Friends (75)

  • Greg B.

    Greg B.

    Columbus, OH, Enjoy the journey...

  • Abel


    Alvarado, TX, Keep running!!! And to better my marathon time which was 3hrs 57 mins!!!

  • Franklin F.

    Franklin F.

    Liverpool, NY, 15:40 5K, 2:50 FULL, 1:15ish half

  • Tom C.

    Tom C.

    WA, My Goal is very simple, Get a good start and maintain and increase Physical and Mental well Being. Otherwise Keep on Keeping on.

  • Drew V.

    Drew V.

    Chicago, IL, 3:30 Marathon, 10 min headstand.

  • Melvin


    Philippines, PH, Speed on Marathon, Half Marathon and to meet the World record holders in marathon that's Haile Gebrselassie and Paula Radcliffe, my idols in speed running..

  • Nick P.

    Nick P.

    New York, NY, Get back on the trails. Build up to regular runs, without injuries, in 2014. Perhaps a 5k if I feel solid.

  • A Rian

    A Rian

    CA, Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • Nicodemus F.

    Nicodemus F.

    Detroit, MI,

  • Christopher M.

    Christopher M.

    Cary, NC, Half century bike race LIVESTRONG challenge Philly August 23 Strengthing my mind body and spirit through all forms of exercise and the mediation it brings me.

  • Sarah S.

    Sarah S.

    , Live

  • Brian S.

    Brian S.

    Oceanside, NY, General fitness....LI Half 5/2/10

  • June L.

    June L.

    New York, NY, Becoming a life-long runner! And running a sub-8 minute mile :)

  • CrewShoe


    New York, NY, sub-3 NYC Marathon

  • Joseph P.

    Joseph P.

    San Diego, CA, Complete the Triple Crown in San Diego, CA in 2010.

  • Aki


    London, GB, Learn from experience, train better and enjoy the next challenge!

  • Chris


    Manila, PH, Compete in everything

  • Heather


    Tampa, FL, Be in good enough shape to join the Army and go to Basic Training if I wanted to.

  • Matthew W.

    Matthew W.

    Las Vegas, NV, Have conquered the country...for right now I just wanna keep up good cardio for whatever I might get into next. Going to try to equalize my cycling and running.

  • Ira M.

    Ira M.

    Atlanta, GA, Sub 2:10 800, Sub 5 min 1600, and 100 Push ups by the end of the year!!!

  • Alexis K.

    Alexis K.

    Atlanta, GA, 1) Half Marathon PR less than 2:00 2) Run Marathon

  • Randy H.

    Randy H.

    Cary, IL, fitness

  • Sari S.

    Sari S.

    Antibes, FR, To be in shape and to feel balanced, energetic and happy in every day life and to run some marathons in between :-)

  • Jim T.

    Jim T.

    Flower Mound, TX, Rocky Raccoon in February

  • Zac C.

    Zac C.

    San Diego, CA, Ninja/Assassin training