6093 total / 638 in 2014

Keep knees in good shape and not keep my daughter waiting to long at the finish line

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  • Maria M.

    Maria M.

    Crown Point, IN, Run 12 HM in 2014 Run my First 12 hr Race Run First Trail 50K Run First 50M Reach 1500 Miles in 2014

  • Janet M.

    Janet M.

    Bellingham, WA, New Goal! Run 12 Half Marathons in 12 consecutive months. (7 done so far!)

  • Yolanda


    Clermont, FL, Goals for 2014-continue to motivate and inspire, Ragnar, 4 Tri series in Clermont( (June,July, Aug, Sept), Space Coast Half and clean eating and stay healthy

  • Michael G.

    Michael G.

    North Plainfield, NJ, Continue to run for charity!

  • Jenn C.

    Jenn C.

    Jacksonville, FL, Training for the NYC Marathon!

  • Mynor G.

    Mynor G.

    Monterey, CA,

  • Cassandra S.

    Cassandra S.

    Atlantic Beach, FL, #1 To be and to stay healthy! #2 To do at least one run to benefit cancer research each month in 2014. #3 To run a marathon by the end of 2014.

  • Theresa L.

    Theresa L.

    Norfolk, VA, sub 25 5k--complete sub 52 10k--complete sub 1:50 at Shamrock Half--complete (1:49) MCM 2011--complete Patriot Half Ironman 2012--complete

  • Katherine S.

    Katherine S.

    St Louis, MO, 1000 Miles in 2014 -- Chicago Marathon

  • Doretha W.

    Doretha W.

    Mt Pleasant, SC, To run 1214 in 2014

  • Christine C.

    Christine C.

    , To run a half marathon by 3or 4 months post partum. To run a sub 2 hour half marathon -completed 9/21/13 - new goal 1:47:30 And run my first marathon.

  • Ade O.

    Ade O.

    Atlanta, GA, Inspire others

  • Anne R.

    Anne R.

    Fairfax, VA, Get better every day.

  • Jeremy


    , Marathon running :)

  • Rita D.

    Rita D.

    Winchester, KY, After losing 86 pounds and keeping it off- my primary goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay active and fit.

  • Brooke W.

    Brooke W.

    , Log 1,250 mi in 2014, get my half marathon time under 2 hours, and marathon time under 4.5 hours and finish another Ultra!

  • Jennifer Davis T.

    Jennifer Davis T.

    , Get into better shape for more 1/2 Marathons and Full Marathons!

  • Mike B.

    Mike B.

    Minneapolis, MN,

  • Joli S.

    Joli S.

    Winona, MN, My first goal was to run a half marathon....DONE (2011). 2nd goal was a full marathon....DONE (2013)....Now what??? :)

  • Tiff W.

    Tiff W.

    Lacey, WA, To get back to at least 20-mile rides without being in pain. To drop 40 pounds!

  • Debbie G.

    Debbie G.

    Pittsburgh, PA, To continue to be active and be injury free:) be Heart Healthy. Build a walking program to walk at least 30 minutes daily. Build distance and endurance

  • Stacey


    VA, Continue on my journey of running fitness. I'd like to work on speed and endurance and eventually qualify for and run the Boston marathon.

  • Dave G.

    Dave G.

    Winter Springs, FL, Goals for '14: 1) 700 mi; 2) complete FL- ROC Mud Run (compl 4/12); 3) complete a different obstacle run (Sked 10/25 - Georgia).

  • Julie Y.

    Julie Y.

    Longwood, FL, Run 5k in under 30 minutes; Bridge Run 10K Nov 2013; Princess 1/2 Marathon Feb 2014

  • Shana W.

    Shana W.

    Orlando, FL,