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  • 5 miles
  • 00:51 time
  • 10:16 pace
  • 699 calories
  • 232 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
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blah Blaisdell Park - Pearl Harbor Visitor's Center 5 mi 00:51 10:16 pace

This year's neverending winter in Wisconsin means I'm sooo not heat acclimated. Went for a midday run while Andie got a massage. Had 1:45 to kill so I originally planned on an 8 mile run on the bike path that runs along the northern shore of Pearl Harbor, heading first over to the Arizona/PH visitor's center, then doubling back to Lehua Elementary. Managed a decent pace for the first 2.5M, making a stop at the visitor's center to cool off for a bit and to take a couple pictures. Managed about another half a mile before the heat really started to get to me. No matter how much I slowed down I could not get a handle on it and my heart rate continued to rise. Finally, at ~mile 4, I had to pull the plug and walk for a quarter mile. I managed to cool off enough to run out the last .75 back to the park, where I promptly collapsed into a gasping heap under the shade of a group of palm trees. After a little bit I felt better, and considered going back out to nab the last three miles, but ultimately thought better of it and just chillaxed in the park.

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Weather: Clear, 29c/85f
Lap 1, 09:14, 1.00 miles, 9:14 min/mi, Avg 156 BPM, Max 170 BPM
Lap 2, 09:24, 1.00 miles, 9:25 min/mi, Avg 173 BPM, Max 180 BPM
Lap 3, 09:34, 1.00 miles, 9:35 min/mi, Avg 175 BPM, Max 180 BPM
Lap 4, 10:05, 1.00 miles, 10:06 min/mi, Avg 180 BPM, Max 187 BPM
Lap 5, 12:57, 1.00 miles, 12:58 min/mi, Avg 168 BPM, Max 184 BPM