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  • Vin A.

    Vin A.

    Milwaukee, WI, I just wanna workout, enjoy running barefoot style, and etc. Learn from other people who like to stay active in the modern world

  • Wayne


    San Francisco, CA, Best times so far in 2014: 1M: 7:58 5K: 24:47 10K: 51:52 12K: 1:00:09 10M: 1:27:22

  • Todd


    Parker City, IN, Keep running, stay fit, & be happy. And maybe do a few races along the way. :)

  • Madz


    Cebu City, PH, dis year my most memorable i have in my life.. xterra phils relay champion...1ST ILAYA DUATHLON CHALLENGE TRAIL BIKE & TRAIL RUN..first time champ.solo..:)

  • Kenn T.

    Kenn T.

    Los Angeles, CA, To beat my best time; 3K = 12 mins 10 secs 5K = 20 mins 36 secs 10K = 43 mins 49 secs 15K = 1:11:12 21K = 1:44:50 42K = 3:54:45

  • Douglas W.

    Douglas W.

    St Petersburg, FL,

  • Jesse S.

    Jesse S.

    Cebu, PH, more marathons, ultra-marathons, and triathlons!...:)

  • Kat Salangsang G.

    Kat Salangsang G.

    Kabankalan City, PH, To one day be as fast as Nathaniel Garcia. (Joke!) Run all my life. :D

  • Ryann S.

    Ryann S.

    Quezon City, PH, Just run it.

  • Nathaniel G.

    Nathaniel G.

    Manila, PH, 2:59 marathon

  • Ade O.

    Ade O.

    Atlanta, GA, Inspire others

  • Sverre S.

    Sverre S.

    , To be able to bike/hike the same amount I do now when I am 70 and more! Enjoy life and the out-door life!

  • Musa A.
  • Michael S.

    Michael S.

    Cumming, GA, ATC 10 miler- 10/26/14, Big Sur 21-miler- 4/26/15

  • Harold Xavier T.

    Harold Xavier T.

    Cebu, PH, run more marathons =)

  • Ado Codes

    Ado Codes

    Cebu City, PH, IronMan

  • Alfonso G.

    Alfonso G.

    Bacoor, PH, run for God for He is my strength :) to keep myself fit 42K - sub 4:30 32K - sub 3:10 21K - sub 2:00 16K - sub 1:30 10K - sub 0:50 5K - sub 0:24 3K - sub 0:12

  • Adrian C.

    Adrian C.

    , Beach Body! :-)

  • Benjchz B.

    Benjchz B.

    Cebu, PH,

  • Jeanine M.

    Jeanine M.

    , To lose weight reach at 50 kilos! Stay Healthy all the time!

  • Mickiego


    Cebu City, PH, To run a Sub 7 42km at the Cebu City Marathon in January 2014, To reach 2hrs & 30mins for my 21km and to finish a sub 8 Ironman 70.3 2014 in ! :D

  • Jeffrey V.

    Jeffrey V.

    Cebu City, PH, Keep on rolling Baby!

  • Dennis S.

    Dennis S.

    Cebu, PH, Be healthy, functionally fit and injury-free all throughout the year 2014! Finish a trail ultramarathon, marathon and half marathon.

  • Amale J.

    Amale J.

    Cebu, PH, Go under 3:40 in Boston Break 1:43 on the half-mary Run all my life

  • Ian Y.

    Ian Y.

    Metropolitan Manila, PH, To prove to everyone that people w/ GOUT (acute inflammatory arthritis) like me can do what normal runners can do too. Bucketlist = 100kms ultra distance