Friends (23)

  • Kristie C.

    Kristie C.

    Las Vegas, NV, I have goals, they are personal. I compete against myself.

  • Jon Flex L.

    Jon Flex L.

    Virginia Beach, VA, One Running streak done in September, now on another since Halloween. Shamrock Marathon in March was 22 in 10 yrs. What Next? Hmmmm....Rock On!

  • Jeremie H.

    Jeremie H.

    Virginia Beach, VA, 4:30 2011 Marine Corp Marathon

  • Ron J.

    Ron J.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Run injury free! PR in all distances! Work on improving speed while running several 1/2's with a few 10 and 5k's for good measure!

  • Kristen F.

    Kristen F.

    Philadelphia, PA, For 2011: Tear shit up, BAMF style.

  • Corinne M

    Corinne M

    Norfolk, VA, To have fun recovering from injury, and someday, someday - to do sub-15 minute miles!!!

  • Ruth G.

    Ruth G.

    Napoli, IT, Be better about taking care of myself.

  • Kim S.

    Kim S.

    Virginia Beach, VA, 2014 Goals: Get faster and stronger! PRs in 5K, 10K, and Sprint Tri distances (and anything in between)

  • Maryanne G.

    Maryanne G.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Stay healthy, happy, and fit !!

  • Michael K.

    Michael K.

    Virginia Beach, VA, More quality races in 2014. Still chasing that sub 4.

  • Coachprs


    Fort Collins, CO, I coach runners and triathletes. This year I will be doing a full IM

  • Cj


    , 2015: Run Marathon (2:45) | Win some shit.

  • Heavy K.

    Heavy K.

    Norfolk, VA, running from death

  • Ken F.

    Ken F.

    Norfolk, VA, 70.3 Marathon Iron-man

  • Jordan C.

    Jordan C.

    Blacksburg, VA, 2014 BEAST SERIES Love what I do

  • Nicole Z.

    Nicole Z.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Get My Fitness Back!

  • Matt K.

    Matt K.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Cycling races...crits, road races, time trials etc

  • Sara B.

    Sara B.

    Elizabeth Twp, PA, Run 1,000 miles this year.

  • Neal T.

    Neal T.

    Virginia Beach, VA, First half (done), first full (done), first duo, first tri...

  • Mel Jones T.

    Mel Jones T.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Run my first full, Marine Corps Marathon 2012 (accomplished in 5:40!), and to be a healthy, happy runner! :)

  • John A.

    John A.

    Pozzuoli, IT, Run and lift weights regularly. Get back to participating in races sometime in 2014.

  • Courtney A P.

    Courtney A P.

    Virginia Beach, VA,

  • Joe G.

    Joe G.

    Virginia Beach, VA,