Friends (84)

  • Meg R.

    Meg R.

    Nocona, TX, To have fun and be happy :)

  • Mike B.

    Mike B.

    Atlanta, GA, "I wanna go fast!" (on race day) - Ricky Bobby

  • Shawna B.

    Shawna B.

    Marietta, GA, Novice Tri Girl going for HIM Augusta 2014 & IM Florida 2014

  • Ann H.

    Ann H.

    Boston, MA, BQ Phoenix Marathon 2014, check... Ironman Boulder August 2014 … Beach to Battleship Iron October 2014 … Do one pull-up. To love training as much as ever.

  • Gary F.

    Gary F.

    Salem, WI, Stay Healthy.. PR 1/2 1:50:00 or better PR 10K :47 or better Race my first 70.3 7/14

  • Susie F.

    Susie F.

    Lawrence, KS, To stay healthy and keep running.

  • Scott B.

    Scott B.

    Grand Rapids, MI, Sub 3:00 Olympic Triathlon's in 2014,1:25 Sprint Triathlon, 2:00 goal for 25k Run, and a sub 4:00 Marathon.

  • Marius M.

    Marius M.

    Atlanta, GA, Spring: 5k sub 19:20 (done, 19:09); 10k sub 40:00 (done, 39:35). Summer/Fall: 10k sub 38:00, 5K sub 18:20.

  • Richard F.

    Richard F.

    Portland, OR, Ironman Canada - 2015 :) Gain more strength in the upper body, get to my racing weight.

  • Jayne M.

    Jayne M.

    Omaha, NE, 1800 running miles for 2014 and somehow run a marathon.

  • Adam F.

    Adam F.

    GA, which Pooh finds his goals for the year: 50K race on 5/3/2014, 50mile race possibly 11/1/2014

  • Mountain Goat

    Mountain Goat

    Atlanta, GA, *Sub-3:40 Publix Georgia Marathon (3-23-14) *Thrill in the Hills Marathon (2-22-14) *50 miler (TBD) *?????

  • Tabatha H.

    Tabatha H.

    TX, 1. Cowtown HM Feb 2014 2. One Century Ride (Hotter Than Hell Hundred?) 3. St. Paddy's Day Sprint Tri 4. First Olympic Tri (June/July)

  • Tim L.

    Tim L.

    Atlanta, GA, 2014: Sub-90 minutes in Georgia/Publix Half (Done!); PR in Boston Marathon (current PR is 3:09); Run enough ATC events to earn the T-shirt!!!

  • Francis


    , Stay healthy, avoid injuries, and run 2000 miles in 2014 and a couple of marathons.

  • Shannon R.

    Shannon R.

    Beaufort, SC, To have fun competing in triathlons and running events while staying fit and active with my family.

  • Krysten M.

    Krysten M.

    Atlanta, GA, - Run spring half marathon in 1:44 or less. - Finish a summer HIM in 5:15 or less. - Finish top 15 OA female at B2B Iron distance triathlon or sub 11:30.

  • Ellen


    Fort Collins, CO, Help others meet goals, run 100 miles, a sub-20 5k, climb a 5.12 and have fun :)

  • Carter F.

    Carter F.

    Yorktown, VA, 2014 - stay healthy, surf a bunch, run a bunch

  • Heather H.

    Heather H.

    Atlanta, GA, To not have a goal.

  • Michelle K.

    Michelle K.

    Atlanta, GA, Sub 3hr marathon sub 5hr Half IM sub 11 hr IM and to blow off steam while i am at it!

  • Frank P.

    Frank P.

    Myrtle Beach, SC, Train well for Boston 2014 and better my marathon best of 2:49:10.

  • Jason


    GA, Next up: IMChatt

  • Leah


    Carlsbad, CA, To live in the moment with an open heart .

  • Jeff J.

    Jeff J.

    Roswell, GA, Hopefully something ultra-y this year. A marathon or two in the Georgia area and a couple half's as my schedule allows...