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Daniele logged 43 miles.

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  1. walk
    great 1.48 mi 01:00

    walked the dogs up to my polling site! a nice campaign volunteer held them for me while i went in and voted (for the opposite candidate he was volunteering for, i think!)

    • Daniele B.
      Daniele B.

      and the one hour was including the time i had to stand in line to check in at the polls and then the 2 minutes i took to vote. ;-) it helps to have read the ballot before hand!

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  2. FIT
    great Zumba 01:00

    my 2nd class tonight went better than my 1st class did Sunday morning, but I think my body was more ready for it Sunday morning! I blame today's lack of caffeine. ;-) I also MUST start doing m... read more

  3. FIT
    great Zumba 01:00

    I am the most uncoordinated person on the planet! But I had fun at my first zumba class - even though whenever I'd see myself in the mirror I'd giggle. :-P

  4. FIT
    good @ the gym 00:50

    went to gym to hit up my first Zumba class, but had a really hard time finding the gym thanks to some faulty directions. :-/ so, my friend and I missed the class and decided to do elliptical instea... read more

  5. VELO
    great Stationary bike @ Days Inn 4.5 mi 00:20 13.5mph pace

    got up even earlier than our early start this morning and got a cycle in before we started on our whirlwind tour of Chicago today! :-D

  6. Went to gym for 1st time in forever this afternoon! Wanna get into habit again - not that my habits have ever lasted very long at one go...but still, it's a start!

    • Nolan

      The cool thing is that no matter how much time away from your workouts, you can always pick them back up again.

      over 8 years ago Like

    • Stacy

      You motivated me girl!!! :D

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  7. FIT
    good Elliptical at the gym 1.82 mi 00:30 16:29 pace

    I was really bored with it at first, but enjoyed it when it was over. Next time need to remember my earbuds for my iPod and maybe upload some audiobooks to listen to

    • Joel T.
      Joel T.

      Boredom while exercising has always been a problem for me. I try to counter that by having my elliptical facing our big screen at home. Of course then I have the problem of trying to find something decent to watch that will keep me interested, lol.

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  8. walk
    great English Landing 2.23 mi 01:00 26:56 pace

    Had a nice walk with the dog and the husband tonight! i'm not exactly sure how long we walked, I wasn't really keeping tabs.

  9. FIT
    good stupid elliptical 00:30

    stupid machine was irritating the crap out of me - kept resetting itself when i pedaled backwards for any length of time. they don't usually do that. grr...

  10. FIT
    alright Wii: My Fitness Coach - Set up 00:05:00

    this was during the setting up of my profile - man, i have a LONG way to go. my crunches, squats, push ups and jumping jacks are WEAK.

  11. FIT
    good Wii: My Fitness Coach - Yoga 00:15:00

    i set up my profile on this thing today, and seeing as it was 22.15, i didn't want to do anything *too* strenuous, so yoga it was.

    the workout itself was fine - though i have some complaints... read more

  12. FIT
    alright run of the m-elliptical 1.82 mi 00:30 16:29 pace

    the workout itself went ok, but i went in with a headache and left with a headache. I had originally planned on working out for an hour, but when i couldn't shake the headache, i decided a cha... read more

  13. i'm feeling pretty sore today - but i don't know if it's due to the Wii on 5/3, the zoo/pushing a stroller uphill with the brake on for a bit on 5/4 or the general stress in my life.... read more

    • Nolan

      I think it was the stroller at the zoo.

      almost 9 years ago Like

    • Daniele B.
      Daniele B.

      yeah, it, loaded down with a 3.75 year old nephew was quite heavy!

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  14. walk
    good Kansas City Zoo - Cheetah Par... 1.5 mi

    I'm guesstimating mileage - i know the Africa trail is about a mile long, but i'm guessing the distance from car to elephant walk. i need to replace the battery in my pedometer!!

  15. FIT
    great Rayman Raving Rabbids Activities 00:40

    I did 3 rounds of "Beestie Boarding"; 2 "Groove On TV" programs - dancing along while I "played" my instrument; and 5 "Shake It TV" programs. :-D

  16. FIT
    great Wii Fit + 00:23

    did body test and then 2 at a time in the training plus for about 22 minutes. :-)

  17. FIT
    great wii fit+ 00:33

    for lisa aka @lmh381. well - for me too. :)

    • Lisa H.
      Lisa H.

      YAY! Am proud of ya!! Now I need to get my act together and exercise at least 2 more times this week lol

      almost 9 years ago Like

  18. FIT
    alright gardening 02:00

    back didn't like gardening today. and neither did my poor hands. stupid clay-laden soil. :-(

  19. walk
    good Weston Bend State Park 3 mi

    there are some HILLS along that path!