • Sel M.

    Sel M.

    Istanbul, TR, Run the Eurasia 15K Race under 60' This is the run which is from Asia to Europe unique on earth.

  • Christina H.

    Christina H.

    Bountiful, UT, Enjoy life and spread the addiction of being active!

  • Glenn M.

    Glenn M.

    OK, To run as much as possible and share my passion for the sport along the way.

  • Tony C.

    Tony C.

    Fenton, MO, 1̶9̶:̶5̶9̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶5̶k̶, 3̶4̶:̶0̶7̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶5̶m̶, 4̶2̶:̶4̶7̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶1̶0̶k̶, 1:10:36 10m, 1:33:19 Half, 3:24:59 BQ

  • Sam F.

    Sam F.

    West Chester, PA, Using my running to fight autism is my hobby. It started w 61 marathons in 2010 and will never end.

  • Sarah L.

    Sarah L.

    Tolland, CT,

  • Kate G.

    Kate G.

    Edwardsville, IL, 5K PR, finish Dirty Kanza 200, and Thunder Rolls AR

  • Loretta


    , 2013 goal - staying active! 2012 goal - keeping fit & having baby #3!! (done) 2011 goal - 2nd marathon Dec 2011 (done) 2010 goal - marathon! (done)

  • Kerri O.

    Kerri O.

    CO, Get back into racing shape post-baby!

  • Kristin


    St Louis, MO, Lewis & Clark half marathon; Half Ironman; adventure races

  • Karen Q.

    Karen Q.

    Syracuse, NY, my own health!

  • Ashley S.

    Ashley S.

    Edwardsville, IL, To enjoy it.

  • Alyssa G.

    Alyssa G.

    St Peters, MO, Races & Times to beat in 2011: Master the Met-BEAT!, SCC 10k BEAT!, Delta Gamma 5k BEAT!, Indy Mini Marathon (PR 2:37), & Hospital Hill Half BEAT!

  • Greg D.

    Greg D.

    Vancouver, WA, Sub four hour marathon.

  • Sarah D.

    Sarah D.

    St Louis, MO, Tone up. Lose some weight. Be healthy and happy.

  • Courtney E.

    Courtney E.

    Chicago, IL, Marathon?

  • Tara M.

    Tara M.

    Halifax, NS, 2011 - Ragnar, a few half marathons, Warrior Dash, An Olympic Triathlon (All completed) 2012 goal = 26.2 Baby!

  • Alice


    , My present goal is to walk at least 30 miles a week with one day dedicated to a 10 mile walk.

  • Stephen V.

    Stephen V.

    Birmingham, AL, Weight Loss