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  • 3 miles
  • 01:28 time
  • 386 calories
  • 4 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. Shared Photo

    my feet decorated for saint patrick’s day.
    my fur appears also.

  2. walk
    good (part 3) up and down eleven f... 0.62 km 00:10:00 25:57 pace

    @pat m came into town and we came over here.
    played cards and left.

  3. walk
    good (part 2) shopping, conv. stor... 0.06 km 00:01:00 26:49 pace

    came here to get an item for blind friend, but the kitchen was closed. i called her and she put in an alternative order, which i fulfilled.
    got hassled for bare feet and jumped all over the guy for... read more

  4. walk
    good (part 1) std. sun. walk, incl... 0.81 km 00:12:00 23:50 pace

    potluck and program after the service. i drove as i was too tired from the previous night (and the weather was iffy) to bike.

  5. walk
    tired (part 1) walk around communit... 3 km 01:05

    i walked around the two main rooms far more than shown, so added two km. the route includes going up and down steps twice.
    my play was off due to extreme fatigue, but i did have fun.
    it was cloud... read more

  6. walk
    good (part 6) shopping, dollar sto... 0.08 km 00:01:00 20:07 pace

    i had no prior map of this trip, so made a new one. hardly worth it, but at least i can use it for future trips here.
    i got one item. since i knew where it was, i went directly thereto.
    the cashier... read more

  7. walk
    good (part 5, 7) up and down eleve... 1.24 km 00:21 27:15 pace

    first time: up and down empty-handed. second time: up and down with two-l bottle of soda in plastic bag (not shown as gear as distance is too short to make it a separate entry).
    both went the minim... read more

  8. walk
    good (part 4) shopping, grocery st... 0.15 km 00:02:00 21:27 pace

    see for a route which is similar enough to be counted as the same. i got three items this time.
    still cold and drippy.

  9. walk
    good (part 2) business at police s... 0.09 km 00:02:00

    into the station, fill out paperwork, drop some dough, get my report, exit.

  10. VELO
    good (part 1, 3) ride to police st... 4.73 km 00:19 9.4mph pace

    split: to police station 7:21 (-2).
    two more removed on the way home.
    i needed a copy of a document, and went there by bike to get it because parking in that area is difficult.
    i obtained the paper... read more

  11. walk
    good (part 4) std. thu. walk, 03/1... 0.28 km 00:28 pace

    north door was open. we entered there and exited the sw one.
    very nice saint patrick’s day meal.
    same outfit as previous.

  12. walk
    good (part 2) business inside park... 0.15 km 00:02:00 21:27 pace

    more waiting than business.
    while i was doing that, i wandered around checking out various signs and displays.
    i added 50m because i know i walked farther than the map indicates.

  13. VELO
    good (part 1, 3) commute ride to p... 10.71 km 00:42 9.4mph pace

    split: parks building 6:50.
    a little 10ker on a pleasant (fifteen degree) sunny day.
    i wore sweats, stocking caps, hip pocket, and helmet.
    three minutes removed.

  14. walk
    good (part 3π) up and down eleven ... 0.62 km 00:10:00 25:57 pace

    had two things to deliver which had not gotten to her yet.
    the backpack went along to carry them.
    it was dark by then.

  15. walk
    good (part 2π) std. wed. walk at c... 0.71 km 00:11:00 24:56 pace

    nothing unusual.
    it was warm enough i put on only one stocking cap and no gloves or hoodie.

  16. walk
    good (part 1π) walk from church pa... 3.3 km 00:51 24:52 pace

    i had intended to go out riding for π day, and a gorgeous day it was with high eighteen.
    unfortunately i was unable to locate the bike key, ran into a time constraint, and so drove, picked up bind... read more

  17. VELO
    good (part 9) commute ride home, 0... 5.5 km 00:24 8.6mph pace

    we broke up early. i exited, threw the stuff in the carrier after lighting the lights, donned the helmet, and was on my way.
    on fifteenth around park st, i heard a clatter and stopped. the triangu... read more

  18. walk
    good (part 6, 8) std. tue. walks, ... 0.71 km 00:12:00 27:12 pace

    no surprises at either place.
    the people at both liked the shamrocks on my feet.

  19. walk
    good (part 4) shopping, grocery st... 0.15 km 00:02:00 21:27 pace

    i got the item for blind friend, then found another in the checkout lane. the people ahead of me were kind enough to let me through, so i was in and out promptly.
    i put the items in a veggie bag as... read more

  20. VELO
    good (part 3, 5, 7) commute ride t... 12.89 km 00:57 8.4mph pace

    splits: grocery store 22:41 (not sure of sec)(-2), meal site 33:22 (-1). another deducted on the way to the coffee shop.
    before i departed, i removed the bike from the rack where it had been attac... read more