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To get back in to running shape after not running during my pregnancy!

Friends (53)

  • Stephanie P.

    Stephanie P.

    Sacramento, CA, BQ

  • Glen S.

    Glen S.

    Oklahoma City, OK, Push my boundaries via exercise

  • Vanessa S.

    Vanessa S.

    Charlotte, NC, To Be Healthy and Happy

  • Ben W.

    Ben W.

    San Francisco, CA, Beating my Chicago time at the SF half! Oh, and enjoying new running routes :)

  • Jessica R.

    Jessica R.

    Katy, TX, adventure training

  • Dane R.

    Dane R.

    Portland, OR, For life: To become a better person. For running: To never stop pushing my limits.

  • Brenda M.

    Brenda M.

    Norman, OK, Marathon

  • April T.

    April T.

    Oklahoma City, OK, 2014: Two full marathons, a half under 2:15, a 5k under 28 minutes. Lots of work to do!

  • Jenae F.

    Jenae F.

    Visalia, CA, Birth a healthy baby and spend 1 year getting my body back... before I have another one!!

  • Patrick
  • Matt B.

    Matt B.

    Bethany, OK, Become the best triathlete I can be by completing the Redman Full Ironman in 2012.

  • Sarah B.

    Sarah B.

    Oklahoma City, OK, Slowed down after a broken back last year, but slowly getting back into it. Staying in shape, running off stress & quality time with my husband.

  • Mike L.

    Mike L.

    Maitland, FL, Run: 2+ half-marathons and 2011 Chicago Marathon Florida 70.3 Log 3000+ miles (biking/running)

  • Lynda


    Miami, FL,

  • Lisa H.

    Lisa H.

    Muskogee, OK, To run a 5K in about 30 minutes.

  • Amine O.

    Amine O.

    Austin, TX,

  • Chris G.

    Chris G.

    Edmond, OK, I have no goals in life...running aimlessly.

  • Liza G.

    Liza G.

    Kissimmee, FL, To continue shedding off these inches and on improving lung function.... ;)

  • Rick J.

    Rick J.

    Edmond, OK,

  • Renee J R.

    Renee J R.

    Atlanta, GA, Savannah Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon November 5, 2011 Miami Latin Music 1/2 Marathon December 9, 2011

  • Becca S.

    Becca S.

    Nashville, TN, Run The Country Music Half in April of 2013!

  • Alan J.

    Alan J.

    South Riding, VA, Getting back to things. I've got the mind to do it but the body needs a little time to catch up! No races planned for the moment...but soon!

  • Denver S.

    Denver S.

    Edmond, OK, Oklahoma City Half-Marathon under 2:00

  • Jen N.

    Jen N.

    Northfield, NJ, I am rehabbing from knee and ankle surgery (November 17, 2011). My 1st goal - to walk a mile!

  • Stephen B.

    Stephen B.

    Edmond, OK, Running for fun and exercise, with occasion races to keep me motivated.