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Ironman #2 sometime in 2015, not sure which one yet...

Wall of Motivation (20)

  1. Eric P.
      Nice Job

    Nice! I'm looking forward to our group challenge. Where can I get more info? on a workout

  2. Chris K.
      Nice Job

    Same here. The great thing is we both know what to do about it! on a workout

  3. Chris K.
      Nice Job

    Very strong. Keep up the good work. on a workout

  4. Everard S.
      Nice Job

    Well done! what, only about 17 weeks left? Looking forward to following the t... read more

  5. Donna T.
      Great Performance

    Awesome job! on a workout

  6. Chris K.
      You're an Inspiration

    There you go again, helping out the noobz. Good job! on a workout

  7. Chris K.
      Nice Job

    Great job putting all those miles on AFTER the speedy section. Good, hard work. on a workout

  8. Chris K.
      Nice Job

    Way to use your time wisely. I bagged the cold mornings this week; fortunatel... read more

  9. Chris K.
      Nice Job

    I know this was a tough race for lots of folks, w/the windy bike and the hot ... read more

  10. Chris K.
      Great Performance

    Impressive run! on a workout

  11. Everard S.
      You're Funny

    That's funny. Way to put a positive spin on it! on a workout

  12. John M.
      Good Luck

    Kill it tomorrow bro- have fun and enjoy the reward of all your hard work

  13. Lori D.
      Good Luck

    have a great race :) on a workout

  14. John M.
      Good Luck

    I've been looking for a Dawg's golf cart for Sunday, but can't find any. Lloy... read more

  15. June S.
      Nice Job

    One trial at a time; you'll reach your goal before you know it. on a workout

  16. Everard S.
      Nice Job

    Well, how'd it feel? Despite rain in the forecast, it looked liked good condi... read more

  17. Everard S.

    So, how'd it go? What about that swim? on a workout

  18. Everard S.
      Great Performance

    A PB is nice, but sneaking it in during a family obligation, that's worthy! W... read more

  19. Jane M.

    Chad - for a first-timer (which I was last year) - you are doing SO well in y... read more

  20. Everard S.
      Nice Job

    sounds like your ready already. on a workout