624 total / 0 in 2018

To run again. :) (Advice: don't run a half on a severe high ankle sprain. kthx.)

Wall of Motivation (25)

  1. Julie E.
      Nice Job

    That is awesome! I used to hate swimming but I really love it now, and no on... read more

  2. Holly W.
      You're Funny

    You're a trooper then. I HATE running when it is cold. Although running in ... read more

  3. Jill S.
      Nice Job

    Congratulations!!! on a workout

  4. Julie E.
      Nice Job

    Way to go on your first half! I hated mile 8 in my first race too! Way to g... read more

  5. Photina
      Great Performance

    Great Job! It was great meeting you. on a workout

  6. Sarah S.

    Amazing, especially with a hip injury! Way to go, half-marathoner! on a workout

  7. Claire F.
      Great Performance

    You did awesome! It was fun seeing you. I hated those hills too, updownupdo... read more

  8. Heather

    Awesome awesome awesome!!!! Congrats! on a workout

  9. Sarah S.

    Yay, way to go! on a workout

  10. Sarah S.
      Great Performance

    Congrats, you did great! on a workout

  11. Kerrie T.
      Nice Job

    You did it! on a workout

  12. Sarah S.
      Great Performance

    Way to go, speed demon! How is Tina Fey's audiobook? I'm secretly in love w... read more

  13. Jill E.
      You're an Inspiration

    You are AWESOME! Nothing like your first 10 miler! Way to do it! on a workout

  14. Heather
      Nice Job

    Great job!! Congrats!!! on a workout

  15. Jill E.
      Great Performance

    I'm very happy right now too! So proud of you! WAY TO GO Chels! Awesome jo... read more

  16. Jill E.
      You're an Inspiration

    So much fun, minus the quad issue! Glad we made it happen! on a workout

  17. Holly W.
      Nice Job

    Look at you kicking ass and taking names! Awesome job! on a workout

  18. Holly W.

    Showing up is half the battle sometimes! That is a victory right there. on a workout

  19. Amanda B.
      Nice Job

    Woot woot!!! Way to go!!! on a workout

  20. Melissa P.
      Get Better

    Hope you heal swiftly so you can run like the wind! on a workout

  21. Melissa P.
      You're an Inspiration

    You continue to amaze me! on a workout

  22. Ruth H.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  23. Jill E.
      Nice Job

    It was great meeting you. You are a fun gal. Hope to see you more. Gret jo... read more

  24. Runner J.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  25. Runner J.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!