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  • 123 miles
  • 09:57 time
  • 6996 calories
  • 14 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. VELO
    great Capital Trail 40.18 mi 02:52 14.0mph pace

    Rode with 2 guys from work. John hit 10 and turned around. He just got his bike and this was his longest ride ever. Hamilton and I kept going to the Charles City Courthouse and came back. Added som... read more

  2. VELO
    great To the Loo 0.8 mi 00:04:36 10.4mph pace

    Still waiting, had to go.

  3. RUN
    great Waiting Run 1.34 mi 00:13:10 09:49 pace

    Showed up early for the ride, so got a little run in.

  4. FIT
    Deadlift Practice 00:15:00

    RDL 30lb bar, 30lbs x10x3
    Trap Bar Deadlift 60lb bar, 50lbs x 5x5
    Pullups 5
    Chin ups 6

  5. VELO
    great Teaching Spin 17.2 mi 01:06 15.6mph pace

    Two groups, one for about 25 minutes the other for about 45. About 35 total students.

  6. VELO
    great Teaching HIIT Spin 10.6 mi 00:38 16.7mph pace

    Had 6 students for my evening High Intensity Interval Training class.

  7. RUN
    After Spin 3.27 mi 00:28 08:33 pace

    Humid run after spin!

  8. VELO
    great Teaching Spin 14.8 mi 00:56 15.9mph pace

    Good class. Only 7 students. We incorporated some dumbbell work.

  9. FIT
    Squat Time 00:15:00

    Squat Therapy 15lb x10x3
    RDL 30lb Bar 30lbs x10x3
    Trap bar Deadlift 60lb bar 50lbs x5x5
    Pullups 5
    Chinups 7

  10. VELO
    great Spin Class 14.1 mi 00:55 15.4mph pace

    Fun class with Darlean.

  11. FIT
    Ups and Abs 00:15:00

    Bosu Squats 10x5
    Lunges 5xLxRx5
    Crunches 50x5
    Pushups 10x5

  12. RUN
    great Humid Run 5.01 mi 00:46 09:11 pace

    Hot and humid, even at 5:30 in the morning.

  13. FIT
    Squats 00:15:00

    Rdl bar 35lb 5x2
    Rdl 30lb + bar 35lb 3x5
    Trap bar deadlift 60 bar 50lb 5x5

  14. VELO
    Spin Class 16.1 mi 00:58 16.7mph pace

    New instructor at the gym. Excellent class!

  15. VELO
    Yorktown Battlefields with John 9.06 mi 00:44 12.4mph pace

    John's first ride on his new bike. Took it easy on the Battlefields.

  16. RUN
    great Chesty Puller 10K Plus One 6.9 mi 00:59 08:32 pace

    Fantastic race this morning!

  17. RUN
    great Newport News Park 5.01 mi 00:44 08:43 pace

    Nice run this morning with Chris from my spin class. A little faster than I wanted to go today.

  18. VELO
    great Teaching HIIT Spin 12.1 mi 00:47 15.4mph pace

    My first time teaching HIIT Spin.
    5 Min warmup
    12 30 second sprints
    12 1:15 rests
    5 Min cool down.

    Pretty hard!

  19. walk
    Back to the Gym 0.6 mi 00:09:51 16:25 pace

    And we walked back...

  20. RUN
    Army Birthday Run 3.05 mi 00:35 11:20 pace

    Ran with Yimena as Fort Eustis celebrated the Army's Birthday!