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  • 3 miles
  • 00:30 time
  • 441 calories
  • 1 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    recovery 3.21 mi 00:30 09:25 pace

    Still ouch. The sourness has move more to the upper quads/hams glutes/hips area. I can walk but running is not really happening just yet.

    • Sol S.
      Sol S.

      hah - I didn't run for at least a week both times, swam a little but wasn't interested in putting up with the pain.

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  2. VELO
    IMLP Bike 112 mi 05:54 19.0mph pace

    This bike course was a new and different challenge to me. The hills, oh the hills, and the rain. The rain on the first loop was crazy. It started off as a soft rain but progressed to a nasty downpo... read more

    • Sol S.
      Sol S.

      I was so glad I'd ridden MN95 to Taylors falls, and then over to WI35 almost weekly before IMWI - hills no joke and just no way to train other than do them. Now that I have a PTap I know why they say "coast up the hills", it is amazing how easy it is to push 100-120% of your FTP uphill but doesn't feel "that hard". Sooo hard to ride bike easy enough but still put in a time that will help you break 11 - which is dang fast IM. still solid bike time and put you in position you wanted to be.

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  3. swim
    IMLP Swim 3800 m 01:03 26:35 pace

    I was able to complete both loops of the course before the nasty weather moved in. The first length was not a total dogfight but I could always tell when I was coming up on a buoy. For some reason ... read more

    • Sol S.
      Sol S.

      that is an awesome swim time - and Mike was right - sub 1:05 is some of the top AG, and back of pack pro-women, thats smoking.

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  4. RUN
    IMLP Run 26.2 mi 04:26 10:08 pace

    OUCH! After the bike I felt tired but had hope for a sub 11. I was going to take it easy and hope for the best. I started off nice and easy and finishing off my last sandwich from the bike. I just ... read more

    • Sol S.
      Sol S.

      Oh the IM 26.2 where the race actually starts..and ends for most of us. :-). by IM standards 4:30 still a respectable marathon, sucks the legs gave out, you were set up for that sub-11. you can't deny that finishing chute is one of the best feelings ever - and cool thing is it really don't matter what your time is when you're coming down that thing. great job adjusting to what the body would give and posting a fast time overall.

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  5. VELO
    partial course preview 27.19 mi 01:21 20.0mph pace

    Keeping the legs loose and apparently riding the easy part of the course. Drove the rest during the day and well you will see...

  6. swim
    Course preview 2279 yd 00:31 23:49 pace

    Swam 1 loop of the IMLP course to get used to the water. That my friends is a half PR. So I was very stoked and feeling dialed in for Sunday.

  7. VELO
    Bike test 2.83 mi 00:10:06 16.8mph pace

    Not sure why even listing this other to track the mileage on the bike

  8. RUN
    leg loosener 4.13 mi 00:37 08:56 pace

    Running with Annika and loosening my legs before the big day.

  9. RUN
    The hay is in the barn 6.25 mi 00:46 07:25 pace

    Excellent run this morning. The flat miles were around 7:10 and the hills miles were 7:50. I declare I am ready. For the next couple days I just have to get into the mental zone and do it. IMLP her... read more

  10. swim
    Last pre-IM swim 3532 yd 00:50 24:48 pace

    This was an excellent pre-race swim. I went after it with a medium effort just trying to feel good. The times were amazing. I was right on planned race pace without the race effort. In fact I was s... read more

    • Sol S.
      Sol S.

      Awesome!!!! Remember once you get in the group and start drafting, its going to feel like guys are holding you up (and maybe the start line you will get stuck behind some slower folks), but once you get to 1/2way point of swim, usually doesn't pay to try passing you'll find your not really going much faster in the lead but doing -a lot- more work than sitting on someone's feet. what is your bib #?

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    • Stephen B.
      Stephen B.

      I'm #1889. You are right on the drafting. I need to remember that and stay in my own race until the last 2 miles on the marathon.

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  11. RUN
    a humid run 6.4 mi 00:49 07:39 pace

    Turned out to be just about a 10k this morning. I wanted one more shot at Davern and then chose to avoid the usual roads. Didn't really feel the humidity until I stopped. I was soaked and had ... read more

  12. FIT
    last pre IM weight 00:30

    Didn't go as expected. The wrists are still sore from the crash and it wasn't worth risking anything. Did legs and core only
    hip sled, calf sled, squats
    planks, kettle ball throws, cable ... read more

  13. VELO
    Ohio plus the Summit loop 27.37 mi 01:30 18.3mph pace

    Up and over Ohio and then to the end of the trail on the river and then back Summit. Not a bad average for all the stop lights and the big hill.

  14. RUN
    Running for fun 3.7 mi 00:30 08:03 pace

    Started the first mile with Annika, then she shooed me away. I took off on my own route and got warm.

  15. VELO
    Hopkins and DT Mpls 35.01 mi 01:48 19.5mph pace

    Happy with the average. I tackled the corner that I went down on on Wednesday. I beat it but I wasn't going to attack it too aggressively. Legs felt a bit heavy but overall it was a good ride... read more

  16. RUN
    TWV Group run 12 mi 01:51 09:16 pace

    Pacing Annika all the way. Easy run before the big day out. 8 days to go.

  17. VELO
    to and from the group run 6 mi 00:23 15.5mph pace

    Because I wont drive to something so close.

  18. RUN
    does it still work 5.11 mi 00:38 07:22 pace

    Making sure everything still worked like it should. Nice tight splits.

  19. VELO
    Biker down #1889 17.47 mi 00:53 19.8mph pace

    I had a good solid ride going. Legs felt back and effort level was moderate. Coming down the hill from the U at the corner of 4th and River Rd, I went down. I had down shifted and was aggressively ... read more

  20. FIT
    Annika weights 01:00

    3 x 10
    flat bench, incline bench, incline flys
    pull ups, seated cable rows, bent over flys
    press, shrugs, lateral raises, butterfly pull downs
    hammer curls, concentration curls
    single arm extension... read more