Friends (43)

  • Cari H.

    Cari H.

    NH, Enjoy running& stay healthy!!! run with my kids & husband when I can, run with my running buddies too! another 10k and half (or 2) along the way!

  • Stephen R.

    Stephen R.

    Gurnee, IL, 404 Not Found

  • Victoria A.

    Victoria A.

    Washington, DC, Be badass

  • Muriel


    New York, NY, To be healthy and have fun!!

  • Eric D.

    Eric D.

    Johnson City, TN, Swimming: Open Water Marathon (10K); Pool 2 mile 50. Running: Full 4, Half 1:45,10K 45,5K 22 Biking: bike a long ways. Half Iron.

  • Mustafa K.

    Mustafa K.

    Bursa Province, Turkey, IM ZURICH+SWITZERLAND 28 July 2013 DONE in 11:38

  • Angel M.

    Angel M.

    Hamburg, DE, To complete an 140.6 Ironman • To finish a Marathon Sub 3:00 • To cross the Orinoco-Caroní rivers again (DONE)

  • Lori T.

    Lori T.

    Kansas City, MO, stay healthy, avoid burnout, get stronger

  • Adam G.

    Adam G.

    New York, NY, Get back in shape. Cross the finish line with my dad at Big Sur Marathon for his 65th birthday!

  • Rahmin P.

    Rahmin P.

    Brooklyn, NY, Self-discovery by way of challenging myself. Finding out what my limitations used to be. To continue doing so.

  • Kelsie


    Fayetteville, NC, Get back into shape after having a baby, motivated with a Spartan Sprint in March and April Marathon

  • Ben W.

    Ben W.

    Liverpool, GB, To run as fast, as far and as often as I can.

  • Julien B.

    Julien B.

    Bristol, GB,

  • Carter F.

    Carter F.

    Yorktown, VA, 2014 - stay healthy, surf a bunch, run a bunch

  • Carmen B.

    Carmen B.

    Barcelona, ES, Become fitter and stronger to achieve different goals as for example do a complete TRIATHLON!!!

  • Dawn


    Red Deer, AB, Time to find a new goal... IM***:done 70.3:done Ultra distance run: done Sprint Tri: done Olympic Tri: done 5/10/21/29/42 runs: done Century Ride: done

  • Tatsuto N.

    Tatsuto N.

    Frankfurt Am Main, DE, Sieg in Lizenz M2 oder C-Klasse.

  • Ben W.

    Ben W.

    San Francisco, CA, Beating my Chicago time at the SF half! Oh, and enjoying new running routes :)

  • Lisa S.

    Lisa S.

    Minneapolis, MN, Improve on my 5k time. My first 5k was a 30:10, my 2nd one was a 27:50 (unofficial). This summer, I want to beat my time!! Get down to a 1:10 100 back.

  • Anh P.

    Anh P.

    New York, NY, couple of marathons, couple of tris. keep smiling!

  • Sam C.

    Sam C.

    Washington, DC, Preparing for a fundraising race in June and shooting for a 2:30 Half marathon time.

  • Fidel Q.

    Fidel Q.

    Washington, DC, awesomeness

  • Jeff C.

    Jeff C.

    Bridgewater, MA, Get Stronger and more fit! I want to be able to Snatch over 200 this year...

  • Kelly K.

    Kelly K.

    San Francisco, CA, Release the new dailymile iPhone app

  • Sarah K.

    Sarah K.

    Springfield, MO, To have a healthy and active pregnancy through the end of July, then a good recovery back to running and lifting like a mutha!