Friends (62)

  • Ade O.

    Ade O.

    Atlanta, GA, Inspire others

  • Mountain Goat

    Mountain Goat

    Atlanta, GA, 10/15 - Mystery Mountain & Marine Corps Marathons 12/15 - North Face Cali 50k 4/16 - BOSTON 6/16 - Laurel Highlands Ultra 8/16 & 9/16 - TransRockies & Alps

  • Josh S.

    Josh S.

    London, ON,

  • Kristin S.

    Kristin S.

    Toronto, ON, Las Vegas World Championships Half Ironman September 2013

  • Hillary W.

    Hillary W.

    Toronto, ON, Olympic Tri, Sub 2 hr 1/2 marathon, etc.

  • Lauren B.

    Lauren B.

    , Full Marathon in 2011....... Triathlon in 2012........ Qualify for Boston............. Ironman Eventually

  • Sheldon W.

    Sheldon W.

    Terrace, BC, Stay Healthy. Run a sub 50:00:00 10k and a goal time of ~1:55:00 for a Half marathon.

  • Suzana D.

    Suzana D.

    Windsor, ON, Stay injury free! A sub 2:20 HM, finish a 50K race. Finish an adventure race with my room-mates. Bicycle touring this summer!

  • Scott K.

    Scott K.

    Brighton, GB, -Brighton Marathon 2014 - 3.43 Pace

  • Patrick M.

    Patrick M.

    London, ON,

  • Kevin S.

    Kevin S.

    London, ON, Not sure what's next. ☮♥☺

  • Mike B.

    Mike B.

    Victoria, BC, To run every day for the rest of my life

  • Hallie P.

    Hallie P.

    Houston, TX, Come back from injury slowly and treat my legs with kindness this time around! This year, run for love and energy, not for goals that cloud the mind.

  • Meghann A.

    Meghann A.

    Tampa, FL, Ironman Florida November 2013!

  • R


    Atlanta, GA, Sub-3:10 full (current PR - 3:12:09); sub-19:00 5K (current PR - 19:21); sub-1:28 half (current PR - 1:29:50); sub 40:00 10K (current PR - 40:27)

  • Tina



  • Nicole G.

    Nicole G.

    Atlanta, GA,

  • Tina


    GA, run SMART. run STRONG.

  • Bill D.

    Bill D.

    London, ON, 2:10ish ATB, BQ in Fall, Kill CrossFit

  • Michael C.

    Michael C.

    London, ON, 30k Around the Bay - 2:45 Ottawa Marathon - Finish Olympic Triathlon - 2:30 Toronto Marathon - 4:00 Ironman... someday

  • Sandra H.

    Sandra H.

    North Bay, ON, Run, push, pull, lift, spin, teach, compete and most of all sweat.

  • Marsha D.

    Marsha D.

    Toronto, ON, Running sub 2 hours in the Reggae Marathon in Dec 2012. All while raising money & awareness for the 1 in 10 Canadians living with Liver Disease

  • Ericka A.

    Ericka A.

    Washington, DC, Hitting 3:45 in the Shamrock VA Beach Marathon in March!

  • Melanie S.

    Melanie S.

    London, ON, Compete in Ironman Kona

  • Nina S.

    Nina S.

    Toronto, ON, complete an IRONMAN