Friends (34)

  • Tom C.

    Tom C.

    Worcester, PA, 2014: 1) Do at least 100 push-ups every day; 2) Run 2000+ miles; 3) All race distances from 5K to marathon; 4) Stay strong.

  • Phil S.

    Phil S.

    Orange, MA, Lost 50 lbs in 2010, ran multi 5ks, 10ks since. 1st 1/2 in 2013, 1st marathon 2014! Goal is to keep going and stay in shape and just to have fun!

  • Willem


    Groningen, NL, run without pain

  • Markus S.

    Markus S.

    Bramsche, DE, ... ;-)

  • Rob P.

    Rob P.

    Deventer, NL, London marathon 23-04-2016

  • Michael G.

    Michael G.

    North Plainfield, NJ, Continue to run for charity!

  • Natasha H.

    Natasha H.

    Dundee, GB, Run sub 30:00 at Camperdown ParkRun

  • Kristy


    Champion, NY, Start running again.

  • Jeff J.

    Jeff J.

    Southaven, MS, one more day, one more mile

  • Janet S.

    Janet S.


  • Jirnsum


    The Netherlands, Main goal is to have fun and interact with others here :) Currently just freewheeling

  • Amarins K.

    Amarins K.

    Nootdorp, NL,

  • Allison H.

    Allison H.

    Milwaukee, WI, to run forever

  • Haluk A.

    Haluk A.

    Voorschoten, NL, Live healty and happily sports full life

  • Greg G.

    Greg G.

    Las Cruces, NM, To challenge myself to be a better Triathlete and better person. ‎"Today I will do what others won’t, So tomorrow I can do what others can’t."

  • Karen W.

    Karen W.

    Lilburn, GA, Beach 2 Battleship 140.6 Oct 2014 Mountain Mist 50k January 2015

  • Brandon


    Toronto, ON, 3:30 Marathon in 2013. BQ by end of 2015. PR's: 5k 21:45 10k 41:32 HM 1:36:52 M 3:59:42

  • Francesca


    Spring, TX, Finish a 2nd Sprint triathlon in a time of 1:30 (date tbd) + finish an Olympic distance race in the fall of 2013. Practice, practice, practice!

  • Mickey W.

    Mickey W.

    Lawrence, KS, Endurance adventures, CrossFit, cycling, swimming, and running races and training.

  • Mike B.

    Mike B.

    Victoria, BC, To run every day for the rest of my life

  • Jocelyn Y.

    Jocelyn Y.

    Vestal, NY, Spending the winter getting back into endurance shape after a couple injuries.

  • Shelly


    Brookfield, IL, Oh my- it's the big one. Chicago Marathon on October 13!

  • Jolanda


    Saskatoon, SK,

  • Ger V.

    Ger V.

    , need to reset my goal as I have reached my last one..

  • Ryan


    Framingham, MA, Stop spending so much $ on races. Stay local and small