Chio swam: RESERVOIR SWIM! My s...

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  • 6 miles
  • 02:46 time
  • 25:40 pace
  • 1381 calories
  • 0 ft climb
  • 0 max hr
  • 0 avg hr
    • Currently 5/5 Effort.
    effort 5/5
great Coming Clean :: Day 254a 10412.5 m 02:46 25:40 pace

RESERVOIR SWIM! My second 10k of the OW season!

PRE-RACE: Was gonna sit this one out this year, but when the opportunity came up, I couldn’t help myself. C, my trusty kayak escort that I’ve paired up with 3 out of the 4 times I’ve done this race, was a bit skeptical when I first volunteered Alex W.'s services to be our team kayak’s “hood ornament”. C had never been in a tandem kayak before and came up with a long list of realistic scenarios / concerns so that Alex W. knew exactly what he was getting into. It scared him a bit, but better to be safe than sorry, right? Luckily, the test-run the day before the race went better than expected. We were ready! Well, at least from a crewing standpoint. Although I had been swimming regularly, I hadn’t put in my long swims as often as I should’ve been. I knew that we’d make it to the finish, but that my goal time was probs out of reach.

RACE DAY: Sunny 63F / 17C (air), 70F / 21C (water). RDs were running a little behind schedule due to the increased number of entrants and the resulting port-a-potty lines. Waves 1 and 2 went out 16 mins. late. Do I have time for a quick suit change behind a bush? Yes! The last thing I wanted to do was to not have enough stamina to get to the finish, so I held back and started off r-e-a-l-l-y slow. Spotted A&C right away and we headed to the inlet that they added to the course this year. When they announced this at the pre-race dinner, C suspected this was a bad idea. It was. Having to meander through a small space with so many kayaks was not fun. Temporarily ditched A&C and navigated around the first buoy by myself. They caught up to me and got me around the second buoy. Thank goodness, because I couldn’t see it at all! The inlet was the only area I got disoriented. But they led me out, back into the main part of the reservoir again.

Drank more than usual on the first two feeds. During my second feed, I felt both of my forearms on the verge of massively cramping. Kindly asked Alex W. to unscrew the lid off my water bottles for all subsequent feeds so all I had to do was chug. There was a lot of dribble, but no one seemed to notice ;) Due to being sufficiently hydrated, I learned that I could “take care of business” *while* I was swimming! Twice! #tmi Took four regular + one caffeinated feeds. Probs could’ve gone without caffeine altogether. Yep, I was feeling that good!

The hardest part about this year’s race was not letting others -- swimmers and crew -- set the pace. Must’ve told myself “Swim your own race!” a million times. Unfortunately, this meant that I’d be neck and neck with a 13 year-old kid for most of the race and have a lovely view of our kayak rudder for longer than I would’ve wished. But, after 8k, I finally shook off the kid and got a confidence boost as we started passing a lot of people towards the end. Just around this time, noticed lots of temperature variance. It was cool one second, then warm another. At least it kept me on my toes? With less than a mile to go, I really started picking it up. Well, at least I thought I was - ha! Passed one last person as we came around the beach buoys and, if I hadn’t gone slightly off-course at the very end, I could’ve gotten one more guy who was taking his sweet ‘ole time up the shore to the timing pad. Ah well.

1 - 24:20
2 - 27:01
3 - 26:46
4 - 26:09
5 - 25:31
6 - 24:30
0.47 - 11:49
(overall pace 1:00 slower than last year)

79 Finishers, 14th Overall, 5th Female.

POST-RACE: It’s always so nice to see C’s family at the finish. Arigato-! This year, though, I think R & C were more excited to see their dad! They ran down to the water, waited patiently as we got our stuff out and then they went for a quick spin in the tandem kayak. I warmed down behind them. Instead of chowing down on pancakes drowned in syrup *cough Alex W. cough*, I ate all of the bananas I had in my drop bag. Had a kalua pig plate for lunch and felt pretty good strolling around town afterwards. So much so that I shortened my massage so I could meet up with everyone earlier for a celebratory dinner!

Huge thanks to C for babysitting two of us this year. And to Alex W., for being much more than the “hood ornament” we initially intended him to be. Already looking forward to next year!

  • Kelsie

    Wow! That sounds amazing! Good job!

    about 5 years ago Like

  • Adam G.
    Adam G.

    I think that's the first time you have posted results :). Way to kill it! You are a machine!

    about 5 years ago Like

  • Ben W.
    Ben W.

    Fantastic stuff Chio, I can't even conceive of doing something like that - at least not without my swan;-)

    about 5 years ago Like

  • Chio

    @kelsie / cari - thanks!

    @alex - haha - what are you saying about my feeds? they weren't *that* long! specially in comparison to some i witnessed in may... :P

    @adam - haha - you have missed a few, but i suppose it's a more recent thing. blame jetlag? :D

    @ben - haha - still got my fingers crossed that a swan boat will show up at my next race :D

    about 5 years ago Like

  • Chio

    @lori - haha - thanks!

    about 5 years ago Like

  • Richard H.
    Richard H.

    Awesome race and report Chio and congrats!! Must be a good thing that you've done almost the same time as last year without too many long swims.

    about 5 years ago Like

  • Alex W.
    Alex W. Nice Job
    Nice Job:

    Still amazed that you could tread water for almost 3 hours! ;)

    about 5 years ago

  • Cari H.
    Cari H. You're an Inspiration
    You're an Inspiration:

    Amazing & Congrats!!!!!

    about 5 years ago

  • Lori T.
    Lori T. You're an Inspiration
    You're an Inspiration:

    #tmi but very talented. Incredible pace for a 10K. You're an animal Chio!

    about 5 years ago