Wall of Motivation (105)

  1. Joshua N.
      Great Performance

    Nice win! on a workout

  2. Mary Beth
      You're an Inspiration

    you seem to run just fine whether it's 90% humidity or 20 below. I've determi... read more

  3. Mary Beth
      You're an Inspiration

    Holy morning miles. Awesome job! And a Slurpee is definitely in order! on a workout

  4. Joshua N.
      Great Performance

    Nice Brian! on a workout

  5. Joe
      Great Performance

    Ultra impressive, man! Just killin' it! on a workout

  6. Shannon F.
      You're an Inspiration

    Amazing, Brian! A HUGE PR on a challenging course! I can't wait to see you co... read more

  7. Josh W.
      Great Performance

    Good job Brian! on a workout

  8. Mary Beth
      Nice Job

    Helllll yeah buddy!! on a workout

  9. Mary Beth
      You're an Inspiration

    Hi. You're amazing! That is all. on a workout

  10. Joshua N.
      Nice Job

    Nice! on a workout

  11. Mary Beth
      You're an Inspiration

    Still killin' it just 2 days post-halfie! on a workout

  12. Brian C.
      Great Performance

    Oh yeahhhhh!! on a workout

  13. Karyn

    Holy HUGE PR! You had a fantastic race this morning! I agree, that last 5k ... read more

  14. Joe
      Great Performance

    Excellent work! Keep it up! on a workout

  15. Josh W.
      Great Performance

    Great job Brian! on a workout

  16. Mary Beth
      You're an Inspiration

    woo-hoo! You're gonna kick Rock CF's ass! on a workout

  17. Brian C.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great miles! on a workout

  18. Mary Beth
      You're an Inspiration

    awesome job! on a workout

  19. Shannon F.
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats on hitting a huge milestone! 1500 miles is such a major accomplishme... read more

  20. Karyn
      Feel Better

    The sickies suck :-( Hope you feel better really soon so you can run to your... read more

  21.   Feel Better

    Hoping the 5K helped work out that cold! on a workout

  22.   Nice Job

    The speed is back! on a workout

  23.   Nice Job

    We made it to Friday hooray! on a workout

  24.   You're an Inspiration

    Congrats on the huge PR!! on a workout

  25. Joe

    Job well done! Congrats! on a workout

  26. Brian C.

    Any run of more than 26 miles that includes brownies and an extreme running d... read more

  27. Meghan M.
      Great Performance

    AWESOME run Brian! Are you doing the Detroit marathon? on a workout

  28. Karyn
      You're an Inspiration

    You amaze me with your speedy intervals after your weekend long run. I Love ... read more

  29. Mary Beth
      You're an Inspiration

    so disciplined with your morning workouts...I'm impressed! (and envious) :) on a workout

  30.   You're an Inspiration

    Awesome pace on that hilly course! on a workout

  31. Meghan M.
      Get Better

    Oh yuck!!! Were you wearing a hat?? on a workout

  32.   Nice Job

    Smooth as butter. on a workout

  33. Mary Beth
      Nice Job

    You're gonna get pulled over for speeding one of these days if you keep that ... read more

  34. Arin

    Awesome race, Brian!!!!!!!!!! on a workout

  35. Anne G.

    Awesome half and awesome pace! on a workout

  36. Meghan M.
      Great Performance

    You ran an awesome race! Go celebrate. (I recommend beer, if you need a sug... read more

  37. Joe
      Good Luck

    Bonne Chance! on a workout

  38. Karyn
      Feel Better

    UGH! Very smart to take it easy and I hope you feel better really soon! on a workout

  39. Sean M.
      Nice Job

    Awesome job Brian ! on a workout

  40. Christelle P.
      Nice Job

    So awesome, you are quite the inspiration! on a workout

  41.   Congrats

    Awesome job! Congrats on the PR!! on a workout

  42. Meghan M.
      Great Performance

    A PR, how exciting!! on a workout

  43. Karyn

    Smokin' Pace! Congrats on your PR :-) Looking forward to the write up! on a workout

  44. Meghan M.
      You're an Inspiration

    You never miss a workout! You are so consistent, it is impressive! Congrats... read more

  45. Laura G.
      Great Performance

    Whoa! Super fast on those hills in the cold Brian! on a workout

  46. Darci M.
      Great Performance

    Nice! on a workout

  47. Laura G.
      Great Performance

    Very speedy Brian! on a workout

  48.   Nice Job

    I agree with Rebecca! :) But it is nice to not have things as crowded! on a workout

  49.   Feel Better

    Sweat that cold out! on a workout

  50.   Nice Job

    Isn't that Maple Beach hill lovely? :) Awesome pace on those hills! on a workout