10158 total / 1002 in 2014

Goals for 2014...Still shooting for a sub 4 marathon...Run on every beach in Oahu. Honolulu Marathon.

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  • 5 miles
  • 00:42 time
  • 589 calories
  • 2 workouts
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  1. RUN
    great Ability Group Run 4.29 mi 00:35 08:11 pace

    The ability group run was pretty fun. I ran between several groups, speeding up and slowing down. I spent some time running a bit slower with one of my senior nco run buddies, but he could see I wa... read more

  2. Hurricane Ana was not much of a threat here on Oahu, at least as far as wind goes. However it has been raining steadily since about 3 yesterday afternoon. Plus the early morning storm yesterday. Fl... read more

    • J J
      J J

      Hey! Glad your ok,Bro! Seen guys surfin the mega waves off ,Waikiki! On the weather channel! Pretty Badass! :0

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    • Saliha

      Thank goodness you're all ok, stay safe :)

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    • Holly T.
      Holly T.

      stay safe, and don't get your shoes too wet. We get those 4 day soakers instead of hurricanes sometimes, called "Unnamed storms" and boy do they make it damp.

      about 22 hours ago Like

  3. RUN
    great Hurricane?? Run 3.45 mi 00:31 08:52 pace

    Training plan called for a LSD of 14. Mother Nature ensured that I get a relative rest day. I woke up at 2:37 to thunder and lightning and pouring rain. We get a lot of rain in Hawaii, but not so m... read more

  4. RUN
    great NCO Academy 5.01 mi 00:47 09:28 pace

    Ran with a few other senior NCO's and headed up to the NCO Academy and back. Added in a bit to get to 5. Hilly. There is another hurricane coming...

  5. VELO
    great PT Ride 18.01 mi 01:23 13.1mph pace

    Rode Gigi to PT today to get some riding time in. Had one guy join me for the ride, and more expressed interest. We rode the airfield, then out to the NCO Academy, then back around the airfield, an... read more

  6. RUN
    great Hill Day 5.26 mi 00:53 10:02 pace

    I got three other senior nco's to head out for hill day with me. We ran to the Little Gulch and did that three times and then to the Big Gulch to do once. Fun stuff!
    Little Gulch is .24 of a m... read more

  7. RUN
    great Easy Tues 4.66 mi 00:45 09:36 pace

    An easy run and chat with one of the guys from work.

  8. VELO
    great Back Home 5.11 mi 00:22 14.1mph pace

    Took the back gate out and man was that a mistake. No shoulder to speak of, horrible sidewalks. Next time back through post. Down the hill again and hit about 35 again!

  9. RUN
    great Track Work 3 mi 00:31 10:20 pace

    After the warmup, started with a 400 but realized that I really didn't want to do 400's today, so after the first moved to 200's. 1:30 for the 400 5:53 pace, 200's (47.7, 39.1, ... read more

    • J J
      J J

      Nice work at the track!

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    • Saliha

      Running on grass barefoot....perfect :)

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    • Suresh S.
      Suresh S. You're an Inspiration
      You're an Inspiration:

      awesome: speed w/outs, BF run Danny that was a lovely run mate..cheers

      7 days ago

    • Mel C.


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  10. RUN
    great Brick/Track Warmup 1.02 mi 00:09:07 08:53 pace

    Easy warmup around the track. Legs were just a bit heavy. BRICK!

  11. VELO
    great To The Track 5.59 mi 00:27 12.7mph pace

    Rode from the house to the track on post to do repeats. Rode through Wheeler and then across to Schofield. Less traffic, more stopping for signals.

  12. VELO
    great Car Delivery 5.25 mi 00:25 12.4mph pace

    I had to get new tires put on the car today, which meant that I had to deliver the car to my nephew so he could go from one job to the next. I loaded Gigi in the back of the Volvo and headed to Win... read more

  13. RUN
    great Stables Long Run 12.17 mi 02:15 11:03 pace

    Ran the stables route from the house. I walked several of the big uphills. After all the time in the sun, I just didn't have much in the tank. Starting to wonder if this marathon will be my la... read more

    • Holly T.
      Holly T.

      not your last. Maybe the last your train for alone. I can actually run an 11:03 pace and if I was anywhere close I'd jump for a chance to run with fun Danny.

      10 days ago Like1 person

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    • Ray J. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      You're a tough guy I know! You got this my friend!

      8 days ago

    • Adam F.
      Adam F.

      Solo training is indeed very difficult. There's only so much communing you can do with yourself, right? One thing you can try is making your long run into two loops of some course where someone can meet you and do one loop and maybe someone else can meet you for the second loop or even do one loop alone and the other with a friend.

      8 days ago Like1 person

  14. RUN
    great Camelback False Start 2.18 mi 00:21 09:48 pace

    Decided to try something new for my long run, which was to wear a camelback. Started out, and immediately knew I hated it. I don't like the straps and the pulling. So I turned around and went ... read more

    • Holly T.
      Holly T.

      bam 14 plus miles in the book, and yeah, I'm not a camel back fan, I want to be one, but...

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    • Petite

      Great job testing out the gears that works for you, Danny!

      9 days ago Like

    • Adam F.
      Adam F.

      good for you trying it out and then not forcing yourself to keep working with it when you didn't like it. No reason to suffer!

      8 days ago Like

  15. RUN
    great Friday! 6.53 mi 00:59 09:01 pace

    Ran out for 31 min and returned home. Made it in under an hour! Huzzah! Of course, the first mile includes that hill that really slows me down, but the last bit is all downhill!

  16. RUN
    great Easy Thu 2.14 mi 00:18 08:14 pace

    Just a quick run before I had to take Mary to work and then get ready for the Tropic Lightning Week closing ceremony. We practiced the parade and ceremony for about 3 hours yesterday, in the hottes... read more

    • Sue R.
      Sue R.

      Crap Danny!! That's a lot of people that went down~! Hope you are ok! <3

      12 days ago Like2 people

    • Marie

      Speedy 2! Hope everyone survives the TLW!

      12 days ago Like

    • Genna C.
      Genna C.

      That sounds miserable. I hope you are staying hydrated.

      9 days ago Like