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To run strong without injuries! Boston in 2017!

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  • 26 miles
  • 02:37 time
  • 1165 calories
  • 3 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. VELO
    good Basement spin miles 14 mi 00:50 16.8mph pace

    Not quite an hour because I couldn't get my lazy buns out of bed this morning! Come on daylight savings time!

  2. RUN
    good Neighborhood run 5.12 mi 00:47 09:05 pace

    I had to dodge a bunch of crazy drivers this morning, my water fountain was turned off and I was overdressed but I'm still smiling big time because I'm just so grateful to be back out the... read more

  3. FIT
    good OCC elliptical 6.5 mi 01:00 09:13 pace

    Kicking off the week with some cross training work at the Olathe community center.

  4. RUN
    good Buddy run 7.51 mi 01:09 09:09 pace

    Longest run in a very long time makes me very happy. Great morning and great company! Thanks Jamie and Julie!

  5. VELO
    good Basement spin miles 17 mi 01:00 17.0mph pace

    Kicking off for the weekend with some spin miles.

  6. RUN
    good Neighborhood run 5.04 mi 00:47 09:16 pace

    Nice morning for a run and I actually dressed correctly!

    • Lindsey B.
      Lindsey B.

      Hahaha I'm so glad you had the right outfit on today!!! Nice miles!!!

      6 days ago Like

    • Shauna L.
      Shauna L.

      Glad you got your miles done! I enjoyed my sleep. Have fun w/ the kids today!

      6 days ago Like

    • Julie M.
      Julie M.

      It makes all the difference with the right wardrobe! Nice miles today!

      6 days ago Like

  7. VELO
    good Basement spin miles 16.5 mi 01:00 16.5mph pace

    Basement spin miles with my favorite new show This is us.

  8. RUN
    good Buddy Run 5.06 mi 00:47 09:13 pace

    Nothing better than starting the day running with Shauna who I haven't run with for two months and new shoes! To say I've missed these runs would be a huge understatement! Thanks fo... read more

  9. FIT
    good OCC elliptical 7 mi 01:00 08:34 pace

    Kicking off the week with some elliptical action. Congratulations to all the awesome runners this weekend!

  10. RUN
    good 5.1 mi 00:46 09:03 pace

    Downgraded to the 5k today but just happy to be out here. Enjoyed the course today and then went back out to cheer in some awesome runners in the half! Great day overall as it is also my daughter... read more

    • Marty P.
      Marty P.

      Nice to see you out there running & racing again Laura!!

      11 days ago Like

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    • Julie M.
      Julie M.

      I agree with Shauna! No downgrade, just a switch in the race distance. Smart move with the foot; so happy to see you out there at the race!

      9 days ago Like

    • Jamie J.
      Jamie J.

      Great run friend! Glad you enjoyed the course! You'll be back to those long runs before you know it and just in time for the cooler weather that surely is about to be here for good!

      8 days ago Like

  11. VELO
    good Basement spin miles 17.5 mi 01:00 17.5mph pace

    Found a new show to make my bike time go by much faster! Happy Friday and good luck to everybody racing this weekend!

  12. FIT
    good OCC elliptical 6 mi 00:50 08:20 pace

    Not much sleep going on this morning with all of that thunder and the dog barking. Very happy to report that the fioot did not bother me after yesterday's run and felt OK on the elliptical t... read more

  13. RUN
    good Orthotics Run 3.51 mi 00:33 09:31 pace

    Trying out a short run with the new custom orthotics in my shoes. Foot definitely felt more stable and hope that it feels good for the rest of the day!

  14. VELO
    good Basement spin miles 17 mi 01:00 17.0mph pace

    Kicking off the week with some sweat on the bike watching the debate coverage. Congrats to everybody that ran Chicago and Twin Cities yesterday.

    • Jamie J.
      Jamie J.

      Great start to the week! I should have been working out during the debate to distract me from how bias the media really is!

      17 days ago Like

  15. FIT
    good Trying out the elliptical 11 mi 01:00 05:27 pace

    At the community center this morning trying out the elliptical with the foot. 45 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the bike. Tried my orthotics in my shoes which I think really made a di... read more

  16. VELO
    good Basement spin miles 16.5 mi 01:00 16.5mph pace

    More spin miles watching the hurricane Matthew coverage.

  17. VELO
    good Basement spin miles 16.5 mi 01:00 16.5mph pace

    Sweating it up in the basement on the bike!

    • Jay R.
      Jay R. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Hope you had something good to watch!

      21 days ago

  18. swim
    good OCC Swim 1600 yd 00:41 44:41 pace

    Foot not cooperating after these last few riuns so back to crosstraining I go. So frustrating and I'm going to need a better attitude!

    • Jefferson M.
      Jefferson M.

      That's just no good! Silly foot, leave Laura alone. Hope it listens and you feel better soon.

      22 days ago Like

    • Todd A C.
      Todd A C.

      Hang in there, I hope the foot starts cooperating soon!

      22 days ago Like

    • Jay R.
      Jay R. Get Better
      Get Better:

      Nice cross training swim Laura!

      21 days ago

  19. RUN
    good Neighborhood run 5.03 mi 00:45 08:58 pace

    Foot was pretty cranky at the start but seemed to feel better as I went along. This was a tough run this morning for my lungs! I was very glad to find that the water fountains are still turned on!

    • Shauna L.
      Shauna L.

      Hopefully it was just needing to get warmed up???? Looks like you found your groove and had a pretty decent run today!

      23 days ago Like

    • Jefferson M.
      Jefferson M.

      Nice run and glad the water was flowing when needed.

      22 days ago Like

  20. RUN
    good Jared Coones 5K with the Family 3.23 mi 00:34 10:37 pace

    Had a great morning with the whole family running the Jared Coons 5K. I ran with my son and my hubby ran with my daughter. My son did much better than last year and smoked me in the finishing... read more