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Dailyworkout is an Android application that allows you to stay connected with your friends on

Track and share your training!

Dailymile makes it easy to keep track of your workouts. Map your routes and share with a community of active people.

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  1. Today we released a free version of Dailyworkout (Android app that connects to dailymile). If you're an Android user or know a DMer that is, check it out - read more

    • Alan T.
      Alan T.

      Highly recommended, folks. I've been using Dailyworkout since shortly after it was first released, and have always been impressed by it. The developer is a good guy, and very responsive to user feedback. Give the app a try. You'll like it.

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  2. Just created a short demo video showing some of what you can do with Dailyworkout

  3. New blog post on the latest updates to Dailyworkout

    • Alan T.
      Alan T.

      Brilliant update, Jeff! Looks absolutely great on both my HTC phone and my Samsung Galaxy tablet. Job well done!

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    • Jeff

      Thanks Alan!

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  4. Do people use/look at the "nearby" stream on dailymile? Thinking about adding it to Dailworkout similar to how we have the popular stream now.

    • Alan T.
      Alan T.

      Only look there occasionally, but it would be a nice feature to have, I think.

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    • Melissa F.
      Melissa F.

      It's not very accurate. It takes the user's stated town rather than where they're actually running, and even then it's not great. There are tons of runners in London, but my 2nd and 3rd entries are in Oxford and Hampshire (hours away). And I've got people running in Chicago and Mexico on my London stream. So no, great idea but poor execution on DM's part!

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    We are getting great reviews from our users!

  6. Dailyworkout v1.6.0 has been released! Highlights include, pull to refresh and the ability to record the number of calories burned during a workout.

  7. Just looked at the Dailyworkout usage charts provided by dailymile and today was our busiest day yet! Now back to working on new features

  8. We hit a milestone today...50+ installs of Dailyworkout (our Android app for dailymile)!

  9. Dailyworkout is continuing to climb up the list, it is now the 3rd app on the list when searching Google Play for 'dailymile'. Moving up!

  10. We're running a Memorial Day weekend special, Dailyworkout (Android app for dailymile) is now only 99¢!!

  11. Just put together a very simple web app that will calculate your PRs from dailymile using their API

    Check it out!

    • Melissa F.
      Melissa F.

      Hey that's pretty cool! It only seems to find runs that are exactly that distance, though, so even though I've run plenty of half marathon runs, it doesn't find any since they were all a little longer than the official distance. Or that I've run the first 5km of many runs faster than the sole 5k I did once.

      But I have a feeling this might be on Dailymile's end, as this is how their distance challenges work, too!

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    • Dailyworkout


      It uses a slight "fuzziness" when comparing distances (+/- .1k, ie 5.1k and 4.9k would count as 5k).

      Dailymile doesn't track splits so we can only look at full run distances when determining personal records

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  12. Dailyworkout 1.4 was just released. This version adds the ability to upload photos from the Android photo gallery.

  13. Dailyworkout is now the 4th app on the list when searching Google Play for dailymile. Moving up!

  14. We just released v1.3 of Dailyworkout (Android application for dailymile). Highlights of this release include photo and "like" support. See the full list of what's included by visi... read more

  15. Check out our blog for information on the next release of Dailyworkout (Android app for dailymile)

  16. Checkout our dailymile Android app, Dailyworkout,

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    Check out our logo!

  18. Working on dailyworkout