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Glacial Trail 50k Rematch October 2013, Sub 6hr 50k, UTMB Someday Maybe

Corey S. ran: This race was a total...

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  • 31 miles
  • 07:19 time
  • 14:08 pace
  • 3636 calories
  • 3310 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
  • 0 avg hr
    • Currently 5/5 Effort.
    effort 5/5
alright Ice Age Trail 50k 31.06 mi 07:19 14:08 pace

This race was a total jekyl and hyde monster in more ways than one. There's the obvious: the IAT 50k course starts off with some beautiful gently rolling single track leading up to Horseriders Camp. It then transitions to two counterclockwise loops on the nordic ski trails which, while unassuming looking, includes a seemingly endless series of quad trashing hills.

Then there was the personal: Despite 5-time-zone jet lag and terrible sleep the two nights prior, I felt really good at the start. The initial 13 mile leg out to Horserider's and back felt light and easy and I had a smile on my face the whole way. As I left the aid to start my first Nordic loop I felt great, chatting briefly with some folks over the first mile or so... then the wheels suddenly and inexplicably fell off the wagon. The jet lag and sleep deprivation would come back to bite me hard as I simply could not muster the mental and emotional fortitude necessary to push onesself through the pain and fatigue of a long race. I seriously considered dropping three times. I managed to push through somehow and got an unexpected, but much needed, final boost of encouragement from another 50k runner who caught up to me 1.5 miles from from the finish. It hurt, a lot, but I ran it in finishing 36 minutes under my time from last year. Thanks to the Badgerland Striders for putting on a great race, to the volunteers for keeping me going, and to all the other runners for your companionship and encouragement.

Cumulative distance for Running: 31.06 mi/7 days, 55.22 mi/14 days, 94.7 mi/28 days, 572.14 mi/Year, 298.68 mi/YTD
Cumulative time for Running: 7:19/7 days, 12:12/14 days, 19:23/28 days, 110:52/Year, 55:30/YTD
Cumulative runs over 10 mi: 1/7 days, 1/14 days, 2/28 days, 15/Year, 6/YTD
Heart Rate: Average=158 (
TRIMP 1758, Weekly TRIMP 820, Monotony 0.41, Training Strain 335 (
Fitness (CTL/monotony) 256, Fatigue (ATL*monotony) 123, Performance (Fitness-Fatigue) 132
Efficiency=65.5, drift -15.9% (
+3311/-3310/6621 ft 4%
Weather: Chance Rain, 19c/66f