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  • 23 miles
  • 04:28 time
  • 1971 calories
  • 31 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. walk
    good (part 2) same climb as part o... 0.5 km 00:08:00 25:44 pace

    i was too tired to try for the upper floors, but two climbs of eleven seem enough.
    this stay was a lot longer as her comp was acting up.

    • Barefoot R.
      Barefoot R.

      there was a group distributing food when i got there, and i said hi to them before entering.
      after i got back to the car, i realized i had failed to make a loop when i could have. bad me!

      about 4 hours ago Like

  2. walk
    good (part 1) walk from car to apt... 0.5 km 00:08:00 25:44 pace

    i decided to put this and the following one in out of order just because it was different from the rest, but an old routine.
    i had to split them because i parked in a different spot on the second ... read more

  3. we had a short but intense thunderstorm roll through about an hour ago.
    i got a shower in it.
    felt wonderful!

  4. VELO
    good (part 17, 19) ride to dining ... 0.37 km 00:02:00 6.9mph pace

    i went to the dining hall, ate, and then biked to the steps.
    the next part will be the dining hall walk, then the climb up them.

  5. walk
    good (part 16) walk around cabin, ... 0.09 km 00:01:25 25:19 pace

    see .
    this one was even shorter, but i see no reason to make a new map.

  6. walk
    good (part 14) walk around pavilio... 0.68 km 00:10:12 24:08 pace

    there was a contest going on, so i did that but lost.
    the rest of the walking was just to see people, eat and drink the goodies, and relax.
    it was a fun day, but at the end i was ready for anothe... read more

  7. walk
    good (part 12) walk to dock, paddl... 0.54 km 00:15:00

    i went to the dock, took the paddle boat across the lake (had to sit in the exact middle or it would skew to the heavier side), beached it, got out, ran into the water and swam to the flotilla, the... read more

  8. walk
    good (part 10) std. dining hall wa... 0.23 km 00:04:00 27:59 pace

    see .
    this one was a bit longer because i went outside as the air was pleasant.

  9. VELO
    good (part 9, 11, 13, 15) ride to:... 1.77 km 00:09:00 7.3mph pace

    i went down to eat, then decided to paddle across the lake and back. afterward, i went to the pavilion for the afternoon’s activities, then the car, and back to the cabin.
    there is a trail through... read more

  10. walk
    good (part 8) walk to and from cab... 0.09 km 00:01:25 25:19 pace

    hardly worth logging, but i did just to put in a break between the bike rides.

  11. walk
    good (part 6) skinny-dipping at be... 0.13 km 00:02:00 24:45 pace

    i use the dock for washing, the beach for just playing in the water.
    hence this workout.
    i began by running from the start point into the lake until my progress was halted by the water.
    the flot... read more

  12. walk
    good (part 4) bathing in lake ones... 0.06 km 00:01:00 26:49 pace

    i came down here, washed up, air-dried, and departed. no gear to show.
    there was a paddle boat moored to the dock; i paddled it to the beach and back later, but there is no way to show that here; ... read more

  13. walk
    good (part 2) walk around dining h... 0.23 km 00:04:00 27:59 pace

    see .
    this one probably was shorter, but will be shown as the same.

  14. walk
    good (part 8) walk around dining h... 0.23 km 00:03:30 24:29 pace

    i came here for a chocolate feast, indulged, and walked back to the bike.
    i forgot to log it for the previous day.

  15. VELO
    good (part 1, 3, 5, 7) ride to din... 1.37 km 00:07:00 7.3mph pace

    again, i rode slowly down the hills.
    i made it to breakfast by only a few minutes, ate, rode to the dock, bathed there, rode to the beach, ran into the water and back, and returned to the cabin fo... read more

  16. VELO
    good (part 8) ride to dining hall,... 1.18 km 00:06:00 7.3mph pace

    i forgot to mention that i was not timing these rides. i saw no reason to do so, but did estimate them.
    because there are so many trees around the cabins, i have no idea if i picked the right one.... read more

  17. walk
    good (part 7) walk in pavilion, to... 1.86 km 00:33 28:33 pace

    i moved around slowly, saying hi to old friends and meeting new ones.
    when the activities in the pavilion ended, i moved to the campfires, circled one a few times, and then came back to the bike.
    ... read more

  18. VELO
    good (part 6) ride from parking ar... 0.21 km 11.5mph pace

    the first of many bike-streaks went here.
    i wandered around this building for a while, then moved on.
    that will be illustrated in the next part.

  19. walk
    good (part 5) eating, checking in,... 0.89 km 00:13:00 23:30 pace

    when i turned onto the gravel highway (leavenworth co-30) that leads to this place (camp gaea), i removed the shorts. this event is called “mmng” for “midwest male naturist gathering”.
    at the gate... read more

  20. walk
    good (part 4) walk around rest are... 0.16 km 00:02:00 20:07 pace

    stopped here to get map of mo.
    that done, was on my way.
    same outfit as before.